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I've had it go rancid in less than a yr in a dry environment. None of the orange spots though.


A thought that crosses my mind is that perhaps the oils used were somehow compromised...that would have contributed to a soap going rancid. I know a lady who just found soaps that were wrapped and stored properly that she had made 16 years ago. She was amazed to find that they were still good to go and shared them with her family at Christmas lol.

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I'm coming late to the party, the downfalls of busy little people.


My list:

1. Dehydrating (and not having my lovely dehyrator sitting in my dining room)

2. Growing sugar beets and making my own sugar. (I actually was doing research last night while I had a prepper show on).

3. Learning how to knit socks and mittens. (Also need to expand my general skills and knowledge but I am comfortable making shawls, sweaters, hats and scarves).

4. Renewing my CPR & First Aid certifications (guess I need to get back on the horse and start teaching again.)

5. Improve my sewing skills (guess I need to have the machine cleaned maybe I can find a book on how to clean it myself).

6. Learn to make quilts.

7. Get my HAM license

8. Improve my firearms skills

9. Learn to make soap and balms (my hands are cracking and bleeding)

10.Learn to make balms.

11. Develop alternative water source for garden and trees (we aren't seeing much snow so the drought is only getting worse)

12. Take a self defense course or start taking taekwondo

13. Learn to kayak

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I'm late too Jori! lol


I was wanting to make my 13 in 13 list for awhile now, and now that I'm starting it 13 seems like so much! I'll have to come back and post mine.

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Okay, here goes:


1. Strengthen my relationship with God.

2. Strengthen my relationship with my husband.

3. Develop a closer relationship with my neighbors.

4. Health & weight. I need to stop yo-yoing. I get down to a healthy weight, gain it back, back to a healthy weight, gain it back, it never ends! It needs to end. I'm almost 47, I should be able to figure this out!

5. Exercise - a minimum of 30 mins of movement every day - keeps my blood pressure at a normal level. So I plan on taking up a martial art, not sure which one yet.

6. Learn how to make tinctures. I grow a ton of herbs but buy ready made tinctures at the health food store. Time to stop that!

7. Learn how to use a firearm and then acquire one.

8. Learn how to make wine.

9. Grow & process more of my herbs into teas. Experiment with not needing to buy any.

10.Teach my daughter how to cook more from scratch.

11. Teach my daughter how to harvest & preserve the vegetables that we currently grow.

12. Develop a better method of organizing the pantry.

13. Learning how to stay organized in all aspects of my life!

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For cooking and preserving, old school, I would suggest you visit our freebie spin off site, icsarchive.org. While there are some good cooking works in the actual ICS section, pay special interest in the Paperback Shelf.Sarah,

Thank you fjor posting this! Awesome resource. I wouldn't use the canning info but there are lots of interesting titles that I plan to check out.


Welcome. Enjoy. As to the canning info, definately 'old school', I understand what you are saying. Still...



of the Librum.

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12. Develop a better method of organizing the pantry.


Andrea, when you figure this out please let me in on your secret. This is a must for me.

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Yes, the olive oil in soap can and will go rancid. You can store it in the deep freeze though.


I have to disagree with that. I know many experienced soap makers who make a pure olive oil castile soap that have stashes that are 4 years old and are just as good (if not better) than when they first made and cured them that have never seen the inside of a freezer.


If soaps are stored in a high humidity environment, the natural glycerin in soap can attract moisture, so best to store in dry room or in a sealed box.


The softer oils like soybean, safflower and canola that are used in high volume percentages in the formula can develop what they call the DOS (dreaded orange spots) which don't adversely affect the soap in any way other than visually.


Thanks Darlene.


I froze some and left some out.

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