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A very white Christmas?

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Disruptive major Midwest storm Thursday, Friday


A powerful storm heads toward the Midwest, and threatens to disrupt travel.

Updated: 12/17/2012


A powerful storm will take aim on the Midwest during the second half of the week and threatens to bring travel disruptions, damage and power outages.

Cities in the path of one or more aspects of the storm include Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis, Des Moines, Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Louisville, Detroit, Cincinnati and Cleveland.

The most widespread aspect of the storm will be high winds sweeping eastward spanning Thursday and Friday. Gusts in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 mph are possible from the eastern Plains to the Appalachians.

There is the potential for gusts to near hurricane-force in the vicinity of the Great Lakes later Thursday into Friday.


Winds of this strength have can bring downed trees, power outages, truck roll overs and major flight delays.

The high winds will accompany a dramatic change to cold weather. While this change will be brief over part of the central Plains and Tennessee Valley, it can bring a rapid freezeup to part of the Upper Midwest and a major lake-effect snow event.


Even a small amount of snow preceded by rain can quickly freeze, making for a commuting nightmare Thursday afternoon and evening around Chicago and Milwaukee and Thursday night around Detroit.


The storm will bring blizzard conditions from portions of Kansas to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski has more on the snow in "Denver to Green Bay Snowstorm in the Works."

Bands of heavy lake-effect snow and snow squalls accompanied by the high winds will also lead to white-out conditions downwind of the Great Lakes as the storm pulls away Friday into Saturday.

The storm will also have dramatic weather effects in the South and the Northeast.

A severe weather outbreak is possible in the South in keeping with tradition over recent years during December.

The storm will pull warm air northward ahead of a strong cold front and powerful winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Violent storms with damaging winds are possible in the South. Thunderstorms can accompany the frontal passage in the Midwest and Northeast as well.

Strong south-to-southeasterly winds ahead of the front can bring coastal flooding problems in New England. The storm has the potential to bring flooding downpours and travel delays along the East Coast later Thursday into Friday.

Powerful winds in the wake of the front Friday into Saturday can also lead to flight delays and minor power outages along the East Coast. Heavy snow is also a possibility from northern upstate New York to northern Maine.

One positive aspect of the storm and others in the recent past and possibly on deck is the moisture aspect for part of the needy upper Mississippi Valley. For example, enough moisture falling over the Illinois River Basin could help to stabilize the Mississippi River at St. Louis in the short term.

Meteorologist Meghan Evans discusses who is most likely to have a white Christmas this year in "Stormier Pattern Increasing White Christmas Odds."

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I really appreciate all of you posting the winter weather. We are traveling about 500 miles for Christmas and I have prepped the car well, I hope the roads are safe for all this holiday.

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A beautiful picture, Annarchy. I've always wanted to go to the desert since I was in 2nd grade (a combo of our social studies book, from the perspective of a young boy and his family who headed to Arizona I believe to start up a new community, and our teacher's stories and pictures of the Grand Canyon) :)


Have a safe trip Nichole :)


It's actually kind of warm here today, which is a little odd for this time of year.

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Thanks luma :) It's been abmormally warm here in Indiana too, but I heard it's supposed to cool down by tomorrow. I'm hoping for a good snow for sledding!

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My part of Kansas should not be too bad tonight and tomorrow, blizzard conditions, but only up to three inch accumulations, meaning driivng might not be fun. Tuesday we might get a rain or snow, with highs between 30 and 35..sounds like a recipe for ice to me. We've got food, water, firewood, and yarn...I'm good.

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We're whited-out today. But not a lot of accumulation - dry, powdered sugar-type. Staying near Zero degrees however. Many of dh's patients cancelled today. :yar: Isn't THAT bad.


LOL Martian. When DH left this morning I advised him to get two half-gallons instead of one. Cuz you're baking cookies.


:scratchhead: But that doesn't use much more milk....he says.


No, I say. Cuz we're having cookies AND milk....


AND it's a snowstorm. I have to stock up to have cocoa!!! Duh! :P



MtRider --- I keep TRYING to teach the man how to prep!!! :rolleyes:

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Snowed in the mountains last night. They looked very pretty in the morning, by afternoon most of the snow was gone. We also have a freeze warnings tonight.


MIL wants to go shopping, she's out of her chocolate cookies. :0327:

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I knew winter would come to the midwest eventually. I didn't think our first snowfall of the season would be under blizzard conditions though. Tomorrow may be a snow day to stay home. We are to get 10 inches plus high winds....stay safe everyone!

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Pretty chilly here but still only a "mist"...though they're forecasting "some" snow perhaps tonight or tomorrow. If the temps hold though, it will melt right back off. Sure am suffering from the "hitch itch"...

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Snow snarled traffic in the mountains today, twice shutting down northbound Interstate 5 before the freeway reopened tonight as numerous big rigs, cars and trucks slipped and slid along the roadway, though the powder spared Redding.


The I-5 closure at Fawndale Road was lifted at 10:04 p.m. tonight. All vehicles must have chains, except those with four-wheel drive and snow tires. Big rigs are still barred.




Those heading north should make sure to travel with safety gear, food, clothing and a survival kit, he said.


“If you get stuck, open your hood or tie something red around (your antenna),” he said. He said most injuries occur when people leave their cars to get help.



18 wheelers are pulled off and parked on the shoulder of the road from here to the exit mentioned in the story...about 12-15 miles!!!



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We are under a blizzard warning starting at 6pm tonight! I am getting in high prepper gear. Everything is ready, I just need to double check everything again and get it in place. Be careful everyone!

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