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Fair week.


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It's Fair week and I'm on vacation.

Last night a friend posted on Facebook that she needed someone to do her shift at the information booth so the kids and I did that this morning. It rained hard early this mornig so things were a bit wet in the booth.

It's one of the largest county fairs in the US. People would come up to find out where something was and I would look in the large info book for the answer while my kids just pulled out the map and showed the person where to go before I could find the info.

Then the kids would make a snarky comment about me being old and not knowing anything. OK they have been going to the fair since babyhood and have it memorized.

I have adult problems on my mind and can't remember everything.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I want the top down bottom up shades in my living room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c00UX4GIG9E

The ones I have found in the stores can be pricey and are made in china.. I found a local guy at the fair that custom makes and installs them for a lot less than I can get them elsewhere. Better qualilty too and if there's a problem he'll fix it.

At his prices I could get one for the dinning room too.



How is your week shaping up?

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Never ever watch the movie Contagion and then go work the ticket gate at the fair and is it rude to ask all old farmers if someone had looked at their cancer spots?

I had to take tickets and stamp people's arms so they could back in if they left.

Oh the things you do for school fundraisiing.

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They are warning people about petting the animals again at our fair this year. We had a bad outbreak of what they called 'swine flu' last year after our county fair last summer. I haven't been to a fair in years but when I go I head right to the animals! An easy fix is to WASH YOUR HANDS!


I've noticed just about everywhere I go these days there is hand sanitizer sitting on a counter. The last place I noticed it was the bank. I keep a little travel size bottle in my car. Often when I go to Amish country I find myself at the sale barn "hand feeding" the baby calves and hugging up on a lamb or two. (Town girl got no sense :0327: ) Then go to the Jeep and use the sanitizer. I don't I use it often enough to become immune to it...I hope.

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Our fair was last week. I spend all day at it, too, but for a different reason... my kids show livestock each year. So we're there several days before the fair opens.


They did well, and had a great time as usual. I had a harder time of it than I normally do... something about being 8 1/2 months pregnant makes it hard to pull 18 hour days on your feet for a week... :Blushing:

Next year I'll be juggling 3 kids showing, an 8 year old, and an 11 month old. Not *quite* sure how I'll do that, yet... but I'm sure I'll figure it out! :puzzledsmile::24:

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Babystepe I feel for you.


According to fair organizers, for the first time in fair history the total for all of the 4-H livestock auctions topped one million dollars.

They had record breaking attendance Wednesday for the Hunter Hayes concert andThursday for the tractor pull the grand stands are always full.

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