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Have you read this? North Korea conducts third controversial nuke test

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I read this article (North Korea conducts third controversial nuke test) on the yahoo news page. Does it worry anyone else? If they attacked and it didn't hit your area directly (Im not sure how big stuff like this can get) is there anything we can do to prepare ourselves?


I know most store food and supplies but what would protect you from this? And how long do you think it would take to be ok again do these chemicals ever go away?

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I don't know where it would hit if it landed here, but I know that if they set it to go off in the atmosphere, an EMP could cripple the entire US or a good portion of it! I know that I have good food storage, and ways to cook food, but for me, that's about it. . . I hope to move soon and then I will plan on getting a garden started with chickens and goats and maybe a pig or two, who knows, maybe a cow?? Depends on how much I can save. . .

It scares the bejesus out of me but I am preparing in any way I can, so I do my best and leave the rest to Heavenly Father to figure out.

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I am thinking an EMP or a hit to Seattle or LA.

Geez, being unemployed and dealing with this economy isn't hard enough, we have to worry about that spoiled brat with the bad haircut.

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Ok this particular test was an underground nuke test. We did these in SE Nevada for a long time btw. I used to watch the dirt erupting , driving by on summer vacations to Utah to visit friends........ years later in getting an injured friend who had a bad motorcycle and had been evac'd out to a hospital and a drive to SW Utah to drop off another mutual friend , we visited with her parents a bit and I found out that radiated soil makes some of the biggest tomatoes in the world and there was a higher incidence of certain cancers there from the fallout, over the years, but they just lived with it. ( St. George UT is gorgeous for a desert city.

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Being they claim it was successful , could be it was. Once they actually get a rocket launched successfully, either for satellite or not a satellite carry load, then I guess we can really worry in immediate fashion. They are real close to that. Remember we do keep an eye on it and do have a defense shield with US navy and US air force always monitoring the Pacific. In fact troop movements are toward the Pacific now rather than the Gulf and ME if they are sent out at all due to sequestration. There are major concerns in the Pacific, but I cannot fathom why we would give the Chinese our Long Beach base for any really good reason. I guess its a matter of indebtedness and the program our govt set up. That worries me a lot more because I still have relatives in southern Calif, who refuse to leave the state! Considering that California passed a budget that left out reckoning properly with the State Employees ( teachers, cops, etc) pension fund this time, yes you can look that up. I just read about it by some legit media article posted on fb by a friend in the past couple days...... California may become 'funded' by China I estimate, which is a type of enslavement. They ARE moving their people over to take over jobs and such things as major real estate, not just that base. They will infiltrate much I am sure. They also increased their taxes monumentally again and as for 2nd Amdt stuff, gads. what a mess that is. It will be much different than the Mhong migration in the 80s and 90s , I assure you.

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You opened my eyes up a lot about that Arby, I didn't hear of that before you mentioned it, if California does become funded by China, yikes, I can't imagine the ramifications for the country. I didn't know the US gave them a base in Long Beach either. I've got to get more up on things! Soooo much going on, it's hard to keep up. Wonder why MSM isn't shouting this sort of thing from the rooftops ... errr nevermind, I think I know the reason :(

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Speaking of Japan ... there was a blurb online the other day about China seeming to amp up a military move toward Japan. :sigh: Seems as though there may be some issues boiling up more in that region.


I wonder if there are/will be alliances being forged between China/North Korea against Japan and South Korea. Hoping not, but it's making me wonder.

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Actually, lumabean, china disapproves of NKoreas actions regarding missile and nuclear bomb tests. They would rather have stability in their region. Or be the ones who really decide on rougher actions, not by NK's leaders temperament. The chinese and the Japanese are at odds over some islands that Japan has been claiming for some time. But there is oil to drill for there. China of course would be glad to have the oil and property of the island for their own use, from what it looks like over the decades and centuries this particular geographical area has been on their minds and the Japanese'.

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They ARE up to no good. I do not trust them, or China, or Russia---and don't forget Iran. China is on it's way to world dominance. We are on our way to being a third world country with no military. Just what they want. Russia is sitting back waiting and laughing. It is slowly taking place, and our Govt is trying to "condition" us all into being helpless.

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Mt Rider I get stuff from other media online than MSM, it scrolls down my wall on fb , and I read from there........ I do not save the links at the time as IM usually doing a zillion things at once , but its the latest I heard,, it would be due to that US GOVT program that was set up to give real estate to the Chinese here. Remember that. I know there are whole communities and cities and industrial areas like our aviation area in Plattsburgh is one of them , and then there are three other communities here in the far upstate region involved. I dont recall the program name but its legit, so its probably part of that govt program that was put into affect during O's administration if not before. my recall sucks, but I know the gist of things. With so many base closures, this is sort of typical. Our southern cal bases have been stripped badly as it is. this just feels like another nail in the coffin. I can only think this is also being done to pay back debt to keep them from doing worse if they so choose. So this would be typical , as that base is worth alot still and could be used as a port by China easily. Heck, we had a chinese family come here to look at my cruddy apartment building and businesses below , considering buying it. my landlady expected me to show my place without any notice all , all of a sudden. refused to turn on any lights but she forced me to open my door anyway. About the same time, local articles came forth about what was being done in Plattsburgh and two other small towns that actually are strategic for business in my region, and geographically important in the NE Adirondacks . All three were 'given' to the Chinese for their use by that Fed program. That regarding my particular area was written up in my own weekly paper. I have seen no Chinese immigrants in this town since, ( lol). I was thinking , folks here need what jobs there still may be here, we dont need extra folks showing up taking them because they get them handed out on a silver platter ..... as it is mostly businesses are pulling out of here still or cant afford to pay their wages so they close up, unless they are govt controlled, like the other store business that just took over the local grocer again.


So, I do know its a federal program and its pissed off the locals. The owner of the building would love to dump this place, because actually if I took it up with the city or public health currently , it would be immediately condemned, but not one of us can afford to move just now, so we are putting up with very bad septic so we can save, if we thought of it, to get out of here come spring or summer. Electrical isn't great either and the foundation is further weakening the building... but these shysters will sell to anyone stupid enough to buy it for sure, they will. No one else would bother to look at it.

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Is there a page or something that you clicked 'like' on or anything for the news feeds to show up on your Facebook page, Arby? I usually just go to Facebook for the crochet group and to reply to my mother's game requests (my wonky laptop won't allow me to play games anymore ... maybe it grounded me lol) and rarely if ever find anything of substance -- I'd love to get the news that MSM ignores, if there's a page I can like or subscribe to, that would be great.


I did see a page yesterday about Dr. Carson's speech, which I thought was interesting after seeing the thread here about his prayer breakfast speech, but that was rare for me to come across anything of substance like that. But then again, I do only have about 12 friends on Facebook LOL so that may play in to what they allow me to see :P

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