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What's your next 2 preps?

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Got a nice beef roast with all the veggies into the solar oven this morning so suppler's been in the "crockpot of heaven" all day...LOL So...mission accomplished for my two!


PS...after 4 hours I brought home my supper. The tenderest roast and sides we've every put a fork to! Absolutely, mission accomplished. Plan to take it camping to save fuel and harness the sun.

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:yar: I don't even know what my alleged first two prepping goals ARE anymore.


Revised yet again:


#1 Assist my folks during my dad's health issues.


#2 Recover from assisting


Repeat as necessary.........



MtRider --- Well, that makes it pretty simple! :shrug:



#1 Make sure you're taking care of yourself, too!

#2 Don't get too run down.



Thanks, OOTO. Trying to do that too! At this point my dad is getting better/not worse. My turn at doc tomorrow.



Luma...you are right to be very certain no soap remains. It does not take much soap residue to ruin a camping trip. It can send you running for the restrooms. Ramifications during a real crisis would be horrid and contribute to dehydration. Rise...rinse...and again! :thumbs:



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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OOTO, sorry that your neighbors are such wackos, it's bizarre how they do things like that. Do they get along with any of the neighbors? With bizarre behavior like that, I can't imagine anyone in the neighborhood wanting to be associated with them (for fear of being deemed crazy by association).


I received my order of water containers today ~ they're smaller than I had expected, but then I am not really sure I should have anticipated anything bigger being that they're each 5 gallons. Since it's so rainy, damp, and gloomy out today, I am going to hold off on filling them until tomorrow (or a non-rainy day) because the only place I have to wash them properly and then fill them up is in the bathroom, and the lighting in there is not the best at night or on overcast days, and I want to be able to see really well to make sure the soap is completely out. I don't want to go through the effort of cleaning/filling, only to have soap in there. Maybe it wouldn't have any major impact, but the wondering would bug me.


They are avoided like the plague. Everyone sees (and HEARS!) their drama. It's like living next to a mixed episode of "The Jerry Springer Show" and "Cops".

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Sounds like a privacy fence is needed, OTOH!

We're saving for one right now. Regardless (I'm willing to put it on a credit card at this point), we're planning on getting estimates and one installed this summer.


With our zoning, we can only do the back yard and only that side (we're a corner lot, so they consider one side of our property to be a front yard). But, I think it will help!!

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there are so many things that I could put down, but I like the idea of focusing on two things. The two that maybe should be

1. get a successful garden started ( my previous attempts were pitiful)

2. improve my physical conditioning. I used to be able to walk 5 miles without really breaking a sweat. Now a half mile seems too much because of problems with my knees. I think a smart goal is to get up to 2 miles, then add a half mile to a mile at a time. I live where it is mostly hills, so I need to build stamina to handle the hills and if need be carry my BOB.


The best of it is, both of these goals are low cost but will make a world of difference. Yes, I need to build back up my food stores and I will work on that a little at a time, but I think skills and knowledge as well as the ability to put them to use will serve me the best.

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OOTO, my privacy fence saved my neighbors lives.

And saved me vacation time in the hoosgow. :whistling:



Edited because I got my initials confused. Darn DAA.

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My guess in not being allowed a fence on the side of a house on a corner is for visibility purposes. I know I hate coming up to a corner and the bushes have grown out to the street. I can barely see cars let alone motorcycles or bicyclists. Once you install fences it's almost impossible for the local govt to have them set-back farther or removed. It's just easier to pass a law not allowing side fences on corner lots. : :scratchhead:

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#2 Beekeeping - Had the beekeeper stop out today and choose a spot for one of his hives. The hive should arrive in the next week or two. We won't get honey this year, but the workers will have their fill of pollen from my orchard and garden. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the production of food will increase with having so many workers around my place. :hapydancsmil:

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OK.....If #1 was help my folks.....I think my dad is getting better. We stopped by today and he's lost weight and still has one on-going smaller issue. Improving tho!


If #1 was get to doc to check out bronchial congestion and pointy lump..... :hapydancsmil: That's done tooo!

All good news - what I hoped to hear. Love that doc they have at the clinic. Very low key and can talk about DH-the-chiro reasonably.


Said wrist lump is [ganglio-whatsit ] cyst. Nothing to worry about unless gets to hurting. Probably from increase in computer use. :busted: That's what DH thot but needed to be sure since he doesn't see many of them.


Bronchial....it's been improving with DH doing 'allergy desensitization' several times. We just should have hopped on this sooner. Doc was comfortable with us continuing. Suggested a technique but DH has a machine for better results. Doc was impressed. He heard some wheeze [bad when I cough] but unless I really want an inhaler..... No, I'll let is take it's course as long as it keeps improving. Sore back and spastic breathing diaphragm ARE playing tag and making it all worse, he verified.


So......everything we thot it was and no surprises. :amen: Thanks for prayers, everyone.


Renewed priorities:


#1 -- Take some time to plot out BO for wildfire. Several started in CO in past 24 hrs. :( So dry, hot, and terrible wind last nite and today. Cooler coming in tomorrow. But it's the season that I have to make sure all my ducks [literal and otherwise] are in a row. :duck 1:

Big problem this year.....only one vehicle. If fire starts close to us while DH is an hour away at his office.....me and the livestock are toast. Worst case scenario......I'd take me, Koa and an undoubtably angry cat....down to our large pond.


But my planning will hopefully come up with a better solution. :shrug: Been hoping it would rain and we wouldn't DO wildfire in CO this year. We'd been getting short showers but.... not NEARLY enough to make a difference. :sad-smiley-012: Saw video of homes burning and that blasted SMOKE. Gives me shivers to watch it. Been up close and personal with that particular type of SMOKE.



#2 -- Get A/C fixed in our truck. Today was dangerous to travel a half hour in near 90 degrees without A/C. $$$$$$ :pray: Ice packs, Chilly Towel, crammed in back bench seat to keep out of sun, and drank a malt on the way home .....for purely medicinal purposes! [unfortunately, I'm not kidding....but it was yummy! ] If we'd had car trouble...... :amen:




MtRider -- not prepping.....already tryin' to survive! Sheeeeesh! :rolleyes:

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Cool on the bees, Homesteader!


Mt Rider is there anybody who could/would check on you and transport you to safety if fire started near you? I'm in pretty much the same boat as you if it comes to a fire. No transportation unless a neighbor happens to be home and happens to think of us.

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My folks are a half hour away....but I don't like the thot of them coming INTO the fire zone in the event that their area is not included [probably be the case....we're far enough apart].



I'd call my church and someone would likely come but by the time I get all that arranged, DH would be speeding it home too. :shrug: With my former horses, I'd have saddled up, leashed the dog, cat in knapsack (which IS her BOB), and headed in the correct direction. These horses.....pfft! I'd spend TOOO much time catching the rascals! :tapfoot:



Close neighbor with disabled gal...... they'd have their hands FULL getting themselves out. Extreme emergency, I could meet them at the corner and squeeze into a vehicle..... Mebbe. Even getting their disabled gal out would be iffy without wheelchair accessibility vehicle.


While typing this, neighbor called and we had to set a plan for TODAY. :banghead: NotAgainNotAgainNotAgain..... OK...it's more than 10 miles away and they didn't even name it cuz they already have it circled. Whew! :amen: Just one of MANY grass fires and tiny fires that we get in drought-ridden June. Dry lightning causes some of them. Idiocy causes way more than we'd like. Arson caused many in CO last year so we've got to wonder.......




ANYWAY....looks like this was just a WAKEUP CALL for me and my neighbor to plot out just how we'd both get out if our DHs were at work. They have more vehicles than drivers and we have one vehicle .....er, one and a half drivers? :shrug:


So she'll call me and then drive their main SUV over to my house. [quarter mile away] I'll throw in some bags I'll have ready. Cat in carrier plus CAT-BOB. Dog with harness/leash/DOG-BOB. [Other DOG-BOB is going to stay in our truck....should be there already. Toooo much changing vehicles this past year. Oh...and my wheelchair, canes, ICE PACKS, etc. :knary::0327:



THEN she and I will run back to her place to get disabled gal into the wheelchair van that is now repaired. :cheer: That makes all the difference in the plan. Help load her two tiny dogs in their carriers and anything else she can fit in with whatever EVAC time we have. Both our DH's might be making a RUN for home. Her's might not even hear....cuz he's on the roads.


As for my goats, ducks and horses....... :pray: IF there is more time, a LOT of volunteers go into evacuating areas with horse trailers to help get livestock and pets out. IF there is time -- cuz sometimes it's just not safe to let anyone in.....including those that live in an evacuating area. :( If there was time, I'd load and ride out with them.


OK.....I have the start of an EVAC in a LITTLE TIME and MORE TIME conditions.


If we REALLY had to Rip N Run.....NO TIME conditions, she'd just throw her dogs, meds, disabled gal into disability van and run to my house. We'd squeeze me, cat, dog inside and RUN!!!!! :runcirclsmiley2:



So you can see I'm working on my current #1.


Should I mention that her disability van does not have the A/C fixed yet and she also has serious heat issues? :knary:



MtRider -- prayers for flooding in some regions.....fire in our state. :pray:

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I am SO GLAD they got that fire out! Those can be the scariest because of little warning. Had one on the ranch just behind here about 3 or 4 yrs ago. I could still drive then and was getting daughter out of the house to the truck when the fire engines arrived and someone with a dozer. I left the BOBs in the truck a few days JIC though.


I am really glad you are working a plan and have some help. Can you keep extra jugs of water in the freezer with a bag handy to toss them in? With no a/c and both having heat problems it might help.


I just keep praying for a buyer so I can move. I NEED a bridge done first and the contractor is NOT getting it done. I don't know of anybody else to call to do it. Can't sell the place without the new bridge and driveway. Long story. We just need to be moved.

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I really want to be in a place that I could tend bees. I took a course decades ago and have gotten to help Darlene on the years we had the gathering. :happy0203: I think it's super neat and such a wonderful product.



CGA, I wish I could send you my brother. He'd get that bridge built for you. God knows your needs and DD's. :pray:


Unfortunately, with fires popping up all over, you live in a state of high vigilance. :puzzledsmile: It's just a huge potential right now until we get into our "monsoon season" in a few weeks.



As for heat:


Dr. DH gets lots of gel cool packs for free...they want him to buy them with his business name and give to people who have to ice their injuries. We have a big bag of them in all sizes. They don't stay cool long so best used with a freezer handy. But they work if you also pack ....


...the solid frozen packs. Got dozens of those. Have a dedicated soft-side, thick-insulation, carry pack for my summer protocol things. I think it's Eddie Baur picnic pack. I use a gel thing to put under my cap so my brain doesn't fry. Hard frozen ones for larger areas and for keeping the gels cold.


Also my polymer crystal-filled bibs..... Like those neck evaporative cooler things but my mom had made the larger coverage design.


But she's retired from sewing and I've found a replacement..... Chilly Towel. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Frogg-Toggs-Chilly-Pad-Cooling-Towel/23554912 Look in sporting goods section of Walmart. VERY good if you're in an area for evaporative cooling. These are thick...almost a pad. The material soaks up water and does not drip. I wrap it around my neck and down chest .....if I'm in danger zone. Or around my legs {wearing shorts of course}. Putting it across your stomach might make your eyes pop out tho..... :lol::blink:


Don't forget the slushy or malt drink. Malt tastes better. Slushy cools better. ;)


Oh....about time to put a couple freezer glasses in too. The double walled glasses where the fluid between freezes and make a drink super cold quick....or makes a slushy. Forgot about those.


I also have plenty of the water bottles that have the freezer stick in the middle. I have at least a half dozen of them in the freezer year-round. Ensures I can keep a drink cold while in town. ......or use it on a burned finger.....or stir in some too-hot tea....... or..... :P I like those freezer sticks.




I've had 20 years of prepping for HEAT issues of MS. :fever: Always finding new things....like the Chilly Towel last summer. :frozen::frozen: As long as I wake up and realize I need to switch to summer/heat protocols and change out my winter equipment......I'm loaded for bear! Just did that yesterday before we left. Gotta locate my hand-held, battery-powered fan too. :scratchhead: Tho air flow thru vents is cool if you are wearing ice packs. ;)


I've tried to pass my techniques on to my friend and she does some of them. I'd certainly load up for her too if we have to go before they can fix the A/C.


MtRider -- still reviewing my BOBs [cat, dog, us, ]. Put in new dog or cat food. New water. (all were a year old) Getting ready for fire EVAC if we must..... :banghead:

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I'm going to have to check out those cooling towels. Thanks.


I got a couple of those things called Peas at the drugstore. Mostly for sprains etc. You can put them in the freezer or fridge. They are nice because they don't freeze solid and can mold to your body...like a bag of peas. BUT they don't stay cold for very long!


I got this one. It's nice for my neck or to lay across my forehead for aches but body heat warms it up too fast for regular cooling down.


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WAIT!!!!!!!! Don't buy those "Peas"


I just went to get mine to put it in the freezer and it has morphed into something else. Most of the liquid inside it is gone and the bag is all swelled up like something inside has spoiled. I don't know where the liquid went because the bag is still sealed and bloated. It is still a little moist inside but it also looks like some of the 'peas' are gone too.


Too bad because it was nice while it lasted. Darn thing was expensive too. :tapfoot:

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I'm going to have to check out those cooling towels. Thanks.


I got a couple of those things called Peas at the drugstore. Mostly for sprains etc. You can put them in the freezer or fridge. They are nice because they don't freeze solid and can mold to your body...like a bag of peas. BUT they don't stay cold for very long!


I got this one. It's nice for my neck or to lay across my forehead for aches but body heat warms it up too fast for regular cooling down.



We "wandered on to" the cooling towels several years ago and absolutely are sold on them. We keep two in our camper and two here at home (when gardening etc.) and we also bought one for Abby girl that we'll use only for her. We'll need another "Frogg Toggs...available at WM or Cabelas) for her in the camper too. We prefer the towels because as long as they're wet, all we do is unfold them, give them a vigorous shake, and they're cool again!


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Yeah....a good shake or a quick spinning twirl in the air....that re-chills all of the evaporative devices.


MtRider - starting a thread on keeping cool.... :frozen::knary:

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I'm going to look for those towels. I did try the ForeverCool gel mat from Walgreen's - it worked well when ds, nephew and I were all sick and had fevers, and in the last heat snap we had, I put it under nephew when he was lying down, and it sort of seemed to help to cool him a bit (he doesn't take the heat well either). For him I also pulled out his Elmo boo-boo buddy that I keep in the freezer.

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That sounds like a great item to have for me too lumabean

Right now I am just trying to get dental work. I definitely want. It done before August is over.

I am experimenting with ancient bread to beer recipe and flavoring too...the cheap way to make it basically from scratch as I made the bread. No preservatives is also a boon. It is not a large quantity. Either.

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