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My DD1 needed a job for the summer. She put in a application where I work. 3 weeks ago I got a call from human resources at work and they told me they slotted her into a job for the summer in the department next to mine. No interview they just sent the paperwork for her home with me.

Yesterday was her first day on the job.

As I looked over to see where on the line they put her I was shocked to see her at the end of the line. My baby is a petite little girl young woman.Big heavy things come off that line.

A friend of mine who has worked in that department and knows my DD saw her yelled at the team leader and supervisor about where they put her. The retiring supervisor told the new supervisor that if DD didn't come back today we would know why. So they moved her to puttying and cleaning.


She worked 11 hours yesterday. Her hands, arms,legs and feet hurt. She went to bed at 8:30 last night. She can't wait to go to college this fall.


We have been working long hours so Dh and I took a vacation day today we could go do something fun together.

As DD and I were coming home yesterday the car was doing funny things so we checked the transmission fluid and it was low. As DH was putting fluid in we found out it was leaking.

There goes our fun day. Dh is going to fix my car today .

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I remember my first day in a factory. They put me taping and stacking boxes......that weighed 68 lbs. The next day I thought my hands, arms, legs, and back belonged to someone else cause they sure didn't feel like mine. I ended up working there for about 6 years.


I hope the car repair isn't too costly.






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When I read the title I was hoping it was you that got a new job. Still...glad your daughter found summer work. :hug3:


I thought the same thing, lol.


I hope it works out for her. At least you will have company during breaks. :shrug:

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