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19 dead in one day!!! Prayers Please for the Firefighters!

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At least 18 firefighters working Yarnell Hill fire confirmed dead.





Prescott Fire Department confirmed at least 18 firefighters have died while battling the Yarnell Hill fire on Sunday night. They're part of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots.

The wildfire was likely caused by a lightning strike Saturday night.

The Yarnell Hill fire, about 35 miles southwest of Prescott, has burned about 1,300 acres and forced the evacuation of 50 homes.

The fire started Friday and has not yet burned down any structures, but Sunday night firefighters pushed the blaze back away from communities, hoping to keep the blaze from overtaking any homes.

A growing fire in Yarnell forced about 600 residents from their homes.

Wendy Carter was one of those evacuated.

"My daughter came home this morning at 8 o'clock and said, 'Start packing,' and between my four grandkids and pets, we're stressing," said Carter.

The fire has burned about 1,300 acres in the community, 85 miles northwest of Phoenix.

The blaze, likely caused by lightning, is moving at about a half mile per hour up a hill, getting dangerously close to homes.

Officials ordered immediate evacuations for the communities of Model Creek, Double A Bar Ranch and the Buckhorn subdivision.

"You could see it coming closer and closer and every time the wind would shift, it would start up another Part of it burning," said Carter. "I was scared, I was scared for animals and grandkids. I just knew we had to get out of there."

The Sheriff's office has sent out a reverse 911 call and officers went door-to-door to alert residents of the evacuation order.

Many residents only had a short time to pack up and get out.

"My biggest worry? Me and my grandkids are not going to have a place to go home to," said Carter.

State Route 89 is closed from mile post 269 to 285.

The Red Cross opened a shelter for evacuated residents at Yavapai College. They say 14 people will take refuge Sunday night.



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Terrible loss. The smoke haze cut visibility even at my house (30 miles as the crow flies).


Friday it hit 122F for a short while, driving back from the movie theater, before it dropped back to 121. Saturday cooled off to 116F. Was 109F at 9 PM coming back from visiting my friend (and his pool!) on Saturday. I'm at the base of the mountain - The area has a lot of steep ravines, and the wind whips through them at high speed as it is channeled from flatter areas. Kindof a high plateau at 4500 feet surrounded by low mountains - I guess high and low are relative.

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:( Heard this and I mourn.... Happened in CO some years ago. I always remember to pray for the firefighters and to appreciate them, after having seen these fires up close and very personal. No way to perceive the magnitude with pics or video. They are a horror to behold and....these people go into THAT and fight! :o Even 'back in the day'...I couldn't have done what they do.


Praying for all those who fight fires [wildfire or urban] and those who mourn these 19 specialists.


Annarchy, Gunplumber, and anyone else .......are you ready to EVAC? AZ seems particularly hot [and I don't just mean your dangerously high temperatures]. Remember, know for yourself WHEN it is time. Don't wait for the official order.......as if either of you would :rolleyes: . Folks have died waiting for data to come in.


Parts of CO have been getting rain...and subsequent flooding. Doesn't take much rain [measuring by tenths of an inch] to flood these nearly vertical mountain sides. :blink: And flash floods/mudslides are the stepchild of forest fire. :( Dangerous in a different way.


MtRider :(:pray:

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Annarchy, Gunplumber, and anyone else .......are you ready to EVAC?



been there, This brushfire was about 10 years ago, photographed from my roof. The slurry bombers were coming in so low I could count rivets on the wings. Fire department was marshaling on my street.



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Please pray for rain for all the drought stricken areas. So far I've not heard of fires in Texas this season, but only one spark is all it will take around here. It is horribly dry. If we don't get rain there will be nothing for my livestock to eat soon. I am watering constantly, but can only do so much.

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:pray: for all of the drought stricken and fire areas.


Wish I could send some of our rain. We've had a little too much so far this summer. We finally got up to 83 degrees today.


Gunplumber's picture is so scary because we don't have fires like that here. I can't imagine seeing something like that out my window and waiting. Stay safe everyone and go if you need to go!

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I know what forest fires look like. Flames can shoot 300 ft in the air from trees burning. Ive watched many a mountain burning. I only thought there was a present concern GP was also mentioning, besides the pic from ten yrs ago. Range fires can move so fast too, flatter ground, winds pushing them.

My temp ICW today was telling me about the flooding on his way home from work, with all the rain his area is getting . It was already sketchy getting back and forth he said so I hope today's onslaughts decided to skip his area.

What I can't fathom is we STILL have idiots going swimming in half flooded rivers or during the storms here!


My prep today was realizing the equine therapy is teaching me how to work with a horse and get it to do what I want it to do and develop a relationship with the horse and give it cues it can understand. So if I ever needed to use a horse again........ and one appeared handy in an emergency and I could put it to use. ( long emergency, lol), the bits I am learning now and simple confidence as I figure it out is helping me overcome how darn big they seem at first...and I am learning horse thinking, herding instincts and how they behave together. It also pertains to human beings and communication methods. How to work out 'issues' and circumstances that come up.

Learning to handle the gear again when you feel all thumbs about it .


Being up close with a Morgan horse today, lovely creatures and lively, even at 30 yrs old. Smart and interested.


What it is like when your own footing has changed because now its muddy, sloppy and wet ---- and you have to find your balance each step of the way when it's like that. It isn't like hard packed ground or sidewalk walking, and you probably will be carrying stuff and doing tasks. It was a bunch of little things that are very different than plain apartment living and was a session that gave me ideas about learning things and going out and finding such to walk through at times to get the feel of it because that is REALITY when it storms as much as it has and it looks like it is becoming a habit in the warm months , more and more each year. To not expect the road to be there but there might be a muddy field you can get down into and make your way across so you can continue on your way, even though you had to park the car and continue on foot maybe or the car quit due to a break down or emp strike. What it's like when its not ideal conditions in the summer heat and humidity here..... knowing how much sweat you are putting out in it and readjusting labor , learning to be used to it..... no airconditioning. That you can clean up and rest later when the tasks are done and a little mud never hurt anyone.

You have to adjust rapidly to the new conditions and it may not be wonderful but you can manage if you apply certain things in a different way. That was my prep that dropped in my lap today, learning that.

Listening to canners in an fb group talk about harvesting green beans in the rain so they could can them up. It needed to be done and why let a little rain/a lot of rain stop you, right? It actually can make you feel so alive and part of the earth, stepping out of your usual comfort zone and if I need to...... today gave me a beginning on how to adjust rapidly and be innovative.

Suddenly having new equipment to use and only moments to put them to proper use. Dealing with a new personality that was distracted by the mean flies ( could be anything being an irritant, for somebody) but still getting their attention and getting them willing to cooperate and do what you need them to do and not let them crowd you cause they can or get real chummy when you need your space bubble. It wasn't all successful but I figured I could mentally run through it and process it more this week in my mind, go through the motions at least as practice , because it required quick thinking and action.

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