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More police presence at schools due to threat

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My youngest 2 kids are in different school systems. Both said mot of the kids stayed home today. Son said 4 police officers were at his school all day.




There was heightened security at area schools Monday in response to a threat that had plenty of parents worried.

While there are questions about the validity of the threat, police officers took extra steps to make sure students and staff felt safe.

Cop cars were front and center at some schools throughout the day. The law enforcement presence aimed to put some parents’ worries to rest and also bring comfort to students who were dealing with anxiety since the threat went public last week.

The threat was discovered three months ago at an Elkhart BMV. The message indicated someone would be targeting students in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. The date referenced in the threat was April 15th.

Word of the threat made some parents decide to keep their children at home altogether Monday morning.

Becki Burkhead was one of those parents.

“The safety of my kids is number one,” Burkhead said.

She said she did not want to take a chance of her children’s well-being.

“I can think nothing but the best safety for them is to keep them at home with me,” Burkhead said. “I can’t have them at school chancing it, if something does happen. I would just worry all day.”

While Burkead watched over her kids, officers made their presence clear at schools to comfort the parents that stuck to their routine.

“The number of law enforcement officers in the district has been enhanced,” said Doug Thorne, executive director of personnel and legal services for Elkhart Community Schools.

Police cars were parked right outside schools like Pinewood Elementary in Elkhart. Officers could be seen walking around the campus.

“Parents that I have talked to are comfortable with their kids being in school,” Thorne said. “And, feel that on this particular day, you couldn’t find a safer place to be.”

Across the county line, the South Bend Community School Corporation reports a higher level of absenteeism on Monday.

South Bend Police presence got a boost, with even investigative personnel encouraged to make their way to city schools.



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When we delivered floral arrangements for Valentine's Day this year, we had to buzz and wait outside while a guard or super came to let us in...after we identified who we were and what we were there for. Then we were escorted into the main reception office & had to leave all the arrangements there for them to get distributed. Only ONE door had any access, signs posted told us "go to ..." That's not to say our's were fool proof, but just saying they were very strict around here, and nothing was going on. I can just imagine what it would be like if there were a bomb threat or ??? I do know that in all tornado history the schools went into immediate lockdown and no children were allowed to leave and even parents were not allowed in, until they could ascertain who was and who wasn't etc. Parents could only pick up their kids if they could prove who they were etc.

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And they think we don't need guns! As for the drive-by's, I sure wish people were a bit more nosey "sometimes" and get license plate numbers when they hear gunshots. I think too often people hear gunshots and think "oh it's nothing" or "sounds like somebody needs to get their car engine tuned up".

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I have heard close gunshots a few times in the 17 years in this place. And each time I was too busy hitting the deck to be getting plate #s, lol.


Seriously, it is not a good idea to fling open the window and stick your head out when you hear trouble. At night, turn off the light, and then cautiously peek from the side. During the day be even more careful about looking out. Don't make yourself the next target.

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The drive-by appears to be a Hispanic-related gang thing. And that town was once considered a very safe, very Christian (Mennonite) place. It is actually listed on posters in Mexico as one of the best Mexican-friendly places to go, complete with directions on where to find easily bought faked papers nearby.


My DD insisted on staying home yesterday. I told her that she was safer THIS DAY than the rest of the school year, because of heightened security. I told her that it would be an EASY day, with teachers just getting through the day. But "nobody else was going." REALLY? :shakinghead:


She's 17. I limited her options for the day, but it was still a waste of time. :sigh:

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