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With Some Warning - Short Straw

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With Some Warning - The SHORT STRAW

OK....this will be a completely fictional scenario. It's a mental exercise. In case you're in the middle of the Mid-Winter Blahs and your brain needs a kick-start! :frying pan: :P


The HOOEY is HITTING THE FAN. We've got warning of more....worse. Gonna happen but not sure when....where. Portions of the country just found out they're targeted. Huge cells of terrorists -- of unknown country of origin ;) -- have revealed themselves in five rural/small town type areas and five cities. [Pssstt...there might be more! ] :runcirclsmiley2:

If you're gonna play, then YOUR area is being evacuated due to impending chaos and fighting. You picked the SHORT STRAW! :shakinghead: There are many threats from this coordinated assult from within our borders. First, they are holding thousands of citizens captive (they got the really short straw!) within their realm of control. They promise great bloodshed and mayhem. They hint at suitcase nuke capability. This is not a Shelter-In-Place scenario. :( Anyone close, but not already inside captured land, is gettin' outta doge! [that's us!]


[Read all the game parameters...cuz I hate having to repeat them since they are here in black and white. ]

The Good news:

1--In this scenario, you and yours have a Bug Out Location. :cheer:
2--All of us who play are heading for the same agricultural zone - the Bug Out location. :grouphug:

This is not....NOT a govt camp. :o Nope! We all passed the word to each other and our loved ones. Rather it's a ghost town-type area. Long abandoned due to depressed conditions during the last depression.

3 - U_Haul is getting thousands of their vehicles to these locations. We use them free (govt. will pick up the tab). So you can bring all your stuff if you have drivers for the trucks. [lots of livestock trucks/trailers too]
4 - You get to pass thru some UNaffected areas on our way to the retreat area. Some stores will be open with goods to sell. [Cuz most folks simply believe that, despite an upheaval such as this, THEIR LIVES will go on as normal. It does not affect them. ]

Good and Bad news:

1-There are OLD shanty towns and farms available in the Bug Out region. But...they're not in good shape. Heavy metal roofs mostly still shedding water. Some windows are unbroken. Some doors intact. Watch the third step from the bottom when you go down to the basement....which has dirt floor and limestone walls. :blink: There are a few things lying about in the old sheds, barns, houses. But...don't go so easy on yourself that you find a paradise, please. Think in terms of the set for the Hunger Games. [they used a real abandoned coal mining town for their set] Or you can bring a camping trailer if you have one. Tents....whatever.
2- The wells still work and have clean water. But only the windmills and handpumps outside or hand pumps inside.
3 - OK, I believe there are OLD orchards, grape vines, brambles of berries, etc that have gone 'feral' on the old farms.
4 - Most fences are broken down.
5 - Nearest viable tiny town [postal service] is a 3 hr drive on unmaintained roads.

Bad news:

1- No phone line/electric lines/cellular service to this area. Not sure about satellite service... :puzzledsmile::pc_coffee:
2- An EMP has already happened but it only affected a small area of the country. Not our areas. BUT....another one is expected...sometime/somewhere.


That's the background for the exercise. The real point is to imagine you and yours trying to set up a bug-out location with few resources. If you had to be there for months or years.

In the basic areas of
**clothing [remember, post-tech world will be hard on clothing/footwear....and bring larger sizes for growing children]
**health: sanitation, medications, first aid, etc.
**defense [4-legged, 2 legged ]

Other areas that are off shoots of those include: livestock, field-garden crops, tools, lighting, education, etc.


DEAR AUNT JANE, please make sure your family brings.....
Imagine first, the others of your friends/family that you've decided would come. What do they REALLY have in 'stuff' and skills. What would you list in your email to them, to bring or buy along the way?

NOTE TO SELF: Don't forget to pack.....to buy....
What would you and your immediate family need to be sure to pack into your U-Haul(s)? What would you need to buy at the Walmart, Farm & Feed, grocery, ......?..... along the way to the BugOut location?

.....ahem, don't forget that impending 2nd EMP.... :wacko: Without stopping for much more than gas and restrooms, it will take you 6 hours of travel time. PLUS the time it will take you to load the trucks. :tinfoilhatsmile:

How would you make your choices? No correct or wrong answers ....er, let me change that. I'm not grading anyone's paper. :grinning-smiley-044:

MtRider :smiley_shitfan:

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Okay... here's most of what I've got so far. I went ahead and did a little financial "gee, it'd sure be nice if..." although when my DH read over this, he pointed out that there was a good chance that

FOUND IT...   Mt Rider... This is the scenario that I dreamed about the other day!!    Funny how this is the one that has stuck with me the most, and I never even commented on it o

I looked up and realized I'd been typing for close to three hours. Then I got interrupted and lost the post.

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Um....Annarchy? Have I mentioned that I cannot use 'underline'? Neither highlighting and clicking the "U" above ....NOR typing in will work. :scratchhead:


Anyone else having this problem?


MtRider [....now back to the Short Straw Game! ]

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Can I magically start driving again? LOL

I want to bring the storage trailer, but I will need to load the contents of the house, a lot of fencing that is not in use (no time to take any down, but I have a good many tposts and rolls of fence plus my cattle panels.) I should take the 1500 gal poly cistern.

I need to stop along the way and get deep cycle batteries so I can use the solar panels.

I need to pick up seed potatoes and some organic sweet potatoes for making slips.

Stop at the lumber yard for lumber, windows and doors, plumbing and electrical supplies.

I need one of the livestock trailers. Where can I get another driver or two? Maybe someone else in TX could swing by here and drive a vehicle with a trailer? Someone without a lot of supplies of their own and I would share with them. I'm sure the nice neighbors would want to come, but they will need to load their own trailers and trucks. Still, they might could spare me a driver. They have several. We could share a livestock trailer for their goats and cow and my goats and dogs. My poultry need a separate trailer unless we could rig up a second floor for them above the other animals.

I need to pick up more feed. Have a delivery coming later this week, but I'm really low otherwise.

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Butttttt I am in the midst of planning a wedding....MtRider's message was garbled...BO NOW truck on way...Guess the kids will just have to visit the JP on the way out of town. Good thing I am (in real life) downsizing we are looking at moving into 500sq or less. Mommato3boys...pondering....pondering...


Hey I want a redraw I didn't get to pick which straw I wanted MtRider just handed me one lol


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Text to DS2&3 - Open box that says for emergency only follow instructions.

email sister


Grab emergency notebook and start checking off list





tarps, plastic sheeting

rope, duct tape, 550 cord

nails, staples



work clothes

boots (work boots, rainboots-extras for everyone)

work gloves (purchase more if possible)

winter clothing-coats hats, scarfs thick socks, long sleeve shirts lots of laying clothes

lots of socks - thick boot socks

house shoes to keep feet warm inside

t-shoes (extra pairs for everyone)


camping equipment (extra matches)

water, water and more water

candles, oil lamps

campstove, fuel

charcoal, grill


drain bank account if at all possible - small bills

top off gas tanks and gas cans purchase more cans if possible


hunting/ safety-defense


guns/ ammo


fishing equipment



empty refrigerator cooking all food and dehydrating frozen veggies

pack all canned goods and preps

decided what cookware goes

pack knives and other utensils.

canning jars



Medical/First Aid

Everything nothing left behind (pick up more along the way)

sheets for bandages

first aid books


Sewing / Crafts

old peddle sewing machine (thank you Granny)

needles, thread, scissors

material (purchase more now and along the way)





pins (straight and safety)

soap making supplies



dig up herbs

pack seeds and starter trays

compost? take or leave? hummmm (since my compost bin is a garbage can I will take it but will set it inside of a larger garbage can)

purchase liquid fertizler


Store Runs....now and along the way

Harware store : lumber, nails, staples, hand tools like rakes, shovels, hoe, hand saws (with extra blades) hammers, fencing, wood burning cookstove if one can be found, more seeds for garden, screen material for dehydrator and windows

Grocery store: dry goods and water lots of water, canned goods, and snack food and comfort foods

Wally World or Sporting goods store: batteries - lots of batteries, extra sheets and blankets, extra OTC medical supplies.

Fabric/Craft store: yarn, material - lots of denim and heavy work material



radio, wind up and solar


Other items to pack

paper, pens, books, games, cards


Livestock-purchase if at all possible

chickens (feed at least six months if not more)




work horse-for plowing and transportation



wash board

large tubs (metal perferably or heavy duty plastic)

clothes line, clothes pins (lots of clothes pins)


You know Mt.Rider this has been one of the easier ones. Since we know there is no electricty we don't have to stress over refrigerators, microwaves, hairdrayers, any electric stays behind. Think rustic camping for supplies and starting supplies for animals - ie fencing and food. Furniture wise you need the basics...beds, chairs, tables. maybe a desk. But since there is not lights no computers, no lamps (unless they are battery or oil) of course you will want to pack nick-nacks and curtains, table linens and other lines like dollies but you won't need business suits, stockings, heels, much make up,

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Hey, M3B, maybe you could concentrate on the pigs and sheep? I don't have any of those, but I have 8 pregnant dairy does and a fantastic buck that I'm bringing. Got no sheeps or pigs. Bringing geese, chickens, ducks too but I don't think I can catch those 5 crazy guineas.

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Pull out the BoBs, load the pick up with our planned supplies....


... take a deep breath....


Sit down with DH and the "List", review it, checking off items already packed.






... brb later...




p.s. Mt_Rider, have you tried, highlighting the word, then.... press Ctr + U ...?

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It looks like money is no object......... ah, i just won the lottery ( one third of it after taxes, as 2 others also had same numbers) :cheer: last month is why........ the check came in two days later....... wasn't that convenient and I can break in my new king cab Ford truck doing this. ( Not that you drive fast pulling trailers anyway. ) My new neighbor is an energetic farmers son and has a snow blade on his truck. His daughter and young son are a lot like him, energetic but very nice. His daughter will drive his older truck with her brother, G will drive my new truck with the horsetrailer I had purchased from our neighbor and I will drive the Uhaul truck. A and J are coming from Westport, A is like my grandmother, J is a college professor and graciously agreed to teach school. but still going great guns with energy and some community skills, green thumb and is so much fun. DS and his wife are too far away but going to their own bug out location in West Texas , so they are occupied.


(Will continue with this soon....... had to take notes and think a while as I walk to store for some drano I forgot yesterday....)


Needs another cup of coffee and to get dressed for snow conditions outside.... no winds :) Quarter mile walk. Will also get first aid supplies and what herbs I can from drug store so that will be done...... for supplies. Medicine, VA has forwarded scrips for 6 mos. supply. They will mail more later if possible at that future date of 6 mos.

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We are really lucky! My boys FINALLY GOT WITH THE PROGRAM and we are already living on the farm at out BOL and are self sustaining. We actually just moved in about 6 months ago and we are getting ready for our first real planting season. It was a rough winter and I am ready for a new beginning. So happy I took the time to get into shape and loose weight, I am now in the best shape of my life and I can easily put in a long day of hard work on the farm. With my morning chores done, I had just had lunch with the boys when we heard the news. time to get into action. . . .


My sister and her husband who finally retired from their jobs in NYC are coming down the road with their two moving trucks, they are getting ready to settle in with us in our big farm house. Harry, being a lawyer in NYC saw the stuff getting ready to go splat and had for many years, been stocking guns and ammo. He unloads that stuff first into the basement where, when he was out at Christmastime, he built a storage area that was sturdy enough to keep people out of it!


I sent the younger son to the farm store with enough cash to buy as much feed for the cows, goats, horses and chickens he could get his hands on. He is also told to get any supplies for fencing, and gas cans and water barrels if he sees any (we have a pond on our land so we have a water source along with our well). Also on is list are antibiotics and animal meds. I call him and tell him that if there are any chicks to get those too.


The older one is headed out to the hardware store to get supplies for more fencing and any of the supplies we still need for finishing off the solar pannels we started last month.I told him to get nails, nuts, bolts, screws, saws, propane canisters and any building supplies he can find. I call my neighbor Sam, that I bartered for some hay for the horses and told him to expect us to be by later today to pick up a load. I tell him that my boys will be willing to do anything he needs help with and ask if there is anything he thinks of that he needs. I also invite him for dinner. He says he needs his scripts from the store so I call DS1 and tell him to stop by the pharmacy on the way back to pick them up before coming home, and that I will have our refills there too. I tell him to get some coffee, filters and sugar and cigarettes from the store too, I know my neighbor is on a restricted income and who knows if he has any stocked. I remind him to bring Sam along with him.


The FedEX truck with the delivery of my fruit trees just came 'round the corner, so I will have that dropped near the barn, we will have a lot of work ahead of us but it will be good for everyone. (just in time!). I was planning on planting a nice orchard on our new land to add to the few fruit trees we have there already. So glad we got the tractor and all the tools we will need for the farming aspeickct of our new life.


I head into the house, with my sister, we put on a pot of coffee and stoke the fire in the woodburning stove. I feel safe and confident knowing that my family is all here where I dreamed of this day, KNOWING IT WOULD ACTUALLY HAPPEN, and it took me so long to get my kids on board. Kowing that the community is going to be flourishing soon and we will all be working together makes me grateful that God put so many wonderful people into my life for me to learn from and who always encouaged me. I tell her "we need to start some bread so we can have it for dinner tonight". I get out the oil lamps and make sure they are all filled and all the flashlights have batteries in them too. If an EMP hits, I want to be as prepared as we possibly can be. So glad we did serious canning before moving and the pantry is still stocked despite the winter.


Harry walks in and says "wow, you were really right all along, so you ready for the journey into the future?" I tell him that his first new chore on the farm is to learn how to milk Rosie and Pauline our cows and Lilly and George the goats ( Rosie and Lilly having been named for the two most stubborn and ornery women in my family hate to be milked, he has no idea what he is getting himself into) "aww gee, thanks!"


Harry decides that despite the fact that we have 2 moving vans that need to be unpacked, that can wait. We need to go over what we stil might be needing. Out to the shed we go to check on the inventory. Fortunately having been prepping for a long time, it's not as bad as I originally thought, still, we are going to be part of a larger community now, so we need to think of others.


We figure out that we probably have enough canning jars, lids rings etc. . (over 1000 empty jars and several thousand lids and rings both regular and wide mouth). I was always buying them by the case so that's not an issue. Harry has his brother back east who has connections (like black market connections and drivers who go cross country regularly transporting things for his business - we don't ask what it is, we just know he has connections. We were lucky to get a signal for a brief time and gave him our list, along with an invitation to come out with his family. He tells us he will get a truckload of whatever he can together for the new community, he wants to help, and if he and his family needs to evacuate NY in the future, he wants to know that he has somewhere safe to head to). . .. We don't know where we would put everyone, but we know that we want to make the offer anyway.


This is the list we give to brother who says he will get what he can and get it to us for the communtiy as quickly as possible. We already know that this is not just for our family, but to share with the community, our list is long:


pillows, sheets, blankets, sleeping bags,

fabric to sew with, needles, thread, buttons, safety pins, straight pins good scisors

Batteries, flashlights lamp oil and wicks

fishing gear, poles, fishing line, hooks, sinkers etc.

bleach and antiseptic cleaners

rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and any and all first aid supplies he can get. Drugs too (legal ones for those with diabetes etc. . . his wife's sister is a doctor!)and any and all kinds of supplements

building supplies just about anything he can get at any time (just in case we have to do some serious re-building in the community and add onto what we already have for our growing family)

animal feed, hay, oats etc. . .

flour, salt, yeast, dry milk, baking soda and baking powder, cornstarch, sugar, oil, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol

box cutters and blades

paper products, dishes, plastic ware, trash bags, paper towels, napkins, fem products, TOILET PAPER

soap, soap making supplies

cast iron cookware

notebooks, pens, paper any school books available (we have to keep the kids educated)


Diapers, wipes, diaper ointment, baby formula

dry beans, oats





Glad we got the fruit trees, but know that it will take a few years to get good fruit off of them.

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New Ford truck, horse trailer, large UHaul truck, Guy’s Truck with long trailer behind it for cord wood from local cord wood supplier by the animal shelter.

Packs clothing for four seasons, will buy more heavy duty clothing ,carhardt trousers, new jackets , gloves and mittens, scarves and knit hats, long johns and pajamas and robes for all of us, shirts, sweatshirts, flannel shirts, boot socks and summer socks, work boots, hiking boots, rain gear at Walmart and outdoor store in Plattsburgh, and a few skirts and blouses, slacks, hosiery that go together and more loafers for leisure wear and church wear. Moccasin style slippers, two pair each for indoor winter wear. Durable ankle strapped sandals for all of, all according to the list S helped me make up. For summer wear once chores were done. Athletic shoes of quality from outdoor store, increasing in sizes for two years wear. Extra linens and towels, two new table clothes of fine linen, and four of oil cloth for every day usage. Extra flannel , cotton , broadcloth, corduroy for clothing and diapers as needed. Baby supplies , a case of cloth diapers, as needed. Oil lamp wicks, a roll of candle wicking and vanilla and pine scents. 12 cans of white gas and four cases of propane cannisters, one barbeque unit and 10 propane tanks filled outside. ( the majority of this going into the Uhaul later.) Thread, patterns for S and her brother H, and G. More needles, thread rippers, yarn and loom hand tools, more double needles for knitting and darning socks. Barbeque/Candle lighters, Bic lighters, Wooden matches and parrafin wax.

Packs skills books, favorite series of books, edible plants cards, knot tying cards, notebooks, extra notebook paper, binders of information on cooking, skills needed, pdfs of skills and construction of electric free living , packs language education books, bibles and religious materials, plant identification books, kindle goes in daypack, BOB, that goes in the cab of UHaul truck. Fishing gear and tackle boxes and creels included , set near the oil lamp crate and camping gear.

Writing supplies, art supplies, forever stamps and envelopes, pens and pencils and sharpies, etc. Both laptops after sending out critical emails to relatives and friends. With a generator, more information and letters can still be neatly written and retrieved and printed out. The laptop, kindle and crank radio are packed in temporary faraday boxes I make with cardboard boxes and foil several layers thick. Extra flash drives after loading them with documents and pictures.

Family photo albums. One shelf worth of other favorite books. Text books of algebra, Sciences, business books. Bulletin and dry erase boards packed as well, plenty of tacks, container ducttaped to back of bulletin board. Battery operated clocks. Extra batteries for numerous items. Small framed mirror and bathroom items already in bathroom, boxed up safely for move.

Packs oil lamps and lamp oil , candles carefully in well marked box and leaves that towards back of UHaul truck.
Packs up dry goods and herbs , pans and dishes from kitchen with newspaper as padding and linens and towels, extra blankets and puts zero bag and pillow into UHaul cab in case storm becomes too much for plow truck to use ( there is a storm here in the northeast , minimal 1 foot of snowfall in most areas I have to drive through.) Packs whats in freezer and frig, stores near oil lamps crate for easy access.

Packs beds, bedside tables, G’s kitchen table, my folding desk table, my two book shelves, the curtains off the windows. Treadle Sewing machine and supplies, material, knitting materials and supplies and books for knitting and sewing, candle making supplies and candle that are prepped. Preps packs into boxes and five gallon buckets, chest of drawers after putting preps into boxes, pressure canner, meat and grain grinders, cheesemaking supplies, clean pkgs of cheese cloth and muslin by the yard goes here because its useful for dehydrating in the sun. Packs cat food supplies and cast iron gear , cat carrier is ready for cat, set up with newspaper and blanket lining , cat bowls and cat box cleaned out with bleach and hot soapy water, Cat litter in jugs stored near oil lamp crate. Cat is loaded into carrier and put in cab of UHaul .

Important papers, weapons stored in Uhaul truck cab. G has several rifles and shotguns in immaculate but used condition, and ammo. He makes sure I have a shot gun and .357 S&W with a small frame and grips and three speed loaders and a box of ammo for the trip itself and a lever action 30-30 with ammo box. He provides the same for his daughter.Guy keeps the semi auto weapons with him in the new truck. His son is armed with a .22 H&R because it has a nine round capacity. He also has a youthsize lever action 30-30. We also have the slappers of lead filled webbing , and aluminum baseball bats, tomahawks and survival knives sharpened to a keen edge or sheath knives to put on our belts. My archery equipment is put in the UHaul as it is reserved for later hunting. My crossbow pistol is on the seat between myself and my cats carrier, with two dozen bolts ready to use if the guns are not sufficient or we need to be quiet. The rest of the ammo and guns are wrapped in blankets and stored by the oil lamp crate which is kept within reach of the door along with MRE’s, fruit and crackers and water containers, camp gear and pup tents or dome tents and sleeping bags, extra blanket rolls and insulating pads. There is room for hardware, lumber and feedbags and supplies.

I take my truck to the local drugstore where I stock up on called in VA including (insulin pens for average diabetic with instructions printed out for anyone 'vital’ with insulin needs, prescription drugs, 6 mos. worth of varied antibiotics and silver iodide ointment, silver iodide solution, a case of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, epsom salts, witch hazel, antibiotic ointment and foot cream, a case of cocoa butter lotion, a years worth of shampoo and conditioner, herbs and vitamins and first aid to top off 6 mos to a years need of such things as I can imagine we may need. ( I already have enough body soap and deoderant.) A case of liquid detergent for dishes, two cases of bleach, lysol concentrate, lye crystals for plumbing and soap making. Two cases of gallon sized cans of olive oil. Two years worth of salt , iodized, Two years of non iodized salt and Lite Salt. A case of ziploc bags, another of heavy duty foil, a case of paper bags and six lunch bags, four large steel thermoses and 6 wide mouth thermos jars pint sized, 4 large wide mouth thermos jars for cooking. One woodstove and chimney and hearth requirements from Ace Hardware is also loaded onto the truck for me.

I withdraw as much as I can from my lottery win and am given letters of credit so that I may again withdraw, which is actually a gov’t form. This is placed inside a fireproof safe I can barely manage to load into my truck . It has a mechanical lock due to worries about the EMP affecting digital locks on safe if ones affects our region. It is loaded into the UHaul and I keep out enough for jacked up fuel and food and lodging costs needs for the trip and the supplies.

My own first aid kit is packed already, including splints and sutures and medical surgical kits for G , A and myself. I stop at the hardware store and get hand tools, gardening tools and rope, and chain, which we box up and store in the back of my truck along with soil amendment bags, and fertilizer that had just come in. Tarps and shower curtains and their utilitarian hangars, several packs of bungee cords, and four reels of paracord. This is covered in one of the tarps and tied down with rope to get it out of eyesight and protect it on the trip. I come back and find the Uhaul packed with G’s family clothing and a few boxes of kitchen items we can use in a household. We are done packing up our personal possessions and drive steadily , caravan style to Plattsburgh for a quick trip. We have two hours time to shop there, so I send G to the feedstore for horse, goat and chicken feed and cages of chickens, and quail and four pairs of rabbits and one piglet. Tack for livestock and grooming supplies, feed buckets. Three ladders and saw horse parts were also bought.

He neatly packs them on one side of the horse trailer while I go to Walmart with the UHaul truck and Sams Club to buy Shelf Stable food, dog and cat food and supplies, canning supplies in bulk and G’s daughter , S, is sent for hardware at Lowes and a list for lumber and cement , which she has loaded on the old truck and covers with a tarp and rope. She also gets aluminum wash tubs, two rolls of heavy canvas, grommets and grommet setter, one watering trough and washboard, tin buckets, rubber livestock buckets and dishes, rabbit supplies in her truck and vet supplies from the local vet in Plattsburgh, who does livestock care as well as domestic. Two generators and 8 gas cans which she filled at the nearest gas station that was still able to provide gas. We all gassed up fully.
We stopped at the horse rescue farm and get the 7 yr old percheron horse who is trained for plowing and pulling logs and wagons and the arab quarter horse who is 6 yrs. old. G easily loads them into the double horsetrailer. Three pygmy goats complete the livestock. One is fresh and the 2nd is bred and the third is a slightly taciturn male.

There are still some restaurants open so we stop and get take out and drinks. We eat quickly, and get on the road again to the package store and vintner store where we pack cases of good wine, good brew and alcohol for social and medicinal needs into a portion of the empty space left over . Neither one of us is heavy into drinking but a beer with a sandwich is welcome at times, we agreed. I buy brewing supplies and a years worth of brewing mixes for beer and wine. We also stop at the coin shop and I buy out the silver and gold coins, amounting to 34,000 dollars worth of coin. ( Big score but I had called the coin shop as soon as I heard what happened and the owner opened his vault for me). We distribute the coin between the vehicles and trailers in case of robbery along the way or breakdowns.

We go back to the feed store and buy more feed and several bales of hay for the remainder of space in the horse trailer, and top off the pickup trucks and Uhaul’s empty space with it. We have enough feed to get well into summer for the small livestock and hay to get through the winter months. We pick up hand scythes for haying later in the year for the horses and goats. A push mower and beehives and equipment to maintain the bees and goat milking supplies for manual milking.

We stop at Lehmans and buy up two years supply of heirloom seeds to add to my other heirloom and hybrid seed supplies and wheat, oat and barley, corn , soy, amaranth, legume and tomato , beet, turnip and chili peppers, greens, Onion sets and garlic sets, herbal , squash and gourd seeds in bulk for the fields. We picked up natural vinegar and cheesemaking supplies there too. Laundry gear and soap including a ringer, double wash tub, large cast iron cauldron , stock pots that all get loaded onto my truck and tied down under the tarp, with metal trash cans and a burn barrel and three water storage barrels with rain spout hardware and filters, spigots and covers. We are done with our purchases and head back to town to form up a larger caravan with other residents, with A and J meeting us at the market parking lot and getting into line behind us. They are driving their new 4 wheel drive SUV and the UHaul. They also got hardware, hinges, hasps, nails and screws, nuts and bolts, two plows and handles, a harrow and disker, and garden and canning supplies , heirloom seed , two piglets crated with feed for 1 year, and bulk foods, along with personal items, important papers, books and clothing, and basic furniture and kitchen items that do not require electricity and two woodstoves. Extra gas and water cans all full. Camping gear, work boots and fencing. A had brought her herbs and houseplants in their pots as well. She had also thought to buy four porta toilets and supplies for them to last three months because we may not have the ability to dig latrines before that time is up, with the soil frozen and temps making long labors difficult. I also got four grape slips that had been rooted and carefully tended in rooted balls of burlaps.

We stopped at the animal shelter where I obtained the Anatolian Shepherd female that was 5 weeks pregnant, a male Anatolian unrelated to the female and A got two yellow lab pups and a springer spaniel , pointer mix that was 9 mos old. G would train it for hunting. Then we got on the road despite the continuous snow fall. Our total caravan numbered 84 human members and four men with plows on their trucks were in front to keep the road clear. Two others were in the tail end of the caravan. They also had pickup loads of rock salt and bags of icemelt and sand, with shovels and spades. We were in the middle and could use G’s older truck with its blade as needed if the need arose. We would not travel fast but with the continuing snowstorm and continual snow plowing we felt it best to just drive the six hour trip, which probably would be longer and we made sure we all got coffee at Stewarts before pulling out.

Two hours later we pull into a large feedstore again and I am able to buy more heirloom seeds and more crop seed and a two man saw, two good quality bow saws and extra blades, a large set of wood and stone chisels, an anvil and blacksmithing supplies and materials we can load into the back of G's truck as there is just enough room. Four aloe plants, several spider plants in 4 inch pots go into the cab of my truck. Four cases of gallon apple cider go on top of the load tied down carefully in back of my truck. Six crocks for kraut making also are tied onto the load, still in their boxes, with lids added and weight boards. One more crate of chickens, this time Araucanas and two roosters, the feedstore wants to disperse. Four flats of eggs I manage to safely install in my truck seat beside G. A year's worth of local raw honey in reusable jars.

10 paired or necessary dwarf style fruit trees that do well in this region and 25 berry bushes with an order of strawberry plants to be delivered with seed potatoes by Govt agricultural agents in two months time, government form issued for these. ( Part of my preps and been getting five bags of potatoes , two of which were organic and already showing eyes and two bags of yams with eyes that were organic. ) Lehmans also had Peruvian purple heirloom seed potatoes that should last if nursed well before planting in the spring time. I had secured two bags of those with the heirloom seed purchases. The sapling trees were carefully loaded ontop of the stuff in the back of the UHaul truck and trailer. We continued to the abandoned town and reached it about Midnight and unpacked the seeds, camping gear, kitchen stuff and water and food that we thought we would eat for breakfast and lunches the next day. We brought in the pets, inspected the barn and tarped off two stalls for the piglets and goats and rabbits still in their cages for the night, and brought the chickens inside for the night setting them on a tarp covered floor in the kitchen. We ate MRE's for a late dinner and washed down the kitchen and set up the portapotty in the laundry room and left a lantern burning on a cleared and washed down table after we boiled water on the barbeque grill which we set up on the porch after determining the majority of the porch boards were sound enough to carry its weight. We would have to inspect and clean any fireplaces and chimneys of the house before we could have fires in them. We brought in the sapling fruit trees and berry bush plants to the barn and stacked the hay and bags of grain after giving the chickens some feed and scratch. We brought water from a couple of our water containers in buckets to the horses goats, chickens and pigs before we went in once we figured they were well settled in the barn after they had eaten what we put down for them.
When all these tasks were done, we walked the dogs and set up cat litter in my cats box for her in a bedroom and brought them all inside. There was 10 inches of snow on the ground at least and more coming down. We had been warned in the days before of this monster storm as the MSM tended to call it, but for G and myself and A and J, it was just a normal snow storm. The whole caravan had fortunately made it in tact although there had been some areas through the higher mountains that had needed additional attention from the plows and rock salt shoveled out on two of the grades that had gone extra slick with the snow fall after the snow plows had attended them.

We all gathered in the living room space and laid out tarps first on the bare floors which we had swept and mopped with hot water, new mops and lysol concentrate. We laid out our insulated sleeping pads and blanket rolls and zero bags and put on flannels or long johns that were clean and crawled in to our bags and used our old pillows for the night. In the morning we would do more industrious cleaning and get the fireplaces and any wood stoves set up and functioning again if possible and screen the old coops and outbuildings. It would probably amount to kindling wood but we had quite a lumber supply, enough at least for repairs, the coop , and a new outhouse. There was a woodlot with mixed woods that would provide rough lumber for the pig pen and goat sheds we would have to build. I fell asleep to G sharpening the axes and checking the two man saw over. I woke up to sounds of someone washing up with a basin in the kitchen and found G washing and shaving by lamplight , stripped to his jeans and socks with moccasins slippers on, with coffee brewing outside on the barbeque grill and a cannister of oatmeal and bag of apples out for breakfast and one 2liter bottle of tang made up for us to drink. A pan of eggs simmering on the barbeque by the coffee pot gently perking away. I went into what passed for a bathroom and washed it down with hot water and lysol, the bathroom counter anyhow and cleaned the mirror and set an oil lamp by it, with a quart bowl of hot water. G had carried in a box of dishes from the UHaul and the utensils so we could have a hot meal that wasn't made from MRE's. I had my toiletries kit and quickly dressed in jeans over my longjohns and hung my flannels on the back of the door to the bathroom. I put on an old flannel shirt over my sweatshirt, combed my hair. Luckily I had just gotten my hair cut done on payday and it looked ok as I washed my face and cleaned my mouth and dentures before returning to the kitchen. G had the eggs cooled in a bowl and rigged a trash can with a plastic bag lining it for garbage in the kitchen. I dumped out the used wash water and rinsed the bowls from the hot water now on the barbeque grill for dishes. Setting them on the old dish drainer board to dry, I made up a cup of coffee and poured some for A and J who were awake now, taking turns getting dressed and cleaned up for the day. When we had eaten our share of the oatmeal and fruit, we washed up and G went and wakened his kids who were still trying to sleep.

" Up , now, rise and shine, its time to eat and get to chores. We have a lot to do today." We could hear him as we rolled up our sleeping bags and folded blankets which we stowed with the pillows on a wide shelf to get them up off the floor and away from the fireplace and wood stove areas.

A was sitting at the bar on a rickety stool in the kitchen already making lists by the time I walked back into the kitchen after getting the boiled water for washing dishes. I took up my customary second cup of coffee noting how dirty the old windows were in the kitchen and living room. They would need to be washed inside and out despite the freezing weather.

A handed out lists to me, G and J and to the kids. S was only six but he was in charge of the piglets, dogs, the chickens and feeding the horses. G and J decided to inspect the outbuildings and house and yard then unload the furniture and heavier boxes from the trucks and trailers and soil amendments.
They inspected the fireplace with the help of ladder, chain and a chunk of wood , and found it feasible to use after knocking loose an old squirrel nest and laid a fire with some of the cord wood, that luckily was well seasoned. G rapidly split kindling wood and used some of the newspaper from the dish packing materials to get a fire started and soon we could feel the heat spreading into the living room and kitchen and beginning to permeate the hall that led to the bedrooms.

A and I worked to unload many of the items and boxes we could manage while S tended the livestock, walked the dogs and swept floors and dusted what furniture we thought we could refresh and use. When G and J were done with the fireplace, they carried in cord wood and a boxload of kindling G had chopped. G then cleared snow off the roof around the kitchen woodstove pipe and dismantled it piece by piece and laid down new flashing and replaced it with new chimney pipe, not trusting the old pipe, but also stored that in the barn shed for later usage with something. Further inspection led to the conclusion that the kitchen woodstove was still sound only in need of a good blacking and cleaning which J did with some flourish and determination.

G's daughter, S, was put to work cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, sweeping floors and wiping down shelves and counters with hot bleach water and washing windows inside. She washed door jambs, windowsills and walls too by the end of the day, and the house smelled of lysol, bleach and woodsmoke, somewhat, but it got more like home as we cooked a good dinner from cans and dried goods and baked bread and cornbread successfully in the evening and hung up curtains on the living room, bedroom and kitchen windows. J, G's son, kept the dogs busy, but was gentle with them and let my cat alone as she prowled and found a hidey hole to hang out in in the living room wood shelf box area. The men carried in the big furniture and set up beds and A made them up with clean linens, hung towels in the bathroom, spread blankets and bedspreads on the beds, making up my bed in the big master bedroom as the house was technically in my name. It made me feel more than shy. G and T, his son shared a room and A and J shared a room. S got her own room and there were two more bedrooms but one would be storage for food stuffs and gear, we decided. The other vacant room was more of a den off the living room and well lit by windows so we made it into a work and study room.

The snowstorm broke after a late lunch and we all dressed to walk in the snow to see the property and get some fresh air after all the cleaning and moving boxes and items around. 80 acres, outbuildings, some of which were still sturdy to work with fortunately,with some repairs that G felt he could do. There was about 20 acres of woods and it looked a healthy forest. G marked some trees with a red sharpie he had grabbed for the pig pen as we looked thorugh the wooded acreage. Even with the snow we could see where likely paths were, the year round stream and spring near the house and barn, where an appropriate place for the new outhouse likely was, where the whole acre garden area was and some older fruit trees and what might be berry and nut bushes. Perhaps they would still be fruit bearing after all this time with some TLC and pruning soon. But I would not count on it.

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Whoooeeeee..... Ain't FICTION fun? :lol: But it does get one's brain working. Who knows what item listed might jog someone into prepping that very thing!


Arby === Sweepstakes winner? Great idea. Frees you up to make a great big list for a GREAT BIG change in your life from apt. in small town to a farm. Good luck with your new roommates. :thumbs:


Chefddr ==== Good storyline and good lists. Sending everyone in separate directions for last minute supplies. LOL but hey! You moved in early??? That would be the smart thing, wouldn't it? Live at your BugOutLocation! Not such a massive and risky transition. Loved the line about finally getting kids on board. Think I'll have to do that too....cuz IRL, :rolleyes:


Annarchy ===== [...um, can I really push buttons like Control You? ] Testing 1 2 3 well....Uh Oh! She forgot to tell me how to UNCONTROL YOU!


MtRider --- signing off so I can quit underlining. aaaack!

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Mt_Rider, you can always control me.... :happy0203: Click on the little light switch and you will see the code, and you will be able to move your curser out of the underline code.

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:wacko::24: Well that was fun. Lil' help here, Annarchy! :laughkick:


Anyway, hope to hear more of your massive, sudden departure with your DH. Noted that you packed preplanned things first! Yeah, in case something unexpected happened, you'd have that much.


Mommato3 =====

You know Mt.Rider this has been one of the easier ones. Since we know there is no electricty we don't have to stress over refrigerators, microwaves, hairdrayers, any electric stays behind. Think rustic camping for supplies and starting supplies for animals - ie fencing and food. Furniture wise you need the basics...beds, chairs, tables. maybe a desk. But since there is not lights no computers, no lamps (unless they are battery or oil) of course you will want to pack nick-nacks and curtains, table linens and other lines like dollies but you won't need business suits, stockings, heels, much make up,

Interesting observation. On one hand, a pre [or post] techno world is a LOT simpler. BUT....it is also tremendously more laborious. Manual labor....higher in risk of injury, I think too. Farming is a dangerous occupation. [so is working at the 7-11 after dark but..... ] Stock up on all those medical supplies. [do we have a doctor/surgeon in our new location? ]


Just reading all the detail of Arby's story gives us an idea of how very exhausting this new BO life would be. And that's with adequate houses to begin with. But it would be camping in a wood house. I've BTDT before. Definite advantage over a tent ...and bigger than a camping trailer. But.... ah choo! These homes are DIRTY!


Dear CGA ====== While in my role as GameMaster, I can tweek many things. ****Think: Wizard of Oz behind the curtain... :happy0203: I'd love to wave a magic wand IRL and give you back the ability to drive. But...this is one of the difficulties you'd run smack into if a major migration had to happen. Hope your nice neighbors have an extra driver. If they have animals, looks like they are like-minded folks. OTOH....can you call up a local college and see if any of the kids are trying to get home -- in the direction you'll be traveling?


I have to count drivers here too. I can drive but my stamina is limited [tho adrenalin works GREAT while it lasts] and my comprehension in heavy traffic is poor. So I'd just have to FOLLOW THE TAIL LIGHTS of DH ahead of me in the U-Haul. I can do that much even if I'm nearly cross-eyed.




Well, I haven't started on my saga. I'll be heading out to feed soon IRL, but I'll try to stop in later tonite.


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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This one is a bit dificult for me, but I'm not sure as to why...Here goes:


We have relatives that also live on our street so I'd let them know what was going on. I'd have to leave them to get things packed up for themselves because I wouldn't want to take time to repeat myself. I'd have to hope for the best and I'd reiterate to them that they shouldn't just try to pack up their sentimental treasures. This is a life or death situation. There are 3 drivers there so I'd instruct them to get the Uhauls.


My sister lives 10 minutes away and I'd tell her what was going on. She wouldn't need a whole lot of direction and her husband is prep-minded and ex military. They'd go get a UHaul and any supplies that thought would be helpful.


I would notify our 2 youngest children via text message or quick phone call and tell them to gather up ALL of their clothes, food and anything that they think might be helpful. They don't need a lot of direction since they were raised in my household. Daughter with driver's license would be instructed to pick up the Uhaul and other sister. Then they'd stop for empty gas cans and fill up the tank. They'd also be sent to get my parents & sister. I wouldn't want them traveling in a Uhaul and they could drive thier own van and stow items in the Uhaul driven by my daughter. My parents have all sorts of old-timey tools that might be useful and they have a couple of chicken battery cages that would be needed for growing out poultry.


The 2 older children would be told to go get the free Uhaul trucks and pack up all clothing (clean and dirty) for themselves and children along with all food in the house. I'd have to spell a lot more out for them: flashlights, camping chairs, garden tools, matches, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags, folding tables, blankets, towels, sheets, papergoods, trashbags, foil, candles, coolers, icepacks, plastic dishes, pots and pans & area rugs. If the grocery store was open, I'd advise them to go buy as many bags of beans and rice as they could. Despite the expense, I'd also ask them to buy wild rice, too. Dried beans and wild rice can be sown and might make a good, quick source of seeds.


At our house, I'd send hubby to get the Uhaul and gas it up. While he was out, he could also stop by the feed store to pick up some extra feed more pairs of work gloves, and some of the fencing that they sell. It is pricey there but I wouldn't want to have to go out of our way to get some elsewhere. I also have him go by the farm to pick up the roosters that are kept there. while I started pulling out the Bug Out Bins. We'd take every mattress, the sleeper sofa, the bunk bed frames, the quail cage, our hens, the bins full of seed packets,camping gear, dishes, pots and pans, area rugs, summer coolers, all of the food in the pantry and kitchen. I'd also try to dig up some of my raspberries, garlic, asparagus, chives, herbs and strawberries. Some of my houseplants are edible and I'd probably take those too. If there was any room in the truck, then I'd try to fill extra spaces with firewood. Although we have the ability to cut it ourselves, I'd want to have an immediate supply, if possible. All of the tools would travel with us along with all of the lumber that we have on the premises.


Since we have the opportunity to purchase items, I'd want to get some more pairs of workboots for everyone and shoes for the kids to grow into. I'd also want lots of extra underclothes for everyone and a few extra coats for the grandkids to grow into.Other than Harbor Freight, there isn't much chance of finding solar panels around here, so I would plan on not having access to them.


Once we arrived at the bug out location, I'd plan to unpack and take an inventory of the property to figure out where the assets were: old apple trees and nut trees, water sources, deadwood and firewood posibilities, etc... Animals would probably be kept in the Uhaul overnite to keep them safe from predators until we could build suitable housing for them.

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I figure by the end of the next day I was only about 30 hours into the story, do we continue it? One of the things was completely forgetting a visit to the auto parts store for car parts to have on hand to do repairs. One of the main problems here too is they are all very modern vehicles. There was no time to get older , non emp affected type vehicles with this short notice for a bug out. Basically the gas cans with gas are really for the generators people may have brought to run power tools for building repairs initially.

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OK, with all the sons, daughter, girlfriends who drive and ex's who drive and inlaws and outlaws and 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins, Roy and Dianna next door can provide plenty of drivers and vehicles to pull uhaul trailers or livestock trailers or drive uhaul trucks. So everything on my farm and theirs that can be loaded will be loaded. Stops will be made to get feed and food and seed for all as well as additional building supplies and fencing. My Lister/Petter will come along as well as my solar panels and etc but we'll need to stop somewhere for batteries. I have cages that will be loaded with poultry. My goats, Roy's goats and cow and my dogs will share a livestock trailer. They will bring all their personal belongings too. Chris and Kristine will each drive a truck pulling a trailer and Chris will bring his tractor and extra diesel fuel. One of Roy's family will pull Chris's horse trailer with his horses and steers. Chris's brothers and their wives will drive motorhomes or pull travel trailers. Everybody will bring all their arms and ammo. I'll be sure the poly cistern is put on a trailer and it can be filled with some of the loose stuff we are bringing. (Gotta drain it first.) Also make sure all the cattle panels and loose tposts come so we can put up corrals right away. I also have a solar fence charger and portable electronet fence so we can get animals out to graze right away. We'll be sure to bring all the empty barrels and fill with feed or other items that need to be packed. I have about 10, I believe. It would be nice if we could find a way to get a tank(er) of diesel, LOL. (The Lister/Petter runs on diesel or well filtered used cooking or engine oil of any sort and can be used as a power plant for a number of homes if they aren't extravagent.)

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It is a good thing you specified, "This is not a Shelter-In-Place scenario. ". When I mentioned this thread to DH, his first reply was, "Nope, why leave?" LOL

IRL, we have a plan because there is a real 'possibility' that we would need to bug out.

Water, food, clothing, health, and defense are all covered (also IRL).




For this exercise, we acquired a large truck big enough for the ATV and supplies we want protected from sight and weather.


I called my brothers, but they were already at or headed to the oldest's bug out property.


DH headed out and filled all the gas containers and brought back a rototiller, a couple of chickens and feed. After loading the mattresses, he loaded the weapons, ammunition, bows-n-arrows, reloading supplies, smithing tools and supplies, while I boxed up most of the pots, pans, dishes, utensils and gadgets. Then, I packed the clothes, shoes & boots - winter and summer separately, laundry supplies and buckets, art supplies-pens, pencils, inks and paper, while he loaded the fishing supplies, mechanical and garden tools, garden seeds, building materials, and barbed wire. Loaded the 2 dozen large and medium missile crates we use for storage and used the towels and blankets as packing material. We loaded all the food supply tins and water last, as we would need access to them first and put the bicycles on top. Two hours later, we took a break and went back over our 'list'.


Lighters, lighter fluid, lamps and lamp oil, cooking stove & grills, supplies and accessories, mre's, 1st aid kit and med box & vitamins, food, wind up watches and radio, bathroom supplies and accessories. We reviewed the list again to see if we forgot anything, then, did a 'walk through' the house for the little comfort items we may want to have. He included a couple of boxes of books and I included many how-to stitching and crafting books, along with my sewing supply trunk, our photo albums and my homemade curtains.


Post notification - 3 hours and we headed out, DH driving the U-haul pulling his SUV with me following him in my pick up with the dog, ferret and chickens.

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Files - lots of files - needed to sharpen things like saw blades, knives, arrows, fish hooks...yes files and whetstones lots of those.


Note to self: IRL add these to prep list and stock them. I really don't think we have but maybe one stone and one file in real life...humm thanks for this drill MtR. Just found a hole in the preps.

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