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Hello all, I'm back


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I just wanted to stop by and say hello, I'm back at least for a while.


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I know its been a while and i'm sorry. Life recently has given my hubby and I a big swift kick in the butt. Hubby had be having some back pain and head aches among other things. I finally convinced him to go to the doctor and a week later we find out he has kidney cancer. The worse part is right now i'm in New Mexico and he is in Wisconsin (long story) needless to say I'm moving back to WI asap. The good news is he will be graduating on August 1st with a bachelors degree in software engineering...that was his dream. More good news, I have a job waiting for me in WI. We are going to fight this together and try to keep a positive attitude.


Wow that was long winded. So what did I miss?


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