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Baby watch... UPDATE


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Well, I guess I should call it "GRANDbaby" watch...? :scratchhead:


Our DD was supposed to go in today to have the baby induced. It appears her doctor likes to have the baby scheduled if it hasn't come by 3 days after the due date. Everything has been planned out, ready, etc. They are having a girl.


I was driving over to take care of DGS this morning when she called & said that the hospital cancelled. I guess they had a lot going on and couldn't easily spare the bed. They say maybe tonight, but if so then somebody else will be with DGS until tomorrow morning.


They're pretty frustrated. Son-in-law took the day off work. DD is *READY* to have this baby. They can't wait.


In all this frustration, they went out to lunch at Cracker Barrel. This is what she posted on FaceBook...


A nice older man was so encouraged after watching Jason and Noah pray before our lunch at Cracker Barrel that he paid our bill and tipped our waiter. Thank You Lord for a little blessing on a frustrating day.


Sweetness. Thank You, Lord! :wub:




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They are at the doctors' office, first step to inducing the birth. It looks like all systems are go.


I don't have to go watch DGS because the girl who *is* there already had her school cancelled due to bad weather.



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Pictures tomorrow.


Abigail Marie arrived at 6:17 PM tonight, 8 pounds 3 oz. She sounded like a little kitten... :wub: (Not at all like her Mama, who came out screaming her head off!)


We got to meet her tonight at about 8:30 PM.

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