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I wish I had something brilliant to say, some true words of wisdom and soul solace. I can only add my prayers into the batch. I love the idea of the journal and go with the "Moms" words about reporting to the DHR if you have to.

I'm no expert, but it does seem as if God's going to have to take it from here, Hon.


Your loved, remember that...take care of you too.

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I thank you all for your prayers. In my heart I have given Whittney over to God, he will protect and care for her. Now the situation has become worse. Today my nephew, who used to work at the same auto parts place she did, told me he talked to the manager. She told him that the week before my daughter quit ATF agents came into the store to talk to her 4 times. Seems she bought 2 guns, then gave them to that idiot boy she's with. He tried to sell one to an undercover cop. He's out on bail. Then Today, another cousin who is near her age called to tell me that she was told by their land lord that they have 30 days to get out of his trailer, he's evicting them for not paying the rent or bills. The police started an investigation on the boy TODAY, he's the main suspect for stealing a boat and selling it to a junk yard. They talked to my daughter and told her that if she tells the truth she might not be charged, if she lies she'll be charged as an accessory after the fact. I have to live with the knowledge that a fear I've carried in my heart about her since she was 11 is about to come true; she's going to jail.

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Karen, God doesn't care if you're on your knees or not--it's what's in your heart that He's interested in. He hears your cries and He will take care of that sweet baby, and her mother as well. Remember, He loves them even more than you do. I'm glad to know that you've given them over to Him...I will continue to pray for peace for you and protection for Whittney, as well as for wisdom & guidance for your daughter. She needs to do some growing up real quick now, and she just might be getting the opportunity to do so. Big hugs, dear. 0194.gif

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Karen, my Daughter and her baby live with me and I can not imagine the pain you are going through. I agree with Jennysmama you should involove childrens services. My Brother was living a girl who is bipolar and not taking her meds. They have a baby girl. The police told him to file an emergency protective order. That would give him custody for two weeks while they do a home study and determine where the best place for the child would be. If you know your Daughter's address you can also have the police do welfare checks on your grandbaby at anytime. I think you have a good chance of getting at leats temporary custody of Whitney. I will keep your family in my prayers. ((((((((Hugs)))))

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karen god will hold you up and get you through this. I have a grandchild that I only see 3 - 4 times a year so Mommy and I will be back in court again. Where I live there are grandparents right thank heavens. I will hold all of you in my prayers twi

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Karen, God loves you dearly and yours. Father, we just bow our hearts before you and lift our friend's burdens to you. Please give her your peace and gird about her loved ones with your loving hand. Thank you for what you are doing in those lives, amen

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don't know where to put this.. was someones tag line.. wanted to share it.


"Grant me the serenity to accept the person I cannot change, the

courage to change the person I can, and the wisdom to know that it's me."


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God gave me a "glow" some months ago. When we get to Heaven part of the reason we will be joyful is the realization and knowledge of just how often and how deeply God has altered/influenced things/events in our lives from afar. "He can open door that cannot be shut and shut door that cannot be opened". Keep praying Sis and we will be praying with you.

Father please give her strength for the journey and your peace, amen. IHS wc

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As a teacher, I can tell you that Social Services in EVERY STATE has support for the status of women and their babies. PLEASE call social services. Sometimes they are called DSHS (Department of Health & Human Serivces) sometimes CPS (Child Protective Services), etc. Even if nothing is immediately done, you are 1. reporting a problem. 2. establishing a pattern of behavior 3.looking out for the safety of your daughter and grand-daughter.


I have no idea, sweet lady, why the Lord has us walk down the paths we do. Know that in the times when we can't cry or hold our arms up, there are those around us who can...and we can draw strength from that. Know that you and your husband are not alone...so many times the Enemy wants us to think we are ALONE...BY OURSELVES and that NO ONE has been in our exact shoes, no one cares. He is SO WRONG! Remember his purpose, he is sent to kill, steal, and destroy. He is a liar - you are loved by God and have those who care for you.


I am sure we are a nation apart, but there is no mileage in the spirit world. I will uplift you in prayer and pray specifically that people are placed in your path to help and guide.

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I've been going through quite a dry patch myself. My daughter may have lupus, she definitely has a TBI from a recent head injury. She did some pretty bizzare things around the holidays and got hospitalized for that in a youth mental crisis facility. I keep on going, one foot in front of the other, but I don't feel God in any of this. I have a tendancy to just turn off pat soloquies when people repeat them - catchphrases, if you will, or as some folks call it Christianese - because I feel as if my faith is being sold to me like pantyhose or shaving cream when they are used. So most of what other people write regarding struggle and unanswered questions/prayers, or possibly a "no" answer to them, leaves me as blank as the ads on TV between bits of my favorite shows. I'd appreciate prayers.

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Kathleen, I deal with a bunch of rheumatalogical disorders, including lupus and fibro, and mental health diagnosis too. Neither is easy. One of the first things I will say that started helping me clear up symptoms stopping consumption of aspartame/Equal products, diet soda being the number one thing.

The other is stress reduction ( yea, right.... ) I know, its a big battle, the biggest for me.

Since she has TBI diagnosis and is having symptoms and been hospitalized she would qualify to be a client at a Mental Health Association, non profit org in your county if it has one. Sometimes they are called clubs instead of Associations at first. They probably have programs and protocols to work with the youth. ( This is one of the areas mine has been working on for a few years especially recently)

Caseworkers, home visits, perhaps outings and get togethers. They do this automatically for anyone 18yrs and up as adults but it may be more individualistic for youth who need services. They are free.


There are alot of coping skills classes too, and they can make anger management classes really fun and enlightening if a client really makes the decision to put their heart into it instead of balking. This is usually one every one goes to because in some way we all tend to carry anger. There are alot of other important things available too if they are building their Association up over the years. Its constantly improving too. Its a challenge with budget cuts and changes to medicaid and such in many states due to strained budgets but they are still trying to operate and be of service.


They will work with a client on many levels, casework, advocacy, help filling out paperwork, getting employment and work with schools and other agencies to assist a client.


One of the big things is educating others, and stopping the stigma, because it is not an end to life to be bipolar or have any other disorder usually, it's just that society and many of the systems have treated it so. They can have a quality of life, they can get recovery and many times, with that support system developed they can go on with life, school, and work.


I guess this is for both of you , Kathleen and Kelly. I too have been terribly hurt by my own son and he is almost 31. I have depression and anxiety and types of PTSD and the rheumatalogical nightmare as well. I struggle with realizing God is there for me, but He is, and if you can find this sort of support system type in your county it may be able to help you or your daughters get back on track. God is there for me especially when I don't feel it. I just have to let myself realize it , again and again. nothing trite or canned here, just so simple its hard to see it. And then I try to get back into His word or at least read prayers or pray ( talking to God). Then it gets easier again. He works through people I hardly know too, sometimes in just the way I need at the time, without me asking, they just feel moved to do something sometimes and it always fits the bill.

I kept going through a bunch of slammed doors lately, felt really fed up and frustrated and just wanted to end it because those things are 'intangibles' in a sense but the only way to deal with them essentially is to keep looking for ways to resolve it and keep talking to more folks and I am getting the help now, certain ones are being TOLD from top down right now that I am just as important to work with as the war torn vet, once they heard my background and what was going on.

I have realized through personal research and a lot of reading that I am probably high functioning aspergers autistic and I slipped through the cracks as a kid. I did find out the VA hospital MH clinic can test me. I am still researching but I relate to it now that I understand it, it has affected me all my life and it smashes some of the other MH 'labels' because of the way things are processed by an autistic person.

I like writing , as you can see, its been my way to get the words out. I am certainly verbal but even that is laced with how the autistic person can react. I want to write a letter to my son and explain things, I want help with that letter. Doing it once and for all , will give me my voice with him again or maybe really for the first time. But they can help me do it better than I can alone and maybe that will help be better received. LOL, and the psych doc at the VA hospital flat out said the VA counselor I was supposed to be able to see WOULD be helping me, and he seems a man of some finesse, so it would help to take his suggestions, and maybe he can help me be more brief.

I evidently write and think in an associative way, so its not very brief.

( Yet I have people all over saying you should write, you should blog, they want to read what I think about issues). Well I want to do it for MH stuff and autism, although there really is alot out there. Right now though, my focus abilities are sort of shot right now but thats a step in my recovery I want to start claiming soon.

So, you are not alone in feeling alienated and not wanting things sugar coated but you do need some resources. I dearly hope there is something like the MHA system available in your county or tri county area maybe, and maybe you will check it out sometime soon. I have made some good friends with those who are truly working on themselves at mine and try and help others new to it, all the time.

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Kathleen, you have my prayers. A good friend of mine had TBI and it can have some very unpredictable affects. Another good friend's daughter has dealt with lupus since she was about 10. Also very odd symptoms sometimes. Being 'different' is a harsh struggle. I think we still only know half of how our intricately-made bodies work....thus, as Arby pointed out, we tend to categorize and judge. If your daughter has either/both....well, whatever our kids go thru, it wrings the mother's heart within us.


All any of us can ever do is to tell our own story of struggle and faith. None of us can prove God, or His faithful love to anyone else. Throughout my difficult childhood my mother offered these words, and they became engrained within me. Through the years, I've actually expanded the concept she gave me, through my own experiences with God. With more and less consciousness, I have always believe this.


....No matter what. No matter ABSOLUTELY what happens to us....be it pleasant or horrific; intentional evil done to us or simply events that result from living in a world of failible humans ...... No matter what happens, God is not caught off guard; He is not overwhelmed as we are; He knows [in a present/past/future sense of this word]; AND He CARES in ways that we cannot possibly comprehend. This is the crux of it....I believe this stronger each year I struggle and face challenges. HE will turn all events, even the most horrific, to HIS Purpose and for GOOD. .....and it will be a good that is worthy of our pain. Uh, ...I have found that sometimes we see this GOOD; sometimes in our own lives. Sometimes the GOOD happens outside our own lives...but it is there.


The reason I believe that more strongly each year is that HE has proven to me that my mother's words are true. [You'd think by now I would leave my fingers out of the pot and quit fussing and worrying about anything but...it goes back to that frail humanity thing... :shrug: ] We've had absolute miracles happen. DH was brain-dead and yet, he did not die nor lay vegetative. He was healed...baffling the heck out of neurologists! :lol: I have MS and have not been healed and yet, my life and Purpose go on.


These are merely words of my experience which sometimes encourage others and sometimes the other does not relate. :shrug: Prayers to our Father are always effective because, as Annarchy always says, God knows.


Leave a door open for Him, Kathleen. Even if you don't yet see Him in this difficult situation of yours.



MtRider :pray:

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Both of you are in my prayers.


Karen, I agree that it might be a good idea to speak with Child Protective Services or whatever they call it in your state. Your daughter may be mad at you now, and possibly for a long time, but once she is back on her meds and thinking rationally again I think she will realize you only did it to protect your grand daughter and make sure she was okay.


I wish I could give you a hug in person, but a cyber hug will have to do. Sounds like you have a lot of friends on here who love you and care about you so keep that in mind and feel all the love whenever you are feeling down or stressed.

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