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Bike Trailer ideas --- post them here for those of us who may have bikes and no car usage!

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Years ago - - - and I means YEARS AGO!

I took one of those garden carts (the kind with bike tires) and rebent the front handle to a 'V' shape so it could be hooked up to the back of my bike. made a "tarp cover" and then I could ride anywhere and load the back with anything from groceries to yard sales to packing for overnight camping. worked great BUT I had to make wide turns with it or it would tip me over (and it did!).


There is no way I could sleep in what that kid made!!!!!

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Now that one I used was nice because for the most part it was ready-made! I just had to bent the handle and remove the pipe legs that made it stand by it's self ( kept hitting them on bumps in road).


if you want to "make" one there are lots of site out there with D.I.Y. ideas

here is a good start if you plan to make one:




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I agree, CGA with your ideas on how to change the long trailer pic I Posted and who is the world is that agile as that young man was when he went on his trip back in the fifties. I was thinking cargo mostly myself, camp supplies .


Ambergris, I really like this bamboo trailer design, its simple but effective and doesn't require a long axle piece and can be pulled if you are walking, like a cart, in fact it might be made suitable to hook to a goat or two since they are short coupled ( MT Rider!)

One might be able to build a solid trailer with 2x2s or 1x2's or a combo here or a lightweight one with pvc pipe. I cannot get bamboo but where it originated, it was a useful local resource and is very strong but lightweight.

One can use what is locally available usually, of course.

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I was thinking of that too, AH. But...would PVC be too bendy? Are their different types of PVC for different rigidity [it that a word?] strengths? :scratchhead:



Bamboo is SUCH a versatile materia. Why don't they sell it in hardware/lumber yards? So strong for it's weight! All those fibers!



Cooool. Goat cart, eh? Course my pint sized goats would need a pint sized cart. :lol:



MtRider -- keep saying I'd need a rickshaw to get home if vehicle got stopped.

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I'm pretty I've seen the Moon Rover in person. The fellow looks like a man who lived in my town for a number of years and you'd see him pedaling around with his house on his bike.

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