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I hope you dont mind if I return

mum of 3

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I joined in Jan 2012 and in my first post I said I though I would be losing my job in Feb.

Well two days after joining here I lost my job, as money was tight we cut back on everything we could.

So first up was the internet as we really didnt need it but needed to eat, pay bills and rent.

So after a year we have paid down some debt and put a little saving by, so my OH said a few weeks ago why dont we have the internet on again. I think he missed it more that me.


We now have a small two bedroom home, with a small garden which we are getting ready to grow some vegs. We just need to clean it up abit and get it in order.

My OH is 67 and retired, I am 57 and no longer work.It is so hard for the young people to find work never mind someone my age.


I cook from scratch, knit and sew though not very well but I am trying.

Dont buy anything unless we really need it.


I love being on this forum as most family and friends would laugh and call me crazy at the things we do.

I sometimes wonder do they not see the things I see or read what I read to see that things are only going to get worst.


I am from Northern Ireland

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:wave: Welcome Back, mum! I'm sorry you've had a rough year but it looks like things are going better for the two of you. I'm happy for you. Now, pull up a chair as martianchick suggested and have a cup of tea. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to offer you some baked goods! ;)

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Each of us have at one time or another faced "impossible" events that through strategic planning, penny pinching, doing without alot, have turned those impossible events into "possible" events. We all come out on the other side better and not bitter people. If it's cold outside, put a blanky around your shoulders and come see us!

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Hmmm. Never thought of ASKING if I was allowed to return after the times I've wandered off.


You're trying to make me look bad, aren't you? :24:



You're family. We HAVE to let you in! teehee.gif



So, since I used to put :bounce: at the end of all my posts, I guess that's me over on the tires...

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