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Does my heart good...

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Been one of those days - too much thinking and I can't change channels. So I kept busy, but not much helped.


I thawed out meat, chopped veggies, and boiled pasta to put together a Cavatini casserole. Somehow it got away from me and I have about 4 times what we'd eat. :shakinghead:


So I'm freezing some, and I asked our DD if they'd like some for supper tomorrow. I asked her on FaceBook...



  • Making Cavatini and it's getting to be too much! Want tomorrow's supper brought to you?

  • Haha. Noah says "CAVATINI!!!! I YOVE CAVATINI!!"


  • Heheheh... well, I guess that's a *YES!*?


Little guy is having trouble getting that *L* sound to work right, so it comes out sounding like Y.


Chased the blues away.... :wub:







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