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Woman Arrested For Protecting Her Home From "Smart Meter"

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So what I am seeing here is shes living in city property not actually her own home? ( that she owns privately??) or the utilities are city property? ...... oh, her buddy video taped it and got arrested too. Maybe they just need to move somewhere else? Shes not going to win this battle the way things are. Its like a darn HOA situation big time and more powerful . Sometimes you just have to comply if you have no other options ( as in move out to the county or another state where they dont use these yet and wont be for a long time yet. Or go , gee, offgrid?

Did she have kids sitting there wondering where mom was going to be taken? Were they arranged for their care while she was in jail? If not, she could have a legal battle if the kids are not watched too, the CPS takes them as a result.


How much do you want to jeopardize over something like this? Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make sure you don't jeopardize higher priorities, until you can go somewhere else where its 'freer' in some way that suits you. And if you can not afford the legal battle this will take to win it, I have no sympathy for idiotic behavior, because thats just a fact, you need ALOT of $$$ to do that and it doesn't look like she has advocates on her side in this?


Sure it may be impinging on us, but in a practical way, who can really afford this these days if they have other family concerns? ( probably, she at least looks young enough to have kids in school still or younger.)


Its called pick your battles, I was always told that.

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I apparently don't have the plug-in to see this, but from your comments, Arby, I think I would have to agree. The smart grid is coming, just like smart everything else. A person can either accept it or completely unplug.

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If you have a utility meter at your home, that belongs to the utility company. If you have utility lines UNDERGROUND on your property, those belong to the utility company. And the utility company has the legal right to access their property. And upgrade it if they want to.


I used to work for a utility locating company (the people that paint all of those lines on the roads and grass). And they have legal access to your property to mark underground utilities. In almost every case, if we needed to mark in a back yard or inside a fence, it was because the property owner had requested the marking. But every now and then, when it was a larger-scale project that involved multiple properties, we would have to request access. One time, the resident of the home (verbally) threatened the locater with a shotgun. The supervisor managed to get the situation under control without calling the police, but that would have been the next step.


As some one else said, pick your battles. If you really hate it, move. But if you want absolute, total control, you will have to go off grid.


BTW, how much do you want to bet that these women post on Facebook, use internet banking, maybe even have a smart pass on their car for toll road? I use all of those things myself, but I would worry more about privacy and security concerns from those sorts of activies than I would from a smart meter. :rolleyes:

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I haven't seen the video yet but it seems like she might be afraid of what the "smart" meter might send back to the company.


Just about every "smart" anything today will send your user habits back to the company.


The same thing is done when you go shopping and use a debit or credit card. Your buying habits are looked at and the stores stock up to what the average shopper buys. The terms for this is called "Data Warehousing" and "Data Mining". Wal Mart is the biggest company doing this. Surprised? not me.


Even seemingly harmless cookies in webpages will send back browsing habits to where ever.




Again as said, the only way to avoid this is to go totally off grid and live way out in the boonies. Otherwise, adapt and overcome.




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