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Missing her


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DD2 (age 14) is in Colorado. She left here last Wednesday. They started wilderness hike yesterday. and will not be back in contact untill Saturday. This is the longest and farthest any of my kids have been from me.

I know the adults she is with will do thier best to keep all the kids safe but in the quite time just before bed I worry about her being so far away.


My Son (age 16) just told me he wants to go on a mission trip with juggler friend this fall.

Juggler friend and a small group are going to Moldavia and Russia. :sSig_help2:

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That really is the toughest part of them getting older. They feel this need to go out into the world when we'd really like to put them in a shoe box up on a high shelf in the closet to keep them safe! You'll feel better when she gets back and you will also see how her own self-esteem and strength will have increased. Until then...it is just plain HARD!

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