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Moving update

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We will be moving in one week. The remodeling is going ok, although it won't be done when we move in :( But that's ok. I'm choosing to look on the bright side of things. lol

Dh has ordered some chickens from a coworker. The pen is set up and they will be there shortly after we are. lol I think he said they were about a month from laying. That's exciting! Also, while out there yesterday ds found raspberry bushes. Black raspberries and regular....the black ones were turning and soooo sweet. I may send him out with a bowl and see if he can pick some today.

So that's us. I feel like my head is spinning but I know the end is near....and it will be worth it :)




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Congrats on getting closer! I love black raspberries. I had some that my F-I-L started for us at my house in IN. They were nearly as big as my thumb and delicious. Every year I'd make him a raspberry pie with some of them. I miss him...and the berries too.

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My parents had chickens when I was considerably younger. We had a mean rooster and I've always been adament that we wouldn't have a rooster but dh wanted one. I told him it would be a moving target if it tried to peck me. lol We have many friends close by with chickens so hopefully if we have any problems they will help us out. Dh says that the berries are mulberries....but he says there are black raspberries and blackberries out by the pond. I don't know but they were very sweet. I guess I will get pictures on my phone and try to identify them. lol My younger 2 children and I sat on the covered front porch during a thunderstorm today. The way the house sits, it faces an old non-existent road. The driveway coming from the highway is 1/4 mile long and approaches the house from the rear. So if you sit on the "front" porch you are facing yard and woods and barns. It is very, very peaceful. From the porch you can't even hear the highway traffic. Pure bliss.

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Carie, I peeked at your blog. Pinterest will give you everything you need for mixes, freezer fare, and slow cooker ideas if you can get off of the computer to get any of it done!


Pure bliss on the front porch happens often here too. Right now I have a new "white" rose blooming that is so very fragrant. I'm hoping our nasty wind will not be too hard on it.

The yard smelled so lovely this morning.

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Thanks! When I am exhausted but can't "shut down" I cruise pinterest. Like I don't have anything else to do!


Our roses sound wonderful! There is a pink rose bush by the backdoor but it bloomed a few weeks ago and is now done. There are some smallish green plants in the beds around the house but I'm hoping to plant some flowers/herbs after we get moved in. I prefer color!

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