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Just for today...

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Just for today, I am "the best person in the whole world!".


Or so said my almost-three-year-old Grandson. :wub:



His Mommy, my DD, just told me this morning, when she called to discuss this morning's plans. I'm going over again for just a couple of hours while she has dental work done. They had to schedule two days' dental appointments, and I was watching the kids yesterday. So DGS was sitting on the couch this morning, and out of nowhere he announced my promotion. :happy0203:


He has had Mommy home with them since baby sister was born February 22. He's learning to wait, and it's not easy when you're sharing attention.


Yesterday he had Grandma back for a couple of hours and the baby slept a good part of the time, so he got a lot of his "normal" fun.


God has been showing me lots of things in the past few months. This was one more "God's hug" that He knows I needed.






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Well....I tried X3 to post on this earlier....when the site was driving ann buggy.


Very cool to be awarded the Bestest Person status. :woohoo:



MtRider :cheer:

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