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Farewell, dear Westbrook...

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bluegrassmom asked about Westbrook in this forum, and Vic303 asked in Pssst, so I went searching and found an answer.


One of Westie's "adopted sons" (family friend) posted a goodbye on her Facebook page. So I sent him a message there and asked about her. This is his reply -



(ME) Please - has Linda passed away? I see your goodbye on her FB page.


(HIM) Yes, she and Greg are both gone now. She went a month and a day after he did. Sorry to bring you the news. I suppose I should have posted something a little more specific so that people knew.

She was a mom to me. So sad to see her go.


(ME) Oh, we had no idea. Is there any place where her family could be left messages from her friends? Thank you...


(HIM) Well... sadly not really. Her step kids are kinda spread out all over, and Greg is gone... so pretty much just her mom and sister. Last I spoke with Grandma she was on her way up to Norcal to spend some time with Linda's sister. Not sure what anyone's addresses are. Grandma lives in Bullhead City, AZ but she's been at Linda's house for a year or so now mostly.

You could feel free to post something on Facebook. Most of her family are all linked to it, so they should see it at least. Sorry there isn't a better way. :( I was the kid from down the street who showed up there when I was 11 and never really left.


IF you have already "friended" her on FaceBook (Westbrook Rose), you can write there. But if you want to express yourself here, I will see if I can link from there to here.


I don't yet know the dates, but if I can find out, I'll post it.


Westbrook was a WEALTH of good, solid, intelligent logic. She had a wicked sense of humor, and did not tolerate fools lightly. Search out her posts here if you want to profit from her good sense, and print out what you find valuable. There will be no more. :(


Rest in peace, dear Westie. It was a post on strawberry wine that first taught me your fun humor, and I will always remember you with a smile.



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May the Lord grant peace and comfort to her family and friends. She and her dear hubby have gone to their eternal reward, and we were all blessed to have known her here or in real life for those lucky enough to have met her.


A friend sent me 2Cor 4:16-18 this week, which seemed so fitting, what with my MIL passing away Tuesday. I suspect others will find it comforting also.

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I had only recently found some of her postings (along with her funny,funny pics!) and was thoroughly entertained by her knowledge and her humor...along with her husband. You always hear stories of people that are "yoked EQUALLY together" and that when one leaves this earth, the other follows shortly. In this case, it's so "non-understandable"...sorta makes one think that she ushered her beloved from here to there safely, and than proceeding there herself. Sad, makes me wish I'd have known her personally.

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I had the wonderful opportunity to talk IRL with Linda. We talked for two hours! It was like she was on a mission to pass on as much information as she could. I loved her sense of humor and her outlook on life. She will be greatly missed! Love you Westbrook...

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Oh man, I sure will miss her!! I always love people who tell it like it is. She will be missed

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Best wishes in the better place, Westie and Mr Westie, you blessed the world and you saw it for what it was too with your humor. I finally got a book on how to adjust patterns and make my own for sewing. I know you were the Expert when it came to such. When I do the ducttape form one day I know I will be thinking of you when I get er done! So blessed with what you left us here and the lives you touched Westie, all the best. I am glad Dogmom that you were able to spend time with her. My ex father in law was someone I could listen to for hours when ever I visited years ago. I miss him for that so much. I know many of you were good friends to Westie in real life and I know you are missing her presence, but I believe she is with you all as well. Just call on her from your heart and I know you will hear her telling you what to do as needed. She was one who was that Strong, so I truly believe that. Best wishes for all of the family and special folks Westie cherished and brought up. My thoughts are with you too.

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Westie was my "first" and "forever" internet mentor in Survival! I admired her wealth of knowledge, and willingness to share it, and feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful teacher all these years. Thank you Westie. You will see us Mrs S. people lined up at the gate with our BOB's. Rest in the shadow of HIS Wings.

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Westie will be missed greatly! I learned so much valuable information from her and she made me laugh out loud many times. She was such a strong caring generous woman.


I hope she and Mr. Westie are wrapped up snuggly together in the quilt some of us were privileged to participate in, without the pain and worries of this world. :sad-smiley-012:

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Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requien sempiternam. Requiescant in pace. Amen.


Old school, but from the heart. Gonna miss Westie.

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Sad sad news. Privledged to meet Westie at gathering four years ago. What a wealth of knowledge she had and generously shared with others. A woman with a deep confidence of who they were and not afraid to show it. Such humor and honesty, my what a special person! Son, age 13 at the time just loved her and said she was "cool" . He'd often remind me later how WESTIE said he could grow hair out long if he wanted to. Like well, Mom you have to let me because SHE said it was o.k. :D


Will be greatly missed!

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Oh, my - I had forgotten that it was in 2008 that she was first diagnosed! I knew she beat every prediction they made for her... they measured her time as *months*.




And in Psst she told us that her husband was diagnosed *just* in June of this year.

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Oh, what a loss this is for all of us here...She was irreverant, funny and brave in the face of adversity. I will miss her for sure.


In addition to reading her posts here, I loved repinning her pins on Pinterest. For anyone that has never followed her on Pinterest, she posted some great projects, recipes and other things there and those are also still available. Below, you'll find her Pinterest page:



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Oh, my - I had forgotten that it was in 2008 that she was first diagnosed! I knew she beat every prediction they made for her... they measured her time as *months*.


http://mrssurvival.c... westbrook&st=0


And in Psst she told us that her husband was diagnosed *just* in June of this year.


Thank you for the link--I just read it. I am not one for venturing into the "Streams in the Desert" or "Pssssssssssst" forums. I also do not sew or make patterns so I never ventured into any of those forums/threads either. I mention this because it means I missed learning sooooooooo much about Westie and her humor and now I know I will miss it.


At least she got her "wish" of her husband "going" first. I hope she was able to use the intervening time to sort out all of the legal issues she was concerned about.


God bless her family and keep peace between them as they discover Westie's last wishes for them.


And for all of us here at MrsS......................Condolence_Card_Sorry_For_Your_Loss.jpg

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