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What did they really think would happen.


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Activists Missing After Declaring “War on Leather” at Motorcycle Rally


Posted on January 07, 2010. Tags: activists, Animal Activists, blood, fur, motorcycle gangs, motorcycle rally, peta, protesters

Posted by Fuzzy Duffy


Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews)Local and state police scoured the hills outside rural Johnstown, Pennsylvania, after reports of three animal rights activists going missing after attempting to protest the wearing of leather at a large motorcycle gang rally this weekend. Two others, previously reported missing, were discovered by fast food workers “duct taped inside several fast food restaurant dumpsters,” according to police officials.

“Something just went wrong,” said a still visibly shaken organizer of the protest. “Something just went horribly, horribly wrong.”

The organizer said a group of concerned animal rights activist groups, “growing tired of throwing fake blood and shouting profanities at older women wearing leather or fur coats,” decided to protest the annual motorcycle club event “in a hope to show them our outrage at their wanton use of leather in their clothing and motor bike seats.” “In fact,” said the organizer, “motorcycle gangs are one of the biggest abusers of wearing leather, and we decided it was high time that we let them know that we disagree with them using it…ergo, they should stop.”

According to witnesses, protesters arrived at the event in a vintage 1960′s era Volkswagen van and began to pelt the gang members with balloons filled with red colored water, simulating blood, and shouting “you’re murderers” to passers by. This, evidently, is when the brouhaha began.

“They peed on me!!!” charged one activist. “They grabbed me, said I looked like I was French, started calling me ‘La Trene’, and duct taped me to a tree so they could pee on me all day!”

“I…I was trying to show my outrage at a man with a heavy leather jacket, and he…he didn’t even care. I called him a murderer, and all he said was, ‘You can’t prove that.’ Next thing I know he forced me to ride on the back of his motorcycle all day, and would not let me off, because his girl friend was out of town and I was almost a woman.”

Still others claimed they were forced to eat hamburgers and hot dogs under duress. Those who resisted were allegedly held down while several bikers “farted on their heads.”

Police officials declined comments on any leads or arrests due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, however, organizers for the motorcycle club rally expressed “surprise” at the allegations.

“That’s preposterous,” said one high-ranking member of the biker organizing committee. “We were having a party, and these people showed up and were very rude to us. They threw things at us, called us names, and tried to ruin the entire event. So, what did we do? We invited them to the party! What could be more friendly than that? You know, just because we are all members of motorcycle clubs does not mean we do not care about inclusiveness. Personally, I think it shows a lack of character for them to be saying such nasty things about us after we bent over backwards to make them feel welcome.”

When confronted with the allegations of force-feeding the activists meat, using them as ad hoc latrines, leaving them incapacitated in fast food restaurant dumpsters, and ‘farting on their heads,’ the organizer declined to comment in detail. “That’s just our secret handshake,” assured the organizer.

For more on this story, check with our sister site to track late-breaking developments.

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OK, I'm thinking this is another "Onion"-type website. Other "news"...


North Korea Develops Slingshot Capable of Reaching North Korea


Protesting Pakistani Street Mob ‘Pranked’ by CIA Trick

(actually kinda funny - signs in pic say "Please kick our asses", "Bomb us next", "We are idiots")


Japan to Stop Using Nuclear Power, Get Giant Monster Insurance


Hacker McKinnon Facing Extradition to Jabba the Hutt’s Planet


Hamas: Weapons are being smuggled into Israel


Over 150 Survivors Were Trapped Inside The Titanic For Up To 5 Years,’ Claims Naval Expert

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Once, many years ago, I was on the road and out in the boonies so to speak. My car started heating up, and steam was coming out from the hood like crazy. I pulled into a truck stop, and prayed "Lord, I need somebody to help me" (I was alone, in high heeled shoes & a dress). Two "bikers" rolled up, got off their bikes and went to work under the hood of my crown vic, and I said "Lord, can you send somebody else?". Steam was burning the snot out of their hands etc., and another man came out from the truck stop and walked up, looked, and said "looks like you've got a problem" and went on. When I offered the bikers money to pay for the clamps they had purchased inside the truck stop, they said "nah, just drive safe mam"...and wiped their hands and faces off and went on into the restaurant. True story...from Philbe!

Edited by Philbe
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What's really funny....or sad, is how easily we believe in the stupidity of certain groups of people.... Is this a good thing or a bad thing?



MtRider ------yeah, I've known people who WOULD do such a thing and then respond in just that way! <_<

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