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Went to Little House "area" and had a wonderful "snow hike"! Temp. was 26 and overcast, but no wind so it really wasn't bad at all. Had a 'nanner in the van before we took off then lunch (pork chop sandwiches) from our cooler when we got back, about 2 hours later. Was astounded at the number of others there walking their dogs and even found some tent campers! They were out someplace in their vehicle but their tent and gear were still there. Then we went to Little House to make "tracks" up the drive with van & then Mountain Man got out and tramped a few times to the back door and around etc., to let it be known we'd been there! Abby-girl absolutely LOVES to be the snow-bunny! She "attacks" downed limbs & drags them like she's "retrieving"! LOL Hope you enjoy Jeepers!







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Awwwww. Thanks for the pics!!! Just what I needed on this cold, snowy, overcast day. Did I ever mention I love that dog?! You and MM look like naturals out in all of that snow. Good idea using a walking stick.


Also a good idea going to the little house and making tracks. We have an empty house on our block and, with all the snow we've had, it is very obvious that no one is there. If someone would just pull in the driveway and right back out, it would help. An older couple lived there so I assume they either went to assisted living or died. But still...someone owns it. It's been empty for over 2 years now. The grass gets mowed 3-4 times in the summer. :shrug:

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Here's the latest of the Lab-Brat taking a swim in the Buffalo National River! She swam just a few days ago in the Roaring River State Park. She absolutely loves it. Took some videos but they'll only play on the camera :-( Should have taken one of the other camera's :-(


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This is what happens when Abby's a tired Abby (and her mommy too!) :) We had a long day working on the Roost and then before coming home, her and her "daddy" spent some quality bonding time at the dog park...playing her favorite game...frisbie!




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Woohoo! We found something that works like a charm to let Abby-girl know she's not the boss...a water bottle full of water with a straight shot! When she was a puppy it didn't work, only made her mad...not so now. She took one "hit" right in the snoot, headed for her soft-blankie and rubbed her face like crazy and now all we have to do is reach for the "BOTTLE!" Whoda thunk it? :24: It now occupies an honored spot on my livingroom chair's lampstand :24: For an extra laugh...instead of running into her crate & giving us a cussing, she opens it's door herself and goes in and lays down with a frustrated "umphf" :24:

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Oh she is such a good helper! I call dibbs on her for next winters snuggling! I'll let her help me can too since she is already experienced at it. What a good girl she is...yes she is! :wub:

Edited forgot to add: Taters are looking good and I'm sure Mr.WE2 was a little bit of help too! :D

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Would you believe it!? She's being naughty with her nighty camping pillow! Often have to remove it from her vicious grasp...or she'd have the trailer floor covered with batting :-( But...often, she finishes her little wrestling game, lays down on it, and grabs her nylabone to chew on til she's sleepy LOL



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Abby-girl wants to say thanks to her friend Jeepers! Adding green beans to that cup of supper time food really satisfies her :-) Her human daddy puts the cup of dry in her bowl, adds about a 1/2 cup of green beans and some warm water and she thinks she's in heaven! Eats and goes to bed and we don't hear another sound out of her except to ring her cow bell to take her nighty "potty" break :-)

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Way to go Miss Abby Girl! You must have been a very good girl. Enjoy your new chew. I love the way you are sitting so nice and pretty. You are learning your 'wait training' very well. Your mom has mentioned how well you are watching over her and dad. You've come a long way since your puppyhood days. Keep up the good work sweetie. I always love seeing pictures of you!!! :wub:

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Took her with us to one of her most favorite places...Camping World! Their store is pet friendly and she really hams it up for them. But...we stopped in the parking lot so MrWE2 could snap a pic for Jeepers! Hard to believe she'll be four this December!


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Helloooo Beeee-utiful! Squeeeee. :hapydancsmil:


Ya know, seeing Abby girl REALLY does my heart good! Perfect timing. After being glued to the computer for so long (watching and waiting laughing and crying) for newborns, it's such a joy to click on and see 'normal' life going on. I love looking at Abby. Looks like she is smiling for the camera. Little ham. "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille DeWe". Better watch out for her though! I think she is seriously looking at buying one of those campers for a road trip to Aunt Jeepers house. Just sayin' She is looking great and still has a puppy look about her. I don't know who is luckier...you 2's or her. Thanks for giving her such a loving home and sharing her pictures. :wub:


Yep, we definitely need a pet/animal forum.



Ahem...I noticed a young guy checking you out in that RV named Cougar. Coincidence...I think not. :24:

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