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Heat issues-quiz and tips?

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Its not exactly hot here but the humidity is bad with all the rain/flooding and the pollen count is way the heck up from all the rain and late spring. I am trying myself to drink more water and remember to take both sudafed for congestion and benydryl because otherwise it gets so bad I choke and wheeze. Makes you sweat too so that's more than winter heat inside to deal with. I hope all of you in the really hot zones and dealing with other factors like smoke from fires also take really good care of yourselves. Unfortunately they think 200 homes are probably burning or burned in the Yarnell fire already.

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Yep, even going out for short trips can be dangerous. I was running errands yesterday and thought getting back in the car in between with the a/c running would be OK. By the time I got home I was feeling dizzy and a little nauseous. Grabbed some of my son's Gatorade and had to lay down. Had no energy to do anything for the rest of the day. Was too tired. And it was only 105. Supposed to hit 110 today and 111 tomorrow. I'm doing all outside stuff before 11 am. Going to soak down the chicken run and the garden.

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I'm so glad for you CGA! You and DD really had a great day. :cele:


We are still waiting for it to get HOT here. We had a couple of high 80's a week ago but the rains came in and that was the end of that. Today and tomorrow is in the high 70's climbing to about 84 Saturday. I'm not complaining. I held off turning on the air when it was getting hot and so far I haven't needed it. I do run a fan though. It's good for my electric bill! But I pay for it in the winter so I guess it all balances out.

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Years ago, I lived in extreme South Texas with no a/c. I cannot handle heat at all even though I was raised in it. Do things early and late (4pm is not nearly as cool as you would think). Nap in the afternoon in front of a box fan or be somewhere that there is a/c. Take your shower late afternoon and you will be more comfortable that night and be clean the next morning.


Water on the wrists(or a cold, wet cloth) help you cool off as does a neck cooler around your neck or around your forehead.


I have had heat exhaustion before. I was hot, and soaking wet and staggering. Cool (not cold water) and I laid down right in front of a fan and then plenty of sleep that night. I don't mow yards when it is the heat of the day anymore, even if the yard is shady.

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:hug3:CGA......!!!!!!!!!!! :o Girlfriend, that was TOOOOOOOOOOO close! I know....BTDT! God bless your friends for that A/C unit. God bless you with money to pay the electric bill.



That is exactly what I'm talking about when I say that anything over 75 degrees is the beginning of danger for me [due to MS]. I've been rescued by neighbor/friend while dutifully sitting in front of the blasting swamp cooler. God actually woke N up from a nap. She 'heard' in her spirit my name. So she called and I could not form complete sentences.


But....but....I was doing all my heat protocols! I set up protocols BECAUSE your brain can go out and you HAVE to do things by habit!!!!


N arrived and found me in that state where you can no longer think clearly enough to save yourself.....and believe me, YOU DO NOT REALISE IT! She discovered that although I had the swamp cooler on, it was not spewing out cold air but hot! :o The water circulation to the pads was not working but easily fixed IF I HAD ONLY HAD A BRAIN TO USE. :wacko:


I truely believe that I would have died that day, if not for N responding to such an urgent prompting from God.



You can do all you can....make good heat protocols and pound them into your brain like you'd rehearse for a grande recital.....but if you are red-lining regularly, you can pop into complete inablity to save yourself in a terrifyingly short period of time.


Don't red-line! Even animal care does not bring me out in the middle of the day ESPECIALLY now that I'd have to walk our hill to get back to the house. Part of my protocol. I wait for cloud cover [deep, reliable cloud cover....not the sun popping in and out] or sunset. Not 4pm. Sunset at 8pm or later. On bad days, I cannot be outside after 8am. But my heat sensitivity is worse than most of y'all.



One more thing: Heat is cumulative. It takes less and less for me to overheat as the summer goes on. What I can take in June will not be safe in Aug. (and we're often cooler by August!). Be aware of that factor too. Especially if you've had some heat episodes. I'm speaking from an MS perspective but.....dunno for the rest of you. Check it out for yourself. :shrug:



Yeah....all that ScrubbieLady says!



Asking again: Do you have a Plan B for heat if the grid goes down due to overuse during this seige????? Or other cause of power outtage??????


MtRider -- Y'all are scarying me! :grouphug:

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:cheer: CGA!!!!


We are always on top of our contingency plans for heat and evacuating in case of fire. (God forbid!) The ferrets can die if exposed, even for a short period of time, to temps hotter than 80 degrees F.


I was outside this morning off and on until about 10am. Around 1pm, DH said I was radiating heat and reminded/advised me to take a cool shower. I did not realize I was still warm. I just thought I was feeling the residual from yesterday's trip to the river for our dive/swim and fishing.


Our humidity is in the upper 50% area mixed with the heat, making it oppressive to walk outside. It almost takes your breath away.

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Mt Rider, if the grid goes down during one of our triple digit heat waves, I'm toast. Literally, not figuratively. All I can do is sit under a tree and use a wet rag and try to fan myself. Do you know how exhausting it is to fan yourself for hours?


Our drought is deepening by the day if not by the hour. The wild bunnies are hanging out in my yard near my pond in broad daylight and barely moving away when I walk by. There is no water anywhere. The huge wild boars are coming to my pond to drink and forcing holes under my fence. There is hardly anyhint left for my goats to eat and I am watering to the maximum I can get out of the hoses. I am on a shared well and have a very long run to the well so low pressure. We desperately need rain and more than a scant inch in a month.

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I have zero tolerance for extreme heat. I stay inside when it gets bad. Like several of you, I have had heatstroke and am susceptible to getting it again, so I try to just avoid the heat. A towel filled with ice and wrapped around my neck can help me to ward off the hot weather.

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One thing I used to do as a kid back in Hot/Humid Iowa..... We had no A/C, of course, in the ancient farmhouse. {{This was before I knew I had MS by the way. but my heat sensitivity then kinda indicates it... }}


I'd fill an air mattress [the old kind with several long tubes] with ice-cold well water. I'd have it laying under a big tree in the yard. It really takes a lot of heat outta ya fast. A beach towel between you and plastic softens the shock of the chill. :frozen:


The catch for this being a Plan B.....you couldn't get the thing filled with water after the electric water pump is no longer working.


If you filled it up to keep it on standby.... :lol: those durned pigs would probably lay on it! :laughkick: No, what I was going to say was that the water would certainly warm up in those extremely high tempuratures. But, it might still be cooler than body temperature. :shrug:


My Plan B for no electric heat survival is my basement. It stays a reasonably chilly temperature all the time. Great for storage of stuff. I can set up a camp cot......I HAVE set up a camp cot down there and cooled off. After a while, I want a sleeping bag. Quite safely chilly without any electric.


Dog would join me. She doesn't like heat either. 'Course she's still trying to shed that thick winter coat she put on last winter.


LOL Annarchy! Me and the ferrets originate from the same planet....and it isn't called Arizona. :knary:



MtRider --Sun hot in mornings but clouded afternoons lately. :cheer: Even a bit of rain now and then. Monsoons are coming...

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