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Farewell, dear Westbrook...

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Miss you Westie! I'm trying to repin all my favorites tmc. I had her page bookmarked, but not sure how long her account will stay there?? So much good info...

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The world will be a sad place without Westie. A person remembered is never truly gone though and she will live on in the wisdom she so freely gave to all of us. Goodby my friend. Until we meet again I will continue to think of you often.



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With her sense of humor and wisdom, she'd be pleased to see how we think fondly of her. Bye Westie.

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I've been so wrapped up in life, I hadn't been following too much on this forum. While I'm glad she got her wish of her husband going first, I'm terribly glad she didn't tarry long herself. Such soul mates should always be together.


I had the privilege of meeting her a few years ago - and what a dynamic woman! She was vivacious, irreverent, and pointedly direct. I can only imagine when I see her in heaven, her hand on her hip staring at me, "Well, Crazy, it took you long enough!"


She as an incredible woman.

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Like the rest of you, I learned a lot from Westie and appreciated her sense of humor. She was so gifted in many ways. I never had the privilege of meeting her personally, but I have benefitted from her wisdom. Rest in Peace.

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Thinking tonight of Linda and the many ways she touched the lives of those around her. I am glad to have known her and better for it.


I remember laughing until we couldn't breathe as she wrapped MomM in duct tape! I am reminded of her daily as our regal Aslan nuzzles my hand, his sire was her gift to Darlene, Aslan was their gift to me. I can remember spending hours on the phone with her discussing goats and prepping. She helped teach my boys to dress a chicken. But, my most dear memory was after her initial diagnosis and we all began to pray. At first, she didnt have much to say about it, which certainly was not her nature. And then, one day she said something that astounded me. She said she had been praying herself. That is the moment I remember and treasure over all others when I think of our feisty, opinionated, spunky and brave Westie. Rest in peace.

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I just saw this post the other morning, but, it wouldn't let me post. So sorry to hear this.


West will be missed. Goodby, Linda.


I've wondered about her often, in fact, it was just before Christmas I was wondering about her, as I have several ornaments that she sent to me on the tree.




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I've been thinking about her quite a bit. I spent a lot of time pinning some of her pinterest topics to my own boards. It is amazing to see others have the opportunity to pin some of the topics that she found to be helpful. As soon as I post them, they are swiped by some other pinner that didn't know her. Maybe this pinning thing really is a way to keep her wisdom alive and helping others...I hope so anyway!

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Rest in Peace Dear Westie


I will miss all of your knowledge, help, and humor. I will smile every time I see a post of hers that I've pinned on pinterest. TMC~ I think you are right, pinning her posts is our way to keep her wisdom alive and her helping others.

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