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Idea for some faraday cages

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I was getting tired of digging in my garbage can faraday cage everyday to get out my cell phone & charger, and zip drives so I started looking around for something small to keep them in that would be more handy.


I am not sure that these will work but I think as long as the lids fight tightly and you wrap your phone, zip drives , etc in paper towel or newspaper, etc to isolate unit from touching the tin, they should work.


I gathered all the small tins I had and they seem to work great. I can still keep my zip drives on my desk. I also fouind and old hard steel eyeglass case to keep my cell phone in when I am on the road.


I am sorry that I have forgotten how to resize the pic.




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Great Ideas. Thanks for sharing!


A small tin container would be perfect for storing those small flash drive things. They would be great for storing them all the time to keep the dust, cat hair, puppy slobbers etc.off of them. That container in the front looks like the right size for my external drive. I hope I don't have to wait until next Christmas to find some small containers. I need to look at how big those Altoid containers are in real life. I'm excited about this.

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BUT.....do these things really work if the pulse is strong? Some research would indicate that merely enclosing in metal and making sure the device is insulated from the metal is not enough. Thus it gets into discussion about grounding.....



Most of this is way over my pay grade tho..... and is frustrating to try to figure out what will be adequate.


If this would work, I'd keep my cell/iPod/2-way radio inside a can all the time unless I was making a call.

Also might keep snoops from downloading your data?


MtRider :scratchhead::yar:

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Many years ago I purchased a military grade file cabinet...and it's a thick one! And, as it should be, is filled full of paper. Hee, hee...that's where all of our pc stuff is stored, even our various software install disk's. But, alas...I need to put all our flash drives in there too, instead of in the drawer under the pc.

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I don't know the answer to that either Mt. Rider. One thing I do know is it's better than what I'm using now...nothing! :sEm_blush:


There was a youtube posted quite some time ago about making a faraday cage from one of those short metal galvanized garbage cans with a lid. It looked like it was about a 5 gallon size can, maybe a little bigger. It seems like maybe Arby might have shared it?


I'd like something smaller/compact for little things though.

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This is really cool.


I came across this 2 part video on testing your faraday cage. I have done the radio test in the garbage can but not the cell phone test.


All of my small mini faraday cages blocked the signals except the metal eye glass case (probably because it does not have a real tight closure.


However, if I wrap my cell phone in alum foil, it blocks the signals.



Part 1
Part 2

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