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Been ill, but what is it?

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Over a week ago, I began to feel ill. Massive fatigue. That's MS but next morning I was definitely on my way to catching a head cold. Threw a lot of herbal stuff at it and those syptoms stopped. That's what we always do and it's nearly always successful. DH and I rarely get colds/flu.


But then various other stuff kept popping up and disappearing as I continued the barrage of immune-boosting stuff. The fatigue (to the point of extreme dizziness) didn't abate. :(


Then came a weird spasm involving breathing. Not lungs. But bronchial and breathing diaphram muscles (the latter have always been spastic on me). I set off a coughing/wheeeeezing episode by simply pushing over the bronchial area on chest. :blink: It's scary not to get air cuz the stuffin's are being squeezed outta ya!


I haven't felt like I'm in danger of not getting at least some air....not like an asthmatic person realllly might not get their air in time. But, very uncomfortable to wheeze and wheeze until it subsides. :0327: Then I'm exhausted.



But the weirdest part is the in between times when I feel FINE. Not sick. For part of a day. Then the elephant sits on me again. :yar::scratchhead:



Theory 1 --- mebbe I hooked a viral/bacterial bug that is just underlying and difficult to get completely out?


Theory 2 --- mebbe the initial start of the head cold set off the MS into old and new (spastic) symptoms?


--I don't go to doctors much. I respond poorly to most Western meds and treatment anyway.

--One really does not want to get around sick people at clinics in this season.

--AND.....what do I say? I feel fine and a couple times a day I wheeeeeze? Then I collapse with fatigue/weakness/sleepiness? No fever. No nuthin'. But it's laying me out!! :faint3:


Could y'all pray that I get better or decide what to do?


MtRider :scratchhead:




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I will definitely keep you in my prayers, but have you had your heart checked? That elephant on the chest is sometimes a warning of a heart attack. Please visit a doctor to make sure that it isn't something serious.


Edited to add that a relative had a couple of weird episodes on Wednesday and ended up having a quadruple bypass on Thursday. Please get it checked out...

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Thanks Martian.....but just to clarify: the 'elephant' is my fatigue. There are itty-bitty elephants sitting on ALL the cells of my body. Ugh!


The spasms are in the chest, center-line, sternum area....over bronchials. I'm pretty sure it's the MS spastic activity rather than a heart-type squeeze....


Not that heart can be eliminated as we all get older anyway..... I'm thinking about going in on Monday. :shrug:


MtRider ---having a kinda better day: Almost Clear of Dizzy/Visions-Spots; Fatigue a bit better ....up and doing things carefully but having to 'sit down 'n rest a spell' mid-chore. Breathing somewhat clear....er. No cold/flu symptom. I'll see what happens in a few hours....

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Have had a better day. Second day of a 3 hr nap. :shrug:



Unless something we've taken for years is now reacting on me, I wouldn't think it was what I've been taking. DH is well educated in that realm so "throwing" was a literary carelessness, not thoughtless in reality. :lol:


COPD....would that come up suddenly? I breathe fine except for 2 -3 episodesdaily. None today, even when I coughed briefly :) Course we ARE at 9,000' elevation and O2 is a bit rare up here.


Even cooked glorified mac 'n cheese for supper after finally shrugging off the loggy, long-nap feeling. We'll see what tomorrow brings? I'll ask DH to bring home some of his Doctor equipment and give me a check on the basics.


MtRider :grouphug: Thanks, y'all.

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Someone on a different forum was talking about a similar problem.

He does not have MS but he would suddenly get chills and fever spike, and it be gone before they could drive the hour to the hospital.No left over symptoms. He is working on an older house and it was considered he may have been having a reaction to molds or something of that sort.

Whatever it is for him it came and went- when it was bad it was very bad or there were no symptoms at all.


Do hope you get over this quickly

Prayers on your behalf.......

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Well, I got a lot of sleep last nite, despite the long late nap. Woke without the symptoms this morning as well. ....... :scratchhead: This has become a waiting game. Cuz of the Come 'n Go nature of this.


But y'know.......whenever I've had something that won't let go of me.....and I finally bring it here for y'all to pray for......it's not long before I'm feeling better. :happy0203::amen:


Too early to say if God has decided to heal this right now. But I wouldn't be surprised.


MtRider --- weary but not feeling ill today :grouphug:

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I got thru today with just a few anxious moments of strain. Not a ball of energy, mind you. :grinning-smiley-044: But definitly a good day. Even hauled 2 loads of laundry up and down stairs.... Cause of some :faint3: Last load not put away... But improving!


Guess I'm finallly on the mend. :balloons:



MtRider :grouphug:

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