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Well things change sometimes . . . ended up going on a 3 mile (fast walking) hike early this morning before it got hot. Things were going great until about 1 mile in the trail started have puddles here and there from all the rain. Then they started getting deeper and harder to walk around without getting feet wet. At mile 1 1/2 they got DEEP! OK so maybe 6 inches isn't deep but with no way around we just started walking through them. Came home with wet shoes, socks, and pant legs! Lori just pulled up her long dress and had fun. :thumbs:

Good thing we are just Kids and had lots of fun do it!

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Always time to enjoy life...no matter! Used to be one could wade in mud and squish with no worry. Not any more. Too many things in the stuff now. Glad you all enjoyed your hike, even if it was a bit of a wet one!

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