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crocheting from a graph ~ jagged parts?

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When I can get my computer to cooperate, maybe I can post a pic to better explain what I am asking ... until then I will do my best in words...


I just figured out how to crochet using a graph. What I am making is a 12 inch square of a heart in side of a hand. The thing is, there are, at the color change areas, little areas that almost look pixelated/jaggedy. I can't figure out how to get those areas at least toned down/less obvious.


I've read that there are two ways to handle multiple colors, 1) cut off and then weave in the ends (which I've been doing) and 2) carrying the yarn (which I tried, and the darker colors showed through really badly and made it look off (I'm using white for the main color, blue for the hand, and red for the heart) ). Could there be another way that would make a smoother transition and cut down on those areas?


Just wondering if there are any tips/suggestions for doing graphs, esp. when it comes to the jaggedy areas I am getting.


I've googled images of completed squares and huge afghans done by graph, and most seem to be really crisp, there was one Mario Brothers one, and Mario looks like he was printed off a laser printer, it's so perfect and crisp looking, so I figure there has to be something I am overlooking here.

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thanks, gofish :) she has great tips, I bookmarked it so I can check out her other videos too.


this is what I my 'crochet from a graph' was looking like:




for example where the white meets the blue, there are gappy/jaggedy areas. I've seen some amazing work online, one lady did a huge afghan with Mario from Super Mario Brothers on it, and it looked so crisp, as though she laser printed it on to the blanket. I didn't notice any gappy areas in hers, so it got me to wondering what I'm overlooking. For the red, I know I mis-counted, that's why a blue bit is over too far to the right, in to the red. the blue/white meet ups I counted properly on though.

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My guess would be this...when you change colors, you need to always do it the same. I think that's what makes those jagged parts. I usually carry the yarn through on the back side, but you have to add in the new color the same way each time, from the back is the preferred method. At least that would be my guess...

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I'm not sure if that is it or not, all I now. Is that I cArry mine, and work hard to do it the same each time, and I don't have the jagged problem. There is a way to outline also, that would give it crisper lines, you do the project,then come back in on top and outline it. Gives it another dimension and crisp lines. I saw it on pinterest.

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Also, there are a lot of videos if you google. How to change colors in crochet. Hope this helps

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Tapestry crochet carries the yarn, but if you are looking at older graphs, they are usually done in Tunisian crochet and the pattern is then crossstitched onto the item with yarn afterwards.

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