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North Korea EMP attack could destroy U.S. — now


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I am more concerned about the value of the dollar at this time. the fiscal cliff, govt shut downs things like that domestically are what bother me more . that to me is more realistic. we have enough harm happening in those areas right now. check your preps folks. 2013 will probably be a doozy of a year and I just got offered a place to go if stuff does hit the fan that way! Be a bit of a walk............ but good rural area and I KNOW this person, as we were friends in CALIF years back. We got on good and can do team work. I am so stunned. She's a prepper too. Thankyou Lord. Plan C, lol. She is being careful about who she asks, regarding family and friends, but it would be a small group , and I feel truly amazed that she offered. She said don't worry about paying for the house. Just come if need be. Wow. I guess I get to work it off? Can't beat that.

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Anything having to do with NKorea makes me edgy....cuz our our family in Hawaii. Anything out of Asia [canwespellchina?] would encounter that state first....as happened with Japan's actions in the last war out there.


MtRider :puzzledsmile:

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I bet there would be more than one country/group looking to pounce as soon as one or the other takes place -- an economic collapse would seem to be the perfect opening for NK or someone else to kick us when we're already down. Can only try to imagine what an EMP or other hit would be like if there was already havoc here.


Kind of pessimistic of me, but I have a feeling if one of their missiles were heading this way, it may well just 'happen' to slip on through despite our having the capability to stop it. :sigh:

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You are not being pessimistic at all. Look what happened to Rome?

Good times can't last forever, we just haven't seen changes like they have over the centuries in Europe with wars and such.

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I don't have an explanation, but I'm actually in great fear and anticipation of the coming 3 months. Never had these feelings during the previous 7 years of researching about the Mayan's, their calendars, and the meaning of their step pyramid, along with other issues. I've recently shut down all my websites and Facebook, with the unprecedented desire to pull back and reinforce my personal daily life and activities on a very low key. The mood is that of doom, which is somewhat consistent with the Mayan periods, if we did in fact begin a new Age, representing the equivalent of the first three months.


I guess we shall see won't we. I much prefer happy times.

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