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Walgreen's Senior Savings Day

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Hi Everybody,


On Saturday nights, I look at the Walgreen’s ad to see what’s on sale the following week. Tonight, I noticed on page 15 that this coming Wednesday, March 6, 2013, will be Senior Savings day. You’ll be able to get an additional 15-20% off most items in the store. This includes sale items. The ad won’t be out until tomorrow, and I can’t read the fine print. But I think it will be worth looking into if you or a family member/friend are of the right age.


Hope this helps someone



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Sorry, I can't read the fine print, so I don't know the starting age. However, it does say “Senior Savings Day & all AARP Members”. If your hubby has an AARP card, it should work. Did anyone get today's paper? If so, could you let us know if the ad tells a starting age?


I found the notice at the bottom of page 15 at: http://walgreens.shoplocal.com/walgreens/default.aspx?action=entryflash&



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I didn't find an age restriction, but I found this information:


To get the benefits of Balance Rewards and the special offers only available for AARP members, you'll first have to join Balance Rewards. There are two convenient ways to become a member:

  1. In store: Show your AARP membership card at your local store and we will link your Balance Rewards membership to it.
  2. Online: Sign in to your Walgreens.com account and link your two memberships online.

Once your memberships are linked, you can simply show your AARP membership card, your Balance Rewards card or you can even just give us your phone number in order to receive your exclusive offers.

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:tapfoot: And if you think AARP stinks? And is not protecting it's membership and you refuse to join?


:yar: Then I guess I'm old with no benefit from Walgreens. Hmph!



MtRider :rolleyes::shrug:

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No, if you are just old you can get the discount. It is just like their Friends and Family discount they do occasionally, but you must be 50 or 55 (can't remember, I'm old). First time I did it, I asked the cashier if she wanted to see my driver's lic or did it tie my age to my Rewards Card. She said neither, I just give it to everyone. I always remind them of the deal, since some cashiers don't seem to know. I know it is not good on dairy products and a few other things here. The 20% off WG or Nice products does make for some good deals, as well as 15% off most name brand stuff.


I do not have an AARP card, and don't intend to get one.

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Yes, it just comes around seems like every 5 or 6 weeks. You can really get some good deals if you shop carefully. I get an e-mail from WG telling me it is coming, and they have started putting it on the bottom of the first page of their weekend sale flyer. I missed that the last time, but got the e-mail in time to take advantage.


Here, WG has the cheapest milk always, but our state has a bunch of rules on the sale of milk, so no discounts or coupons. WM will price match WG's milk prices, but only if you bring WG's ad with you.

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