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It's HOT!

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Pretty warm here too, and we don't see too many people outside doing anything. Watering the garden is fun...soak the hands, the feet, the legs, and let Abby drink directly from the sprinkler hose (which she loves to do). Mtn.Man's working in it so he comes home at lunch wet to his knees and has to change into dry clothes...only to come home in the afternoon drenched again. Keeps the washer & dryer busy. I've avoided cooking anything other than quick stir fry's for supper and cold cereal for breakfast, and cold salads for lunches. They're calling for a cooling down in a day or two though.

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Perhaps we're just "cold natured"? LOL At least for now. Not sure how it will affect us when we're in our 80's+ but we're thinking we'll get the "hitch itch" and hibernate in warmer climates during winters when we don't want to play in the snow...snow walking, snow shoeing etc. Same way with the heat, we're looking forward to heading north when it gets really hot to spend time viewing the wonders of the northern states. Should only be a matter of a few months before we have those options.

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94 here yesterday with heat index of 103. I dug and set fence post, ran wire, hoed some of the garden, and drank a ton of liquids. I was so drained when I got home at 5:45 pm I took a shower, ate a bite and went to bed. I paid for it today, I had plans to finish the fence and plant some more corn but I couldn't. I got the corn planted and hauled off some bushes to the woods and than sat in front of the fan. I came home at 2:30 and after a shower my plans include doing nothing.






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