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Sauces with thickening agents?

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I have a pizza sauce recipe that I want to can - I know lots of other ladies that actually do can this recipe already - but I wanted to ask about thickening agents. They put "therm-flo" in it to thicken it, which I've never even heard of that. But they said you could use corn starch as well. Is it safe to can something with a thickening agent in it?

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ThermFlo is very similar to Clear Jel that most people use for making jelly.


Below is a snippet from the Penn State extension office concerning ThermFlo:


"ThermFlo provides good body and works well in high or low acid foods. ThermFlo has the strongest freeze-thaw stability of these starches. It tolerates high temperatures and long processing times. ThermFlo is an acceptable alternative to use in canned pie fillings because it is also stable during heating and exhibits about the same viscosity during heating as regular ClearJel. It also has the added advantage of holding up well during storage."





I'll let someone else address the recipe issue.

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I can my own spaghetti sauce but I don't add any thickeners to it. If it's too 'saucy' I just cook it a little longer before canning.


I used ThermFlo this year to can my apple, cherry and peach pie fillings. I got bags of it at an Amish bulk food store. I transfered it to a snap top container so it should last for years. It thickens up FAST! I canned in 1/4 pint jars so I can use them for desserts and in oatmeal and yogurt or to make little individual pies. Or right out of the jar. :sEm_blush:

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Not on your life ! Only pie fillings and jams can be thickened before canning. No other foods. Especially not tomato products.. If you read the safe guidelines for tomato products it says to not thicken any before canning.Same for soups. If you thicken those foods you risk getting botulism.

Plus, if you want to make your own sauce recipe, you must freeze it. It will not be safe to can.

Just because others are canning that recipe doesn't make it safe. The Penn State site says to use it for freezing and pie fillings. It doesn't say for canning other food. I know, it does look misleading, but those are the safe guidelines.

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