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Ducks, rings and other things.


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My girls wanted to get some ducks. I said no repeatedly. So naturally their Dad got them some ducks. They are a week old and the girls put them in bathtub yesterday. They seemed happy. Mom not so much.

I made them scrub the tub. I can't wait until they are old enough to live outside. Dh is now talking about getting a chicken or two.


The granddaughters had a drawing for my Mom's wedding ring. My Dd2 got it and her sister was not happy about it and was being snarky so I told her to ask my FIL about my MIL's ring.

Grandpa said she can pick either the wedding or engagement ring and his other granddaughter can have the other one.

When he is gone my Son can have his wedding ring.


Last Saturday, Son wanted to go to a movie so we went to a little movie theater not to far from the corner of Market and Main. A very small place. Cheaper than the other theaters in the aera.

4 seats on one side of the isle and 5 on the other. Maybe it would hold 150 people. We saw Oz the great and powerful. All 2 hours and 10 minutes of it in a very SMALL claustrophoibic theater.


My Son is 16 today and we are gitting his drivers permit soon and My Dd1 finally learned how to parallel park so she got her drivers licence today.

I've been after her for a year to get her licence. She said she is never going to parallel park again.




Monday I went to work and found out we are working 11 hours a day + Saturday. Oh joy.

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Happy Birthday to your DS! And congratulations to your DD on getting her license.



I don't think I've ever parallel parked after my drivers test. I failed my test the first time because I couldn't parallel park. My dad took me back to the license center while they were closed to use their parallel parking section in their parking lot (they allow this after hours). Dad made me parallel park 20 consecutive times before we could go home. So when I did it 12 times right and then messed up, the count was back to 1. It was a very long evening. The next day I passed, though. :Blushing:

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Happy Birthday to your son :balloons: Does he still have plans for the Olive Garden outing?


Congratuations to your daughter on her license :)


The ducks :) Your husband sure keeps things interesting around your house. When I read "I can't wait until they are old enough to live outside" I had the quick thought of does she mean the ducks or the husband and kids :P Then I saw the baby chicks are being considered by dh, and I had to smile more. He seems like a great guy -- but sure keeps things interesting!

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Just a caution: Baby ducks without mama's feathers to oil them and warm/dry them, should not be in water. Make sure they can't 'swim' in their watering containers either. Wait til they have full breast feathers replacing their down....at the very least.


As for raising baby ducks..... :rolleyes: .....it only gets worse. I hate raising baby ducks but...I do every few years cuz they stay alive long enough to give us yummy eggs. They don't call them water foul ...fowl, for nothing y'know. :lol:


MtRider ---good luck with the messy darlings!

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Ducks...oh isn't that just ducky...in your tub? We stopped by our local tractor supply store and they had bins and bins full of chicks and ducklings. One of the store employees came up to us and said "How about buying some ducks?" Our response was "nope". They had put a price on the smaller ducks...and you had to buy 3 or none. The chicks were 6 or none. Sign said some of the chicks were "sexed" but didn't say which! Wouldn't mind having a dozen to turn loose in the homestead's garden area but the fencing isn't tight enough to keep cats out...and the dog house wouldn't be warm enough. Figured if the city said anything when they were grown, I'd say "oh, we bought some for Easter, not thinking they'd live!


ps...Mtn.Man says no chicks and no ducks! Not a time to be messing with taking of something else...LOL

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There is no paralle Parking in my hometown, so they would set up traffic cones for the drivers test, I never could get the hang of it, so on the morning of my test, the cones "magically" disappeared, then reappeared after the test was done. Rofl

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