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Einkorn Wheat


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I've been doing a little research on this but never bought any because I could only find it online and the cost was prohibitive. Now one of my local markets carries it. It's still not cheap at $3.99 a pound but I won't have to deal with shipping costs. I can just drive around around the corner and buy it small quantities at a time.

This is an old wheat genetically and their seem to be possibilities of it being easier for our bodies to handle over regular wheat. I know I couldn't grow much of it in my yard, but I'm going to try it in the grinder as a flour and see how well it sprouts.

Anyone ever tried this before or have any thoughts?


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Get the book "Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health," by Dr. William Davis

  • The wheat of today is not the same grain our forebears ground into their daily bread. It has changed dramatically in the past 50 years under the influence of agricultural scientists.
  • Genetic changes have been induced to increase yield per acre.Wheat has undergone a drastic transformation to yield something entirely unique, nearly unrecognizable when compared to the original, and yet called by the same name: wheat.



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I watched the Dr. Oz show where he was interviewed. I've mentioned here a few times why I "don't" try to store wheat berries...this is one of them. We know from experience that anything gluten is harder to digest for most people. When watching the show, it made perfect sense to me. Also Dr. Gott's column (an old newspaper following) used to always tell people that cutting flour and sugar were sure fire ways to lose weight.

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