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Tuesday... sad things happening.

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Today we finalize the funeral arrangments for my Mom. My sisters family are flying in Wed. One couldn't get a earlier flight and the other 2 are trying to avoid the bad weather we are expecting today.

I'm surounded by many wonderful loving friends and family so I'm doing OK.

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Thank you everyone. It's nice to be surrounded by people who care.


My Dh had been a real blessing to me. Sunday about 1 am they called and told us she wasn't doing well.He went with me and slept in a chair the rest of the night to be with her.

Sunday was our turn to do coffee at church. He with very little sleep went and picked up my DD2 fiends took all the girls to church and supervised them while they did the coffee. DD1, who doesn't usually help me, went to help her little sister with coffee. All 4 girls have done coffee so they knew what to do.


Yesterday he is the one who did most of the cleaning out of Mom's room. My sister's family needed a place to stay so i asked people in my church for help. 6 people immediately opened their homes to my family. They also wanted to know what kinds of food DS family likes.


We found out some bad news. My Mom prearranged the funeral a few years ago. We found out the price she paid didn't include the casket and vault. Ouch they do get you coming and going.

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