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When I mouse over my own name, there is no PM option. It only offers 'find content'. Oh wait...is it just not an option to PM myself? Someone mouse over my name and see if my PM option is there for you. :sEm_blush:


Don't stress over this Ann, it isn't that important!


I really like the Elegia skin.

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Look at the post I made today in Consumer Affairs about the washing machine recall. See the tiny text? I get that with about 98% of the post I make. I went back in to correct it like I always so and the page was so messed up I gave up and let it stay as it was. Any ideas?






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Yes, it has happened to me on occasion, usually when I am attempting to copy/paste. The new programming keeps the format of the copied content.


An easy way to fix it is;


Paste the info, highlight it, then, click on the little eraser to "Remove Format" Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 6.34.54 AM.png


Then, you can format the text any way you want, - Bold, italic, underline, etc.


Hope that helps.

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............... I also would like to know why most of the time the command bar is grayed out - ie - not available for use (text size, smilies, etc).


That is the little light switch.... Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 6.40.34 AM.png "Toggle editing mode" ...click it and all should return.



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