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Well, just the know-how, maybe? :happy0203:


DD and her hubby wanted to start potty-training their son. He'll be three at the end of this month. After baby sister was born, DD stayed home for 9 weeks, and gave it a kind of half-hearted try, because everyone was just adjusting to the new baby. Just understanding the new family dynamics was hard for him. The frustration wasn't worth it then.


So after I'd been back in their everyday lives and DD was working, I kind of watched it. They were getting more and more frustrated buying diapers and trying expensive pull-ups, and Daddy would get REALLY angry when the little guy would stand there and poo in his diaper because it's what he was used to. Scared the little guy, even though SIL isn't violent or abusive. He just wants Daddy's approval.


I bought a cute ladybug timer. I brought his favorite color construction paper from home, and I brought stickers. I had already provided a "poopy prize" jar of different cheap toys, but he wasn't yet ready so it sat high up on his closet shelf.


I wrote out a system - set the timer for 30 minutes at a time. Every 30 minutes, he goes to the potty. If he goes, he gets a candy prize (M&Ms, Skittles, or jelly bean) and he moves a magnet down on the refrigerator. 5 magnets down wins him a sticker for his special GREEN paper. Then the magnets go back up for the next round.


The timer is actually more for we adults. His Dad is easily distracted, and doesn't want to stop what he's doing at the moment. DD and I get busy and forget. So everything stops and we pay attention to helping the little guy.


It's WORKING!!!!! :cele: He's even waking up dry from naps and overnight sleep, reserving the diapers for the next time.


Yesterday was a real breakthrough. They went shopping and ate out and he was in underwear. He recognized not only when he had to pee but to poo, too, and was able to tell them when he had to go. Of course they stopped to take him to potty, so that was a huge reinforcement. Best of all, Daddy took him to poo and waited patiently for him, which made THAT particular chore a very positive experience!


DD said it was a little embarrassing when he walked out of the bathroom, all excited, and loudly announced to Mommy and the entire small restaurant that he pooed, and "it looked like Larry from Veggie Tales!" :shakinghead:




:24: :24: :24: :24: :24:



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My niece was late to potty train because of lazy parenting. Grandpa stepped in with "fairy wings", halo, wand, and skirt. She earned the wand first. Then the halo. The wings she wanted most, so those were last. I can't recall what finally clinched it, but I think seeing the wings pinned to the wall just beyond her reach was torture. :) Kid was more than ready - just needed the discipline to do it. :)

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I found with my three potty training was more discipline for me than them. I was the one that had to be diligent to start with but after a few weeks we were good. Except the middle one with him being ADD/HD that was a challenge.

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