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drumrunner still here....

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Hi to all once again. Thought I should check in and see what has been happening. Been a rather grim 2012-2013 as I was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer which has migrated to bone. Unpleasant and very annoying, which completely upsets my retirement plans.

Took the hormone therapy, followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments (have a nice glow now, thinking of taking up a second career as a traffic light).

Going to teach a small class in about 30 minutes, so I need to cut this a bit short. Bye!

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Nice to see you again, been wondering how you were doing. I am so very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My MIL is going through it, she will not be done with the treatments until November. Lost my Papa and sister to it. I have seen so much.... I will keep you in my prayers, God knows.


Do me a favor please, will you? Keep a positive attitude and have faith God will take care of you, regardless.


Hoping to see you more often, your wisdom is priceless.

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That's a pretty brave face you are putting on there Drum. Love your style. Don't give up. Miracles happen all the time. Sending big huge hug and lots of good thoughts and prayers.





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Yeah....what Jeepers said!!!!!!



Please don't be gone so long.....tho I guess will give you time off to go teach your class. :P




Seriously, it's a whole new look on prepping. A big 'What If' for the family. :pray: as you and yours deal with this.



MtRider :(:pray:

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Thoughts I'd report in . I am replying to Drumrunner. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. My Hubby was also diagosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery in OCtober He did the hormone theraphy , the radition also. We started this journey last spring,and we continue on now . He is still doing the hormone therapy Some days are good others not.

I will try to post more often,


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Thank you, one and all. Prayers are all I need, "man" has done all that can be done at this point, so this has been given to my Lord to deal with as He sees fit. Whatever is His will, it will be done and I fully accept it. I know my eternal destination, it was guaranteed 2000 years ago on a cross. I may be unhappy with this little business, but it is not the end of life. I know Who I believe in and am persuaded that He will keep me for Himself.


This is for Jeepers; I have been blessed with a feisty wife, so the additional "feisty women" here on the forum are an added bonus in my book!


Now, everyone pay attention. There is a "new and improved" version of bird flu (H7N9) getting ramped up in China, so far it is very unpleasant with a 28% mortality and has managed to find it's way to Taiwan. It may or may not become a world wide pandemic, but my money is on it that it will. Now, I was teaching the topic recently and am making a blanket offer to everyone here. I have edited and updated my preparedness CD, some of you may remember this from a few years ago, for family survival and/or disaster preparedness. Anyone who wants a FREE (read this as no cost, ziltch, nada, zero monies) CD, send me your mailing address to my commercial email address: drumrunner59@yahoo.com and I'll send you a cd.


Such a deal!

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You are a generous man, Drumrunner. Thank you.


And.....considering that 'man' has done all that can be done, it was great to hear you testify that Jesus has the ultimate control of your life, death, and hereafter. See ya there, friend, if not before. :amen:


OTOH, my DH was brain-dead a couple decades ago. Not an error on the tests. The type of day when they have an RN in the room to note the exact time of ...departure. Yet...God decided to give that hospital an eye-opening experience. :blink: The eyes of that RN popped when my comatose, no-brain-activity DH opened his eyes. [course he blipped back out again and took forever for him to completely get restored.....but that's another story!] Another staff literally crashed headlong into a wall cuz he was doing a double-take at my DH sitting up and trying valiantly to manage jello with his shaky hands. Some of them probably still remember their Lazarus Man. Mere mortals never know just what God will decide...but it will be to His glory whatever it is.



Agreed on that flu. My chiro [restored from brain-dead] DH has been watching the mortality rates and exclaimed about it. Not good. :unsure:


MtRider :pray:

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John 10: 27-30 and I am not afraid.

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(((drumrunner))) My DH was diagnosed in February of 2012 with surgery 2 months later. So far his follow ups have been good. We have done a few alternative things we researched (mostly diet) but know that God will handle it. He has 2 friends who were diagnosed before him and they are having a much tougher road. Prayers to you and your family....

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Well, good morning all. Another beautiful day that the Lord has provided for us. I have to admit that I am a little surprised that only two people have contacted me to ask for copies of my cd since yesterday. Does every one already have a copy or is there only a little interest for the information which is available for no cost?

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Don't take it personal. Your offer is very generous and comes from a loving heart. I think most people just don't want to give their name and/or address. I'll bet if they saw them on a table with a free sign, you wouldn't be able to keep up producing them!

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drumrunner, you are doing good, glad you have it resolved in your heart about it all. My dad, who has no faith also has prostate cancer but he told us all that he will not get treatment because it only prolongs things several more years at most and he has made peace with himself and said to me its not much better going through it, but that is him. I am glad you got the treatments and hope things go well with that. We all have to decide when we are faced with this, and in his own way he is gracefully accepting, as you are in how you are managing. I know there has been good news about the Japanese mushroom , the Reishu, I think, Mt Rider may know about it, its an edible mushroom and I know they were doing trials with it as it has compounds that fight prostate cancer in particular if you want to look into that ever. I wish my dad was into herbs and homeopathic medicine more than just conventional stuff, but there it no convincing him. I also think chaga mushrooms are wonderful stuff, and those have been useful for centuries on many things and mean to get some tea type for my first aid kit as they are useful against flus and types of cancer as well.

I am sure, like all other flus, that new one will go round the world, its good to be better prepared if one can be, for sure.

take care and god bless to all who are fighting this kind of battle.

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Don't take it personal. Your offer is very generous and comes from a loving heart. I think most people just don't want to give their name and/or address. I'll bet if they saw them on a table with a free sign, you wouldn't be able to keep up producing them!

Jeepers, that makes perfect sense and I do understand. Much of the CD is already here for download online.


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You have an e-mail.

Got your email, Virginia. Already shipped the CD to you this afternoon.

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