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My baby boy will be 16 in a few weeks.

He wanted to go to Olive Garden for his Brithday. I've never been there so I said yes. It would be a nice family outing.


Friday he ask to go bowling with some friends. He needed a ride so DD1 and Dh picked up one of the friends at her house. They met her Mother. Son paid for the girls (Friend and sister) games and then they took her home.


Today he told me the girl has never been to Olive Garden.

His new idea is that I take them to OG and leave and go shopping. He will call me when they're are done.


My girls said they are not giving up a trip to OG so Son and Girl could sit on the other side of the restaurant.

They would leave him alone. They promise.



Oh this is going to be fun. I get to ignore Son on his date while making sure Sisters stick to their promise.

At least Dh will be there for backup.





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