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Let's talk fabrics

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There was talk in the Shoutbox not so long ago about fabrics. While I love the Shoutbox, stuff is only there for a limited time. Maybe we could continue that discussion here?


Since my skin is still in super-sensitive mode, I sometimes have issues with clothing in the stores.


By that I mean that I react to the chemicals. Either the pesticides the imported clothes are treated with, chemicals orginally in the materials or something else added during manufacturing. Stuff from China seems to be the worst.


My current method of attack is soaking and washing in vinegar. Then a normal wash. Then repeat just to be sure. This has worked well for most stuff. But the stuff from China (Lee brand jeans) took many times to get whatever that was out. (And the skin irritation to prove it.) I'm at the point that if the clothes still smell chemical-like, I'm probably going to react.


And even if my skin wasn't so sensitive, who'd what those chemicals on them, anyway? :yuk:


I did lose the battle with a pair of flannel pj pants I bought last fall (made in China). No matter what (vinegar, detergent, baking soda, oxiclean; mutliple washes, long bucket soakings), nothing got that stench out.


Now that I'm looking at baby stuff, I'm seeing stuff made from organic cotton, but when it's from certain countries, I don't feel it would really be organic.






Anyone dealt with hemp material? I'm seeing stuff made from hemp, and cotton and hemp, but not sure if I'd react to that.


When you are buying fabric, what do you steer clear off?

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