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What's your next 2 preps?

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Make sure you get the kind without red dye.

Thank you, CGA. There's an infant Motrin that is dye-free, so I'm going with that one. I was hoping Tylenol had a dye-free option, but both their cherry and grape flavors have red and some other dye,too, in the grape). I react to food dye, so I'd like to have the baby's stuff dye-free if possible. I also contacted the companies to make sure everything is gluten-free, too.

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Good thread to revisit. Had to scroll back to see what I'd chosen to work on....in June:


1....A Bug Out plan for wildfire....got one in place and DIDN'T have to use it! :cheer:

2...Fix A/C in truck. :( Didn't get that done. Money issues. So now we're back to winter so that's tabled till spring.



New Next Two Preps.....



One primary goal has bee to keep bank accounts low.....which [fortunately and unfortunately] isn't difficult right now. <_<


1...Buy hay

2...Buy food during the pre-Thanksgiving Day sales. Some mark-downs already started. :shopping:


Keeping it simple...but....


3.....an ongoing prep is to clear the clutter areas in my tiny house...so I can find things.


I did clear out my paper "stacks" and also finally have couch cleared and couch cover washed! [haven't reassembled couch and cover..]


In doing the couch I FOUND the covers to the camping foam pads (stuffed down behind couch) :blink: . Since we EVAC'ed a bunch of our stuff in the terrible fire season of 2012, the covers got separated from the pads. I've been trying to reconnect them ever since but never could find both pads and covers at the same time. :sigh: They could do a whole game show on finding things in my house. :rolleyes: Anyway, now they are together...covers on the foam pads. Part of BO stuff if you're old enough to hurt by sleeping on the ground.



MtRider :wave:

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1. finish spreading this rock and redo fences and put a transition ramp from the wood ramp to the ground so daughter can be taken out via wheelchair or gurney if needed. Can't even get a van in here right now. Really need that bridge! Having problems getting anybody to do the work. (Daughter is continuing to regress. No longer responds to her name or seems to understand anything verbal.)


2. Get the place sold and move. Can't sell till the bridge is done. That has been the MAIN hold up.

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CGA, :pray: for you and your DD.


Tylenol does have a dye free child's product. A friend of mine uses it for his dye sensitive children. I think he has to get it thru the pediatrician though. There is a brand of acetaminophen that is dye free http://www.littleremedies.com/products/fever_and_pain/fever_and_pain_reliever

Thank you!!

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Revisited first two summer preps ..... propogating perennials and learn beekeeping. Both are done.


New ones:

1. Restock BOB

2. Inventory 2013 veggie seed packets and make list for 2014 garden. I like to order them in January when the snow is deep on the ground. :hapydancsmil:

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1...Buy hay

2...Buy food during the pre-Thanksgiving Day sales. Some mark-downs already started.



For #1... DH plans to bring home hay on Saturday. Take loads home until the money runs out.... Which...at these current prices, will not fill up the barn.


For #2....I spent two long hours yesterday spending around $100 on groceries. :shopping: Made priority and secondary lists. Clipped coupons; noted sales. Went after what would give me the most in combinations. What holes have particularly bothered me as I try to fix meals these last two months. My mom helped....wrote down the amounts spent so I knew how close to $100 I was getting --- figuring what was at the far end of store.


Went up produce first for my usual basics of onions, potatoes, apples [sale], carrots. Got a bit of meat on sale but DH had already hit some Friday specials. Then hit pasta, beans, etc. Condiments like ketchup, relish, mayo make plain meals more tasty and we'd used them heavily! Forgot soy sauce...we do rice and whatever a lot. Finished off with frozen veggies. We'd utterly wiped out my freezers. Sales on these helped get a nice stack of big bags. :happy0203:


.....speaking of wiping out, :0327: Aieeee, that was a lot of energy to focus and shop carefully. But... :cheer:


MtRider -- God provides! :amen:

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On my list is additional X10-type motion detectors that transmit to a central location for intruder detection. Next is heavy duty black plastic sheeting that will be cut to fit all windows to achieve a total blackout if necessary. Lights are already controlled remotely to go on or off randomly or at my control.

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Wish they made appliances to LAST....

I agree. Mass produced, assembly line construction, and often in other countries to get the lowest wage to keep the price down (otherwise we wouldn't buy it). We've also become a disposible society where it is much easier to throw something away rather than fix/repair it. Even the pastime of tinkering with a car has changed dramatically.


Fortunately I've always been kind of a tinkerer and Jack-of-all-Trades as they say so I enjoy taking things apart. The challenge of course is to put it back together correctly with no spare parts. I just did that with a non-functioning flat-screen monitor that I took apart and replaced (soldering) 10 items on a circuit board and is now working perfectly. Parts cost was $12, labor free. Much cheaper than buying a brand new monitor.


I thank this on the Internet and lots of people reporting the same product problem and a couple people showing how to fix it and even a couple eBay sellers providing the necessary parts in one package. I'm now doing this with a faulty Keurig Coffee Brewer.


If anyone is inclined to repair something themselves, check the Internet and you may find that someone else had a similar problem and has provided instructions. I figure since the item is already not working taking it apart won't be any worse off, but you might surprise yourself and actually repair it.

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I have a concentration problem also but for different reasons, thanks mostly to the military, to the point I cannot even sit down and read a book for long. Anything/Everything has to be done in short spurts. It takes a long time, with often days inbetween efforts, but it gets done. I used to write newsletters (and now forum responses) because the subject matter is short and I can switch my attention often.


The hardest part for me was finding a place in the house where I had table space to work on something undisturbed for an extended length of time. One thing you learn is to label all the parts and take pictures. I got tiny ziplock bags for holding daily pill allotments to hold all the screws and marked where they came from.

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DH learned how to repair our security system on the car's steering column by googling it. He looked up how to 'steal a buick' and just did the procedures backwards. Worked great. I keep feeding him and he keeps fixing things for us. :hapydancsmil:

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I'm at the point where if anybody suggests one more task for me, I'm likely to have a panic attack meltdown. LOL My uncle used to fix all sorts of stuff like that, but he barely remembers how to get home from the greasy spoon he's been eating at since his wife died. He's in MS too, so that wouldn't help.

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Mr Homesteader and Canned Nerd are both welcome at my house!!! :lol:


My fix-it brother lives too far away, tho he fixed our water heater once.



Recently I disassembled our non-functional breadmaker to scavenge spare parts for the new one which is the same model.


:groan: realized too late that I could have simply replaced the cog-type belt drive to fix the old one. But I'd already pulled out the heating element in such a way that I would not know how to get it back together again. Oops.


MtRider :shrug:

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I have concentration issues too. I can read but watching a movie can be torture. I use the pause button often.


I told my son I was thinking about starting dating again but just until I could get the house fixed up. He laughed at my joke...I didn't. :008Laughing:


A handy man would be worth his weight in gold around me. Or as Red Green says, "If you aren't handsome at least be handy."


Edited because:

Some of one of my sentences was on one line and part of it was on another line. :scratchhead:

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Recently I disassembled our non-functional breadmaker to scavenge spare parts for the new one which is the same model.


:groan: realized too late that I could have simply replaced the cog-type belt drive to fix the old one. But I'd already pulled out the heating element in such a way that I would not know how to get it back together again. Oops.

:24: Owh that brought back embarrassing memories of deciding to look at my broken bread maker (after buying a new one) and realized it was just the string that rotated the drum. Goes to show that sometimes it just pays to take something apart to look at it.

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Recently purchased one of those cheapie Harbor freight solar panel kits. Need to set it up and test it.Will probably have to buy a better charge controller for it.


I need to also buy another inverter. The one I have is 1500 watts but it is a "modified" sine wave...Some equipment won't run well on it..so I need to buy a "pure" sine wave one. They are alot more expensive so will buy a smaller wattage..My dad's oxygen concentrator needs pure sine wave.


Also recently bought a cb set up. Have to get the antenna put up and test unit. After that I will unplug and emp proof the cb radio.


Just ordered a 2nd hand murs radio. It's a portable base unit for some security sensors we have but can also use it as a 2 way radio, so needed a 2nd one.


My next few purchases are a 2nd solar kit..that will bring us up to 90 watts...still not much..(for Christmas) and some motion detector lights.




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2) Bee keeping. The more I notice the lack of bees around to pollinate my homestead, the more I'm pushed to make changes in the neighborhood. :hidingsmile:

It is the time of year for 'wild hiving' around these parts. Contact your local, normally county level, bee keepers organization, and ask for 'culls'. No, you won't get any honey, but we have about a sixty percent swarm rate. You can not immagine the difference they have made in the garden/flower production over the last couple of years.


My two?


1. Find another way for radio communications over the hand held radios. Locally some english, snooping on our comms, have developed a 'C.B.' like 'verbal trash' issue. Not something you want around kinder.


2. Find a better way to get the cast iron stove steamers cleaned and rust free. And STAY rust free. The phosphor sprays experiment were a royal bust. I do not want to go back to the brush plating, due to the poisonous nature of the electrolytes. Hard water.



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