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The Chicken Anniversary

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Our 23rd anniversary is officially the Chicken anniversary to me! Don't have them yet but saving towards them.

This time last year we were just out of the travel trailer and into the mobile No garden planted yet As of today I have more than enough tomatoes, bell peppers, cukes and jalapenos to can. Our house is a home now and if not for the loss of our Buddy, life would be about perfect. But it sure moves on, doesn't it?

l no longer am at the dairy but at a mom and pop grocery maybe two days a week and finally have time to do projects at home.

Today I am making ice cream and corn bread, then running to town for anniversary Chinese food I love having more time!

That is it for now but updates (and chickens) shall hopefully soon follow!

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Thanks for the good wishes! I think this is the 2nd time I have tried for chickens. Not giving up! We decided to wait to celebrate the anniversary as DH has had serious back pain for the last two weeks and is finding it hard to be happy right now. He went to the chiropractor again today. Too bad he has to help work a herd of cows tomorrow. I don't think he will be doing the jumping up on the fences and running that he usually does.


A friend, actually my new boss, stopped and gave me another 10 ears of corn yesterday so I froze them this morning. Also scalded, peeled and quartered my first tomatoes today. Froze them too until I have enough to make and can spaghetti sauce and stewed tomatoes. Canned another 8 pints of Dilly beans.


Last night we found 8 little watermelons! They hide well. Time to go water the garden so see you all later.

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Hi Ann! Some of my watermelons got blossom rot. Is that from not enough water? Seems I read that.


Good morning! Sunday was tomato day! Did 19 pints of stewed tomatoes with jalapenos and 8 quarts and a pint of plain tomatoes. It wasn't even messy since I had been scalding, quartering, peeling and bagging them in gallon bags as I went. Had 35 pounds of tomatoes which would only have made 7 quarts of sauce. Guess I'll buy sauce. DH loves the spicy stewed tomatoes! I was nervous about using the pressure canner since I haven't had anything to pressure can in 2 years but it went well. Did 2 batches in pressure canner and had the water bath going for the plain tomatoes too.


We now have wild blue/ Exede satellite internet and it works great here! It's been such a fight with the mi-fi and broadband card for the past year. I've hated even getting on the computer til now. I know that like the tv, it can go down in bad weather but the mifi didn't work at all half the time in good weather.


The garden is about played out now. This weekend I will pick some green tomatoes for mincemeat and maybe marmalade. Still a few watermelons and getting a few cucumbers still. We are supposed to be getting a gas grill soon (finally). I am looking forward to that as we haven't had a grill since we sold the house in FL over 10 years ago. I finally bought a new and large cast iron skillet. I have plans to get a griddle next and then a dutch oven. I missed the cast iron and now have the room for it.


Got a new little girl from rescue! Her name is Peanut Butter! Pea for short. Don't know what she is except small, maybe 2 pounds. She is a little darling! Certainly does not replace Buddy but she love to be held and entertains the other two! She is not afraid of either of them! Will post a photo when I take some.

Better get ready for work which is still a hoot! I love it!!! I work 3 days this week. So that's all from the small farm today!

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Hi Miki!


Sounds like things are smoothing out for you. That's great! And a new baby to boot, looking forward to seeing a pic of her.


Our 'darling' dog decided to push his dominance, 6 months in. He turned to bite me when I told him no, then, he ran away in the middle of the day. Needless to say, he was back at the gate begging to come in about 15 minutes later. I am hoping he learned his lesson and has finally decided that we are his family now. Plus, his buddy, another neighbor that used to pay attention to him, passed away on the 4th of July.


Anyway, I still have one roma tomato plant, but it has not produced one tomato. Today, I did find poo tracks clinging to the leaves from a "manduca sexta" Tobacco Hornworm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tobacco_Hornworm_1.jpg At least it is getting some use out of that plant. :buttercup:


Today, I am packed and ready to hit the road for Texas as soon as DH gets up and moving. Hopefully, I will be there before the 5pm rush hour traffic. :groooansmileyf:


This time I am looking forward to the quiet time. Then again, MIL has us scheduled to go see "Red 2" on Friday.


Hope you have a wonderful day, and congrats on the new interweb connection.

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