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Feeling Particularly Grateful Today...

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I suppose that I could have posted this in the Streams of the Desert section, but it isn't specific to being a believer. There was an old friend that I'd been looking for from elementary school. Actually, there are a few that seem to have dropped off the planet, after high school graduation.


Bob was special to me. He was the kind of kid that the public schools would probably recommend for Ritalin therapy. He was hyper, fun and smart as a whip! I always measured my stories against the ones that he wrote in elementary school. He showed a rare talent for writing and had one of the most creative minds that I have ever known. When the teacher would ask him to read his stories to the rest of the class, we would be practically rolling on the floor because they were always hilarious. Bob always included his classmates in each story and made sure not to make us into laughingstocks. Instead, he would be the butt of the jokes in his tales. I always wondered where he had landed in life. I half-expected that he'd landed in Hollywood as a scriptwriter for a sitcom or something.


Since "Bob" (not his real name) had a very common first and last name, He was impossible to track on Facebook and none of our other friends from high school seemed to know anything about him.


I saw his name on my LinkedIn page today as someone that I might know. I immediately sent a request. It turns out that he is still in the area and he asked me to call. We spoke for over an hour. We talked about old times and about the things we'd been involved in for the past 20+ years. It was absolutely wonderful!


One thing that has stayed with me in the past couple of hours since that conversation was a sense of gratitude. Bob and I are the same age and yet my life has been a piece of cake compared to his. There have been a lot of health setbacks and a rocky marriage in his life. He lost his dad a few years back and his mom has been struggling emotionally since then. His health is still not good and every day is a difficult. During our conversation, he kept talking about how grateful he was to still be here on earth and that God must have a reason for allowing him to be here.


I kept thinking about the everyday happenings that I moan and groan about and how minor they really are in the grand scheme of things. Bob struggles every day and doesn't really know if he'll be here to finish raising his child and I whine when my husband tracks mud on the floor. I really have nothing to complain about and I've decided to stop fussing about the little things. It's funny, but the moment that I made that decision...I instantly felt that it was the right one. I've said more than a few prayers for Bob since I got off the phone, but I have no doubt that he probably said a few for me! He's just that kind of guy...

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We can always find someone who's been through some "stuff" and come face to face with our blessedness. As for tracking mud ... I made myself a promise...that I would not "chew" on Mtn.Man and just be thankful that God gave me such a wonderful husband. To never take him for granted. To honor him and cherish him as a gift from God, and know that every good gift does come from above. To not abuse or use any gift God gives me...starting with my husband. Finally, realizing that my calling (this is just me) is to be the best wife I can be to Mountain Man (according to Proverbs). Congratulations to you MC for having this revelation!

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Thank you all... Last night, I also realized something else. I must have had Bob on my mind last week because I dreamed about his house last week. I can't remember which day it was because my husband was at home for the week with his neck issue (so each day felt like a weekend). Hubby and I always talk about odd dreams, especially if they contain a deceased loved one or are particularly odd.


I had a weird dream where my children were small and we were at my parents' house. We went for a walk across a field and suddenly, one of my kids needed to use the bathroom. I told her to knock on Bob's door and ask if she could use theirs. I've never been in this house before, but someone opened the door and let her in. Her sister and I followed and had a nice conversation with some of my childhood friends that don't live in that house. Someone took the time to read the kids an entertaining story. Bob wasn't there, but when I asked about him, I was told that he was in school in Pennsylvania. In the course of our conversation yesterday, he mentioned that he had gone to college in Pennsylvania.


It took until last night for me to put two and two together. If it hadn't been for the fact that my hubby and I were laughing about my strange dream, I would have thought that I made it up. We both thought it was hilarious that I would tell a 3 year old to walk over to a home and knock on the door and ask to use the facilities!


Many years ago, I found myself unemployed due to being downsized from a wonderful company. They had a generous severance package and for the first time in my life... I had time to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life without much regard for money. I guess that the job had made me really sleep deprived, but I didn't know it. It was summertime and I was able to really relax. I started having really odd, vivid dreams. I was convinced that the dreams meant something and I would lay in bed in the morning to try to figure it all out.


The dream about Bob's house had the same vivid feel to it. In light of what I now know about his life, I am starting to feel that maybe there is some message in it for him. As I mentioned, my children were small in the dream and someone read them a story. I'm now wondering if Bob has ever considered writing a children's book.I recall that he also had some artistic ability and was always getting caught drawing things on the back of his homework papers. I may just call him and ask if he would be interested. His stories kept me entertained. If he's never considered it, then maybe he will. His health problems prevent him from working and he seems to need something to do. I don't know if I'll share the contents of my dream with him yet...That might be too weird...but maybe it wouldn't!

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