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B.O.S.S. bug out trailer

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This one won't be pulled by a bicycle but if it was made well, it has some possibilities, doesn't it?


Boy, I could pack that thing...but then I'd have to sleep in a tent. :busted:





Check out their solar, inflating light too....





MtRider -- always new gear to look at... Window shopping :shopping:

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I am sorry but that thing looks like a cooker!!


For $24000 you could get something a lot bigger that you could take with a vehicle

most anywhere that would go.


I think you could build something cheaper.


Not meaning to sound unkind!!

But i have lived in both a 32ft and a 23 ft and paid less for each.

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Its basic design is that of a teardrop trailer and you can get plans for ten bucks and build one yourself for about 3000$ or less and design everything just to your liking and it really is pulled by a vehicle, one of that size. It could be set up for a horse or mule to pull if it is not too heavy when filled.

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We're seen them displayed several times at various "expos"...too many bells & whistles inside for us. One even had a terrible alarm siren that went off and the entire expo center started hollering "shut that thing off!" Those we looked at weren't really a place to sleep, just a place to "play with electronics".

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I am still curious as to where everyone feels they will go. Plus, how long can you survive like that ? The govt. can see everyone and everything with either heat detection or can pinpoint a single person in detail in a crowd of millions with zoom cameras . That is my concern.

Not trying to sound bad or smart alec or anything like that , I am truly wanting to know. We have no plans to leave as of yet other than some supplies at home .

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We're like you Violet, we don't plan to go anywhere unless we want to. We anticipate that at first wave, those who want drugs will come first, looking for your meds and your guns (if they know you have them etc.). So we'll be prepped for them. After that, I think we'll see the "hungry" begin to search out people in a non-violent way and then probably will become frantic in their search for food...especially those who have children. As for our government...we too believe they will be our greatest enemy because they'll "take from those who have to give to those who don't have"; confiscating food storage, gardens etc. We've discussed "gorilla" gardening in areas where we could go get edible stuff in season. This all pretty much leads us to the "hide your stuff" rather than try to fend off invaders. We do plan to sell all three properties (in cities) and find us a small parcel to build a cabin on. Not as a bug out, but as a "camping spot" that we can travel in our RV and then "roost" without alot of city expenses.

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I'm like you too Violet. I was watching the bike thread and wondered where people would go with them. You'd have to have pretty smooth terrain such as pavement to use one. And you had better have strong legs especially after they were loaded down. Going up a hill, even a small one...forget it. One teenage boy could knock me off and take off with everything I own. A gang of people and I'd be dead.


Recently I read one of those disaster type books where anyone who had even a regular bike was jumped and the bike was stolen. Maybe I'm missing something but I'd think in a full out disaster, the lower the profile the better. To me all of those things make you look like a sitting duck.

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One of the points for the bicycle thread is for folks ....


-- who MUST EVAC ahead of fire, flood, whatever. There are times when staying put simply is a suicidal option.


--and who canNOT drive a vehicle [don't know how, cannot afford one, some impairment....]


--AND who might be so disabled or have aging issues.....or have a family member who has mobility/other issues.


Remember, we're an equal opportunity place here with LOTS of variety in our members. If you or a family member canNOT use your legs to run stealthily through the woods, you have to take your chances with what works. So many of us are not twenty-something. :yar:





As for that snazzy black thing I posted....if you see the sign-off line...I'm window shopping. :shopping:


Just looking and getting ideas. CUZ....if you make your own, you'd want to have looked at the other ideas. Find out what features you like and which would not work for you. I was looking at the pieces, not buying the package for THAT price. :laughkick:


This one might have a couple advantages which MANY do not have. As I said...IF it is well made.......it looks like it would handle off-road and many RVs, campers aren't well designed for that.


I also was thinking...... in Colorado terms......If it is actually strong on those side walls, it might be bear protection. See....I personally do not do tent camping around here for that reason.


Why do I think of off-road? Cuz I'm surrounded with forest service roads that lead to places that could temporarily be home. If it's not winter. I've said often enough that my region is ridiculous to even think of winter survival. :shrug: Pro's and Con's to every location and each one of us needs to know them for our chosen location, right?


I'd surely bring along some dull, earth-tone colors of spray paint tho....iffen I won that thing in a raffle. :rolleyes:


Wormie...they say it's a "pintle" hitch and I wondered what that meant...how it's different....and why they would chose that? Do you know?





Here's a new thot: Been reading an eBook called Locusts On The Horizon by PlanB Writers Alliance . The whole idea of this book is this: They looked at the vast migration of the last Great Depression as a template. Should we find ourselves without employment/income.....and thus, soon out of housing....should we set up for the advantage of being mobile? So that we could follow jobs or whatever it was that would keep our family unit in food, etc. Not looking at a post-nuke theme but more in the economic bad crunch theme.


So I've been looking at all manner of mobile housing options from tents [winterized] to trailers. Just a point of interest. PlanB sort of stuff. How small can you reasonable LIVE? Not just camping for a week. I've camped for a year once so I've got some background. Found out which things are impossible or ...just really annoying.



Course it's all a moot point for me cuz our financial situation wouldn't allow for anything but the resources we already have. But I'm always searching for new ideas that might be incorporated into my own systems. You work with what you DO have. But ideas are FREE and come from everywhere.


Cuz ya just never know....... :whistling: .....when your solid PlanA....and PlanB.....are gonna be swiped right out from underneath you. Move, adapt, or die.....as the old survival saying goes....



MtRider :rolleyes: Window shopping and PlanB, folks.

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Yep, MT Rider, its why I brought up bike trailers and its generated several threads now on conveyances, trying to just give out ideas someone may find useful and if and emp happens having one in the garage may be handy for anyone with cars galore that suddenly won't work any more if that were to happen and they were damaged.

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Just a FYI... if you want to hide and not be detected by heat sensors...hide in Kudzo. It has been tested by the military and if kudzo covers a building people inside can not be detected. My son learned this in special op training when he was in the army. The only thing is snakes like hide kudzo.


Now as far as bugging out with a trailer, I have to agree with Arby the baby carrier that tandems on the back of a bike will hold a lot of stuff if packed correctly. You can't carry anything really heavy but most will hold up to 100lbs and that is a lot of stuff. Plus if you add saddle bags and a basket on your bike and you wear a back pack you could easily get away with 150lbs of stuff. That is a lot of tent, cookware, clothes, dry food and water or water filter system. If we had to bug out and had to go on bike with a trailer like that we could easily take enough with us to start over.

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Friends of mine bugged out when threatened by Rita. They (adults, teens, subteens, dog) spent the next two weeks in a church's parking lot, mostly living in their one-horse trailer. They would've been in better shape had they had one of these.

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The only thing is snakes like hide kudzo.






Seriously. what could be in that invading plant that would mask human signature? :scratchhead:



Ambergris....I have eyed up our ancient 2-horse trailer with just that in mind. Some drop down benches on the side..... If we had to camp at the fairgrounds [where they usually house livestock/pets during EVACs] and we'd cleaned out from hauling the critters.... Or some such scenario. Last time we EVACed, I had animals alllll over the place and I would not want to do that again. All of us together! Crazy three weeks and ....at one point my horses moved and I didn't even know where they went.



I have camp kitchen boxes...custom made of wood eons ago by a friend's woodworking uncle. They are nice if you don't have the back end of this expensive trailer. She and I toured the west for over a month with only a topper on a pickup.....long, long...long ago.



MtRider ---- everybody's always talkin' about SNAKES! :hidingsmile:

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Hey at least kudzo is edible.


I am not sure what in the dna of that plant hides a person. I thought it was an interesting fact plus with parts of Alabama being over taken by the stuff you could hide there forever and never be found.


I think someone posted recipes for snakes too so there you have it...dinner and a hideout ROFL

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OK, one of the bug-out 'carts' I was thinking about over the years is the Garden Cart with the wooden box and bicycle wheels and metal hoop handle. I have used them in the past for gardening and hauling things around and if you balence them right they are very easy to wheel around. Would be nothing to bent the handle so you could hook up to a bike.

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That's exactly why I bought a fat-wheel bike at a garage sale, CGA! I've tried riding but...my legs won't work that way. But...I could walk it. Slowly...inefficient with my legs. But ....I would NEVER bug out if I didn't absolutely HAVE to...so HAVE TO is the name of this game.




Business-As-Usual is Plan A :hapydancsmil:


Shelter-In-Place is Plan B :tinfoilhatsmile:


BugOut by vehicle is Plan C :imoksmiley:


BugOut by horses is Plan D :runcirclsmiley2:




BugOut by walking [augmented by bike/carts/ Lil' red wagon] is Plan K :smiley_shitfan:


....just not really a feasible plan but may have no option less feasible. :shrug: So making the best I can.



MtRider.... Yeah, those bicycle-wheeled carts handle a load and terrain well, AH.




PS: :hapydancsmil: I JUST now discovered right click on a word gives you spell check and offers suggestions on what you're trying to spell. ...which planet to I come from, that I don't know this useful stuff? :sHa_sarcasticlol:

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Bug out on foot with STUFF is plan Z. If I have to bug out on foot, it will not be with stuff. I'd be lucky to bug out on foot with daughter. Of course if I start up the driveway with daughter I will also have 16 goats and two GPs underfoot the entire way. I don't think the geese would follow far in that direction. Ever try to walk thru 16 goats and 50 geese and 2 huge dogs and all the chickens?

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Go to picture no. 7. Mormon handcarts, designed to be pulled by two people. I have seen one of these being used at aCivil War reenactment by two ladies in their late 50's who were a bit overweight and not in great physical shape. You can pack a lot on them and the very large wheels help to make them easier to pull.


Another idea I had for people with large dogs, like my Annie, is a dog cart. Many of them over the years at reenactments being pulled by Golden Retrievers, German Shepards, etc. My Annie is half GP half Black Lab, huge and very strong. Thinking of building one for her to pull. At least that way you can take an extra 100 pounds. Here are the kind I am talking about http://www.wilczekwoodworks.com/. You could put a lease on the dog and tie it to the back of the hand cart and move a LOT of stuff that way.


BTW I tried my hand at pulling the hand cart at that event. I did it by myself pretty easily even though I am also overweight, over 50, not in great shape, plus I was wearing a corset and a cage crinoline. Just a couple of other options and these can be built at home by a half way competent amateur carpenter. The wheels would be the hard part but, a search online will yield sites where they can be bought.

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Bug out on foot with STUFF is plan Z. If I have to bug out on foot, it will not be with stuff. I'd be lucky to bug out on foot with daughter. Of course if I start up the driveway with daughter I will also have 16 goats and two GPs underfoot the entire way. I don't think the geese would follow far in that direction. Ever try to walk thru 16 goats and 50 geese and 2 huge dogs and all the chickens?

CGA, see my post above. If you have two GPs they could pull your daughter in a large dog cart and you could pull a hand cart with supplies with the lead dog tied to the back. Way better to go with some gear and food than to go with nothing.

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Maggie, that is a good idea. If I ever get time and energy to think about doing such, I'd probably do better training some of the goats to pull than those stubborn dogs. One of the dogs won't even let me put a leash on her. If she thinks I'm about to leash her she stays far enough away that I can't catch her. They are LGDs, not really trained to anything else.

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