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WOW...talk about a loyal pet! I don't do Twitter but would love to send in a name for it (Reflection, like in the song)...but, it's probably already been named...LOL

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I cried like a baby! Dang. :icon19:

Glad to know I am not the only one that cried like a baby. Although I will have to say the Dodge Ram farmer commerical with Steve Harvey was my favorite one this year.

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There was a farm on our school bus route that raised and housed the horses for Bud. The boys in the family were on our bus and I loved to watch the pastures as we passed every day during my childhood school days.


Within the past couple years, my brother unexpectedly got in touch again with one of the brothers. He now runs the Wells Fargo horses and stagecoach in parades all over the country. When he's near DC area, he calls my brother to house the horses. Bro and niece got to help him set up and actually drove the big hauling truck to the other end ot the parade route for him a couple times. Wells Fargo stagecoach horses are not the big Clydesdales tho. Magnificent horses nonetheless. They sent up pics!


MtRider ---awwwww!

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I think the Clydesdale horses are so beautiful. Especially their feet! The Amish around here use the Belgian horses for their field work and I just love them. They are similar to a Clydesdale except their feet aren't quite as hairy and they are a little smaller. But when you stand beside one you realize just how massive they are.


Some Amish here are starting to use the Haflinger breed in the field now. They don't have the hairy feet and are a little smaller than the Belgian but they have the same brown skin and blonde tail and mane.


Thats about all I know about horses! Except the best part is rubbing their nose. Feels like living velvet... :wub:

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When Philbe teaches me how!!!!!???? I'll post a picutre of our beautiful white Percheron horse ( she was a gun metal grey as a filly). We have other horses too but "Eden" is our BIG baby.


OK...here's how me does mine! First I load my camera sd card into my 4 in 1 printer and it pops up asking me if I want to view...yep, I click I want to view. Then I find the pic I want, do a double click to get it to open in (Paint Shop Pro) my default photo program. Then I save a copy to a convenient place on my pc. In my case, I have a "print" folder set up on my desktop so it's easy to find. Then when I get to Mrs.S, I find the thread I want, click on my reply or (?) and then click on "more reply options" and then I click on the "choose files) tab at the bottom. Then I go to my "print file" and upload the pic I want...and then post it. Without actually doing it again, I think that's the sequence I follow!

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I'd love to see a photo of a Percheron. They are my favorites!


Before the kids were in college (which is code for when we actually had money for vacations) we used to travel to Florida a lot. We always loved visiting Busch Gardens to see the Budweiser Clydesdale barn. We've spent hours there over the years!

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