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I am having heart failure over this one site !!!

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If she did water bath it...she did that wrong too. According to the pictures, the water in her pressure canner (that she is using as a WB canner) is not covering the top of the jars!


"Then I proceeded with the boiling water bath for 40 minutes. (This is the Extension Service method of doing a boiling water bath.)" Wonder which Extension Service she is in contact with?

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Me, too ! I wish someone would frighten her enough by telling her she can get sued and lose everything she owns by posting this stuff if someone gets sick or dies. Liability is a real issue.

That is why I don't teach without liability insurance. It isn't lack of trust in my information and knowledge, but not everyone follows exactly what you say. Then, they can say it was your fault.

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Good advice Violet. A friend has held some "classes" (?) and as far as I know, she's not a licensed nutritionist nor does she carry any liability insurance etc. Ya gotta be so silly careful these days. Your worst nightmare is harming somebody who's broke.

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browsing around I saw that she's in the plans of writing a canning book ... yikes. Maybe the publisher would need to have some sort of liability coverage ... I'd sure hate to be the company backing that policy -- or worse, the unsuspecting people using those recipes.



:blink: she's got 40,000+ likes on Facebook -- that's an awful lot of people getting dangerous guidance ...

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Most of the people on the FB group are aware that the methods aren't "USDA compliant", but it' scary when a newbie comes along and says, "OMG! I didn't know you could can butter!" I've commented and then gave up. SB Canning is a good one though.

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