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B.O.S.S. bug out trailer

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The key to the carts is the size of the wheel.......the taller the wheel, the more ground it covers

with each revolution. Brakes are necessary in hill country bu that is something I know nothing about.

I have a wheel chair in my barn that I keep looking at.. the wheels would make a good cart.

In making a cart knowing out to balance the load on the wheels and not on the puller is a must.


With the wheel chair I am wondering about using the small wheels as maybe a stabilizers? I am trying

think how they can be folded away when pulling.


I do like this cart idea.

The Indians used a travoise pulled behind the horse. If a wheel(s) were put on the end it would pull

easier over rough ground.

end it would

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Hey, I found Snazzy Black's cousins. :lol: Several sizes. Lots of options like A/C and Heat. (not for the tents)






STILL window shopping, mind you. But more ideas for DIY. Roof camper keeps ya outta the snakes! :unsure:



A different idea....one I was just chewing on yesterday while walking the dog. Making something to construct and take down easily on a plain utility trailer. Then I find someone already doing it. But this guy's got INSULATED walls.




[ the roof piece is a pop up]
:shrug: I was thinking plywood with hooks to hang quilts along the walls in cooler weather....and an ammo can heater
OK....hitting 'enter' causes the page to jump wildly down 20 lines so :wave:
MtRider -- can't wait to see you this post is going to look..... <_< [edit: mebbe fixed that] :scratchhead:
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We bought a class A (self propelled) motor home, used, quite cheap. It is our bug out vehicle, and I have already secured the go-ahead (or c'mon down, if you prefer) from my two siblings in other (warmer) states to set up on their property if we need to evacuate our home. It's packed & ready to go at any time, has it's own generator, and because it is old and used, is less likely to be looked upon as a rich-person's (read pigeon) toy. On the back goes our utility trailer, packed with additional items if needed. It can also be used as a visitor's guest house.




For hand pushing, it is hard in my humble opinion, to beat the deer cart sold for hauling heavy deer out of the woods.

Balanced, has big wheels, and folds for storage, it is our last-ditch carrier of 'stuff'. The one I bought holds 300 pounds.

Prior to my husband's passing, our plan was for him to be strapped into it atop our emergency stuff, armed with a shotgun and watching our backs, as I pulled it in a harness. It gave him great peace of mind to know that even if he were totally unable to walk, we could still bug out if we had to.


$44.99 at Sportsman's Guide:

This balanced (zero weight on the handle), welded steel Cart is Herculean strong. Silent, puncture-proof, 16" solid rubber spoked wheels easily roll over the roughest terrain, dead falls, small streams and just about anything else in the way. A lot of my pals used to drag downed deer out of the deep backcountry with rope, back-breaking oomph and plenty of muscle. But then they wised up and now "drive" this roll-about Cart.


It hauls up to 300 lbs. of gear and supplies. Takes that big trophy out of the deep woods with little effort. Folds flat like a pancake in seconds to fit in your vehicle or for compact storage. Cargo area is 19 x 64", weighs 28 lbs. 5 ozs. Anti-reflective finish.


What a drag it would be if you missed this golden opportunity to bag a Deer, er, Cart. Order this dependable transporter today, ONLINE!


Guide Gear® Deer Cart

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Thanks for that post, Kappy. I've wondered about that very item [deer cart] for years....if it was sturdy and balanced.



Ambergris....ain't it cute! If you need just a bit of heat....or need to heat just a bit of space. Cheaper than the boat wood stoves I've looked at.



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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