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The recent Martin/Zimmerman court case is a tragedy all around. Please, let's not get into our own *opinions* about who did what and if they should have or not. The WHOLE THING was bad. I do not pretend to know, and I'm secure in allowing God to sort it out.


That said, this picture and article was posted this morning. The shirt intrigued me - What the heck is Revcom.com? And why would the revcom.us people be so interested in exploiting this?

OH... it's the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA!!!




Be aware of the forces at work in our country. These are not racially-oriented - not really. But those who want disaster for our way of life will seize upon ANYTHING to destroy us.


Pray a lot. Walk carefully. Be kind. Surround yourself with good people. And PRAY - A LOT!



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there seemed to be an agenda to the whole coverage of everything involving this -- and well, this backing by revcom kind of supports that imo. Not just them, but the anti-gun, anti stand your ground, etc. It just seems to me as though they latch on to *anything* they think will promote their way of thinking/plans, which to me, would be as insulting as nothing else. Either side I was on, I'd be livid if someone was using my child's death or my husband's arrest/trial as fodder for their agendas. Same with Sandy Hook, special interests latched on, and it didn't seem in the slightest about the kids at that point, just about the agendas that could be promoted. It just seems so twisted to me. :mad: I saw an article onlone from Bloomberg Business Week, and holy toledo was it bias, I think while agendas are persued and sides taken, the truth sits lonely on the sidelines, or at times I think intentionally covered up, can't have that floating around, it may detract from the agendas being played out.


At the same time, I share mi-familia's sentiment of wondering what was going on in the background that this was being used as a diversion for. :sigh: Stirring up trouble to cause divisions and fear is an awfully good way to keep attention elsewhere.

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There were lots of groups that believed that Zimmerman was in the wrong. Those groups come from a lot of places and cross the spectrum as far as what each groups' agenda actually is. Having worked for an agency that often supported social causes, I can tell you that if we produced t-shirts, signs, banners, etc... for that event , then we also put our organization's name on them. You do that for a couple of reasons. It brands your name so that people know who you are and it also allows you to take photos which can be put up on websites and on marketing materials, like brochures.


People involved in Revcom were part of the protests, so they wanted to make sure that folks KNEW that they were participating. A lot of groups are concerned about the verdict and took to the streets. A lot of unaffiliated folks also took to the streets. Right now, all of the organizations know that there is an opportunity to attract some of those unaffiliated people into the fold.


Locally, The National Action Network usually has about 20 people show up for their weekly meetings and they have about 60 actual members on their rolls. (I'm often asked to speak at their meetings due to the community projects that I work on.)This Saturday (when they meet) there will probably be more than 200 people in attendance. Parents will also bring their children to try to introduce them to the cause of social justice. It happens every time that there is a hot button topic. NAN doesn't really have much competition from other black organizations because we have a weak NAACP and no Urban League organization.


Edited to add: Groups like NAN, Revcom and others often come out to support the causes of other organizations in the hope that they will reciprocate. In this case, lots of people were moved to participate regardless of their affiliation.

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this has been on my mind a lot lately. It seems as though there are more groups looking to divide, it seems (to me) that they're looking to pounce on an opportunity to further their agendas ... to me that just seems so wrong, and disrespectful to the people who were involved, on both sides. If heaven forbid I had a family member as a victim (on etiher side) I'd be livid if their situation was being used by a group like that. So in essense they're "supporting" another group in hopes of promoting their group and get newbies to sign up.


Sure, people have every right to be upset about whatever they want, and peaceful assembly to protest, etc. What I see happening though is that it's dividing more than anything, and being used to promote agendas that (imo) aren't good for us as a nation (gun control, etc).


:sigh: I don't know. Imo it all just seems so very wrong.

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