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I was just thinking about you... :bouquet:


I hope you and your dear hubby have a better time of it this week. Hope you've been able to take it easy through these trials so your health doesn't suffer a backslide. From experience I know staying calm when the world around you isn't, can be a challenge.


Here's to melting ice and no more auto problems! :bev:

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Hey!....what a nice surprise to come in to see tonite. It HAS been a challenging week!


My cold is staying fairly mild with the barrage of immune boosters I'm thowing at it. :darth duck: But I've determined that if I'm not considerably better on energy by Wed, I'll be absent from Bible study. They can get another discussion leader now and then. ..... :busted: Normally, that's not a choice I'd make but...I know I'm kinda red-lining. Don't need to be stupid during our snowy season.


The truck got to the mechanic yesterday....thru the back gate to wait for this morning. He called later to say alternator is definite. Battery might be damaged. (we'd suspected it might be) Alternator has to come from Utah for this old model vehicle. $250 + labor. Then mech will make sure nothing else is wrong. Gonna be $2,000 spent on our [PAID OFF] vehicle in the past 7 days. :0327:


Pray for DH....has a health issue bothering him. :(


Ice is melted a lot so that's good. Got a bit of snow today...mebbe more tonite but not much, I think.


Trying to take it easy...within the required chores. DH is running the energetic dog. Dog is pulling me up the hill tho. :thumbs:


Thanks, y'all!


MtRider :grouphug:

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