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Losing my Abby

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Dh and ds18 are on the way to the vet teaching hospital to have Abby put to sleep. I can barely see through the tears. We had her ten years and she was the most loyal, most patient, smartest dog I have ever had. That summer I had to sit in the wheelchair with the broken leg....Abby was always right next to me. She mothered a litter of puppies with incredible patience....loved on any small child that came into the house....tolerated so much from the cats...and was ferocious when it came to protecting her chickens...one of whom used to sleep and lay eggs in the crate with her...she also would let that one particular chicken clean her fur. I'm going to miss her so much.

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Awwwww...no more Abbey stories? :sad-smiley-012: It's SO sad when we lose our furry buddies....with their much shorter life spans. It's been nearly a year since we lost Big Dog. .....and now Big Pup is nearing her first birthday and we've started the cycle all over again.



We'll remember her with you, Dogmom!!!


MtRider :(

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I never thought I would let any dog/pet get close enough to me to break my heart...........

I have one now and she is just 2 years old..... She means far more to me than she should.

I feel your pain and know how you will/do miss her.

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Dogmom-----She was a very lucky dog to have all of you. I am absolutely positive that she gave you all of the love she had. She also trusted you to know when her time was over. Please feel sad----but also feel glad that she was yours to love. - cheryl

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Thanks everyone. I'm feeling a little better although its still hard to talk to anyone about her. The house seems very quiet...as I said before...it seems like she always been there.

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((((dogmom)))) Parting with fur-children is very sad. My deepest sympathy.

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